Mattresses Attack Local Village

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
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  • Remember not to mess with mattresses family *they’re made of memory foam*

  • Dude should be arrested for wasting the cops time. Like why wouldn't he have a decoy for when he gets pulled over to text and drive 24/7?

  • Free Mattress

  • Slumberweeds

  • 0:10 kids tat are L8 tryna get to school like

  • Did the mattresses really attack that village? Or did the village attack the mattresses in the first place!

  • SLEEPOVER!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Poland 🇵🇱 c:

  • Title: *mattress attacks village* Me: oo no that's worst than a torando

  • Technically some areas have laws dealing with obstructing or delaying the officers. So you might still get busted for pulling a prank that wastes their time.

  • Teacher: *so why did this happen today?* Me: *that a good question*

  • They are *TIRED* of you sleeping on them

  • Matress firm is taking their president's sale a little bit too seriously

  • Matresses:COMRADES ATTACK! THEY WILL PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO US!!!! Some guy:oh look matresses

  • Expectation: zombie Apocalipse Reality: matress apocalypse


  • bed heads

  • the stampede that killed mufasa wasn’t wildebeest no no no *it was the mattresses*

  • 0:22 a dude died

  • Avengers: Inflatable War

  • 1:36 i know Polish, so i don't need these subtitles xD

  • 2:58 umm that's not a jeep it's a Toyota Tacoma (btw not hating)

  • How was the mattress video filmed?

  • Calling uber now...

  • Why do people like to put there kind acts on camera. So people can praise them and say how great they are and comment how we need more people like this in the wolrd

  • dude PLZ PLZ PLZ keep track of the stuff u use its just the same thing over and over and over. u have like 2 clips diffrent. this one about the women going to work in the car ive seen that one on like 3 of your videos DOWNVOTED

  • Plants vs. Matresses

  • 1:31 The person: speaks Polish Every Polish person watching this: dude it's Poland wHOA I'm so amazed this is incredible!

  • I'm actually a little sad that the cookie phone thing went over so well in Russia. I think there's a 50/50 shot he'd be taking a ride in the back of the cruiser in America.

  • In Israel you can't holding a food while driving either...

  • the mattresses: *peace was never an option.*

  • 2:10 When you say no to your mother

  • Wonder why it’s called "Greenland" when it’s all white and icy? Don’t worry, it will soon live up to its name with global warming and all.

  • Beauty of Greenland. Shows clips of ice in the sea.

  • I need these mattresses in my army

  • Mattress gangs are no joke, they are organized by the government and are here make the population conform to their policies. And that Uber driver is a great American and the world is a better place for her presence. I just hope a mattress gang doesn't abduct her. :)

  • Lmao free mattresses

  • Matress leader: ATTACK MY BRETHREN!!! guy: *pulls out a needle* Matress leader RETREAT MY BRETHREN!!!

  • Someone should put Naruto opening song at the first clip

  • 1:59 In my country the police still give you a ticket for pissing him off..

  • Those mattresses must have come from a nearby retirement home and just got tired of getting pissed on by those senile residents

  • 2:13 that looked like laser gun fire from your spaceship in chicken invaders

  • 2:13 When you play simcity

  • I want to create an anime which the title similliar to Attack on Titan Attack on Matress

  • A wizard has summoned a lightning spell

  • 2:14 God: yeah fuck that worm in particular

  • You really love Greenland videos 😂

  • The cheetah was probably telling the driver to do 80 mph to catch up with a gazelle, because he's only capable of 60 mph in short burst.

  • 0:22 What that guy was trying to do? Jump over it?

  • Mattresses: *peace was never an option*

  • Why they call it Greenlad if it's not green at all?

  • In america the cops will probably give you a ticket anyway. Like a busted tail light that they just caused.

  • Mattresses never attack unless provoked.

  • Mattresses never attack unless provoked.

  • Add “Mattress attack” to the list of disasters we need to prepare for

  • The mattresses are going for a walk

  • Imagine being trampled to death by a mattres

  • LOL that one dude couldn't stop laughing about the mattresses

  • At least everyone can go camping now.

  • Imagine waking up from a good night sleep and about to get to work only to find out that mattresses trynna invade your neighborhood 😆