Max Boyle Performs Allen Stone's "Unaware" - The Voice Live Top 13 Performances 2019

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
Max Boyle performs Allen Stone's "Unaware" during The Voice Live Top 13 Performances 2019.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
Max Boyle Performs Allen Stone's "Unaware" - The Voice Live Top 13 Performances 2019
The Voice


  • Second Chris Jamison. If you remember, guys😊

  • I listen to this like everyday. Beautiful Max 😍😍🥺

  • Wow. I would love to hear him interpret Teena Marie's 'Warm As Momma's Oven'.

  • What if Chris Kattan tried out for the voice instead of SNL?

  • I cannot believe America didn’t vote for this guy! His Voice is amazing

  • His career is just now getting started. Hope fans will continue to support him and his music, A great artist and I hope he continues to achieve his dream. A big fan.

  • omg he give me zayn vibes bc he looks dark but when he sings it is so pure

  • Amazing u sing so beautiful 😍

  • Not the best song choice for him but man, he did not deserve to go home that early! :(

  • Honestly I was kind of surprised that he was part of Kelly’s top two in the playoffs but there was no surprise this got him eliminated.

  • Someone kicked the poor guy in the balls?

  • Max is WAY too talented to be sent home so early. Best wishes to him for success in his career!! Many of us would love to hear more from him.💕💕

  • This is a great performance! I love it how he didn’t overdo it, it was right on point. Many people do too much when singing this song, it can get overwhelming,

  • Apostou muito nesse falsete (que não é ruim), mas exagerou na dose.. gostava muito do max mas infelizmente eh isso, agr é torcer pelo hello sunday

  • does he not look like matt bomer?

  • Wrong choice of a song

  • He did an OK job of Allen Stone! He has a great voice!

  • He needs to sing a Demi Lovato song!!!!!!!!!!

  • BOY YOU BETTER!!!!!!!! 😫😫☠️🥀

  • Omg this is one of my favorite songs. Him singing it is amazing. He's just so good and he picks amazing songs

  • Love this guy, his voice is soft and strong at the same time.. that falsetto man

  • The best of all cover that I've heard...


  • Ziva from Indonesian Idol good too when sings this song..

  • He sounds like babyface

  • 💯 FACTS/ SPOILER WHO’s GOING TO WIN 👇🏼. Last 3 from last night: Girl on the left sucks (Blonde who got eliminated)… Max is phenomenal, very similar to a Shawn Mendes mixed with Justin Timberlake. By far a top three person on the show! America is stupid when it comes to voting on the shelf… You can tell there is little kids that are now voting, it’s been a trend now over the last three or four seasons! Joanna is a very nice, cute girl, but she should not have made it through last week, never mind knock out someone who should’ve had a chance to win the show! LET ME SAVE YOU TIME, predict WINNER: HOOT (it’s either a young girl, or a country singer…). America will NOT vote for someone who has Aspergers, Someone who is overweight heavily, or a young girls who are African-American. I’m just keeping it real… majority of the votes are coming from the south, and the other votes are most likely coming from females middle school age to early 20s tops. It’s always going to be either a country artist, or a young girl. So the top two is going to be that young girl on Blakes, “Kat vs Hoot”! You can harass me if I’m wrong… I’m telling you right now, those will be two of the final three people! *** The bottom three was OK… Even though Maxx should’ve never been there! If the other two girls went home, then America got it 100% right! What a shame, he slayed this song! Could be one of the most difficult songs to sing… America is so dumb when it comes to music, if Justin Bieber told them that he liked this song and this artist, then this guy would’ve gotten voted through. The problem is country rules the voice, and so does little/teenage girls! SMH. The voice when it first came out was an awesome show, so authentic! It’s become so predictable, and you will see it in my prediction! HOOT & KAT, watch!!!

    • Oh my gosh I hope so...Kat is a cutie. I'm still gonna be mad af tho when Rose and Katie get robbed 😿 idk maybe you're right lol we shall see

    • Hector Urbina I like where your heads at Hector, but I just don’t see her being a favorite over KAT. She’s not bad whatsoever though, I just hate how they ruin every season.

    • I think the winner should've been katie, khalea, or rose but they will get robbed just as khalea did

    • Omg so true!! You forget Marybeth tho she might win..shes 18 so she fits the bill.

  • Yessssssss.

  • No one should sing this other than the guy who originally sang and wrote this.....ALLEN STONE!! Everyone else sounds like amateur night at karaoke compared to Allen.

  • Indonesian Idol Contestant sing better than him! check her out “Ziva - Unaware Indonesian Idol”

  • And again the song choice ok not a fab of..

  • Max ini punya falsetto yg kuat, ber power dan punya timbre yg unik!! Commercial voice!!

  • He will shine after this show

  • I can't believe he got eliminated😭😭

  • Guess I’ve listened to Allen Stone sing this one too many times. This performance misses the mark, sorry.

    • Same. He did nothing to change the song, so in comparison it falls way short.

  • No.. I just had the chance to watch this. I saw comments saying that he was eliminated.. Is that right? He's my favourite and I'm really sad. 😢😢

    • Yep him and cali were the 2 that got eliminated. Joanna won the instant save out of the 3 of them

  • how tf this didnt get him top 11 ?????????

  • Max was robbed! He should never have been voted out. Much worse contestants still remain.

  • Love him too much... and i'm overdose cause him... MaX you're the best singer for this season...😍😍

  • Awful song choice. Sorry max's voice doesnt fit this song for me👎. Still prefer him to sing songs like, 'when the party's over' Not suprised that he got eliminated.

  • Hannah Huston sings this flawlessly.... check her out

  • Pathetic that the voters put in freakin Shane and miracle and Joana ahead of Max. lol. You've got to have missing ears to do that. When singing with their coaches tonight, Shane and Joana were flat out terrible. And Joana was so-so at best in the instant save. Max wasn't flat great in the instant save, but he was still better than those two and in past performances was miles ahead of them.

  • shocks me he was let go over Hello monday

  • There goes my winner pick... :(

    • @Ricky Ramirez Personally I like Will, eevn though i didn't originally, but I thought between Shane, Cali Joana, and Myracle 3 of those 4 would be the bottom 3. When I saw Myracle had a lot of views I figured the other three.

    • @Jason D Yes dude... I completely agree with you. I seriously thought the bottom 3 were gonna be between Will, Shane, Joanna, & Cali

    • I seriously think females automatically get more votes. Nobody with working ears could think Max was worse than Joana, Myracle, or Cali. And as for guys Shane was far, far worse.

  • He’s my fav this season so versatile!

  • she squatting at 1 minute 40 sec

  • my favorite!

  • Yikes. I really like this guy a lot, but I hated that song, that was awful.

  • Max Katie Jake

  • 😍fav soo far

  • This performance was so incredible on another level I cannot believe he did not get a standing ovation from the coaches, in my opinion he is the best in the competition by far at this point

  • Anyone noticed it's the same guitarist as Kymberli Joye's "Break Every Chain" performance? :(

  • Has a very Cool Voice. Has a very good chance of winning.

  • Beautiful song

  • His voice is not strong enough for this at all. Sorry

  • yeah boy, YEAH BOY!!! you did that!!!!

  • Dang! Killer job man.

  • Man, listening to that falsetto actually made me think that im not straight 😂 ITS SO FLAWLESS! 💯

  • I wasn't expecting Max to steal it, but I listened to all the videos blind and I loved this one the best. Go Max. What a save by Kelly!

  • Magic voice. Incredible skills.

  • Definitely some amazing moments! Keep going Max!!!!