Matt Damon Shares the Results of His Family’s DNA Test

Pubblicato il 11 nov 2019
Matt Damon’s brother took a DNA test, and it turns out they’re 100% very, very European. The Oscar winner also chatted about his glamping vacation with Chris Hemsworth and their families.


  • Torilla tavataan!!! Sorry I just had to do that. Nice to hear about his finnish roots. Hopefully in some day he tells more about his ancestry. :)

  • Ellen rude

  • Best smile ever Matt Damon

  • she don't care as she he it don't like the answer

  • I was excited to hear more about his genetic but Ellen was rude to him it's not nice from her really.

  • Ah!!! Matt Damon Finnish? I think I'm too excited to be part Finnish lol

  • I'm happy Matt Damon knows he is Finnish-American!

  • Everybody: Ellen was so rude Me: She was so funny 🤣

  • 4:20 would be the perfect time for Matt to say an R. Kelly joke.

  • it was so good it broke records dude it got sold out at the box office the story was so good it worked too well

  • So rude Ellen ! 😷

  • Matt Damon is the tenth generation cousin of Ben affleck

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  • Got stung by a jellyfish in Hawaii, says "...better yet just stay in America." umm Hawaii is the 50th state in the United States of America. How do you like them pineapples? to paraphrase Good Will Hunting

  • Tykkää jos oot suomalainen

  • The genetic story was interesting. I've hearn the Hemsworth's story a couple times before on Kimmel and Conan's. So, booooo Ellen

  • What song did he come out to?

  • Ellen! Zip it! We wanted to hear this. Here's the deal. He comes back and talks about his family history to an audience member sitting in your seat, while you sit quietly in the audience. Can you manage that?!

  • Well that was a bit rude of her, unnecessary I think. I was interested to hear more about his Scandinavian roots. Maybe consider changing the title of the video Ellen?

  • so hes a "vegetable lasagna"

  • I’m impressed at how gracious he was in light of her cutting him off about his ancestry.

  • 🙏❤🙏

  • how does she stay on tv. she is horrible at interviewing, and she's not funny. She did a lot for the GLBT movement. but she has no talent that I can see.

  • Missed opportunity for a joke at 3:47 "You mean as big as your kids?"

  • She's rude to him every time he's invited

  • Just wish we could have heard more about his ancestry. It was the most interesting bit.

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  • 8’ python is not huge!! Sorry Matt. But you should look up what huge is considered when dealing with pythons. Come to my home and I’ll show you huge pythons.

  • He's Finnish - his name Matti Tamminen (Matt Oakley)

  • Damm Australia

  • Lol I mean I’m sure Matt and Chris are great, but those are lucky people to be graced by their presence? Are celebrities that much more special than the rest of us?

  • He really has that look that many men in Finland has. So obvious when you know it....

  • Ellen is a self-loathing oikophobe.

  • Matt Damon is a really interesting guy ... there’s no need to cut him off in mid conversation... just let the dude talk Ellen !! Geez 😒

  • B.B. King?

  • I would love to see him on 'Who do you think you are' about his ancestry!

  • Quite rude of Ellen to diss Matt when he was talking about his Finnish roots! I was very interested to know more!

  • I still don’t really forgive him for what he did and Minnie driver, yes it was a long time ago. But I yeah I’m probably the only one here who doesn’t think that he’s so great, at least not as a human being.

  • Rude Ellen, just rude. Kindest guy around