Mating Dance of the Puffin

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
Let's take it off like we're on eraser duty.
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Caitlin Roukin: Female Puffin
Ze Frank : Male Puffin
"Puffin Song" Written and performed by Ze Frank
Footage Licensed from Shutterstock and Videoblocks
Intro Song; Tom Moore


  • I have mastered this dance! Now I just need to find a puffin to practice with.

  • Damn, I love you're video's. They always make me laugh. Good job. 💛💚💜💙❤💙💜💚💛❤💜❤💛💙

  • "Just gimme the beak now, you puffin freak~"

  • I cannot get enough of this....soo good!

  • I need that whole song gosh

  • *They groovin'*

  • I'm digging the funk.

  • more mating dance videos please lol

  • So i accidentally pulled out my earphones from my laptop while listening to this..... in the library.

  • If nothing else, Zefrank makes me laugh my ass off

  • My boyfriend...can't stop singing first its was Ill stretch my neck for ya...

  • Hm, I’m inspired.

  • This boobie cutie Got a cute Booty Let’s take it off Like we’re on a ???? What’s the end of this lyric? I can’t understand it.

  • Just came from the spider peacock episode so I could re-listen to Puffin Stuffin"

  • oh one hand, I miss the full True Facts videos. On the other hand, the songs are funny and catchy af.

  • I have a weird sense of Family Guy

  • Oh god - I can’t stop watching it or singing it....

  • ZeFrank Soundcloud when?

  • Okay, I wanna hear a retromix for the 70's throwback phenom: the sparklemuffin spider

  • I need a 10 hour version of this song

  • It’s... kind of a bop???

  • I cannot stop laughing

  • I love how they are like a middle aged couple from the office

  • What if humans mated like this?

  • “Boobies! Like we’re in a movie!” 😂

  • I knew exactly what to expect when I heard boobies

  • I just wanna let you know, I went to the aquarium this weekend and they had puffins. Me and my boyfriend couldn't stop singing "I got a little stuffin for your puffin muffin". So thanks for that 🤣

  • No one: Captions: this problem because I'm 700 even loven

  • I didn’t know erotic bird songs were a thing I needed but I hope this continues

  • I can no longer see nature pictures of puffins without this video playing in my head.

  • I love that the puffins have accents lmao they're so cute

  • I only know now that those birds are called Blue- footed booby ... so " You wanna see some boobies?" have a whole different meaning 😂

  • I'd pay to watch a documentary with zefrank1 in it.

  • I came to listen this song for 6times just today

  • What does "Let's take it off like we're on eraser duty" actually mean?

  • Majestic song.

  • Masterpiece!

  • Puffin muffins and Boobies!!

  • Please never stop making True Facts videos. They make me happy.

  • Puffin Muffins Not made out of Puffins, it’s made by Puffins... and Blue-Footed Boobies!

  • Happy Valentine's day ZeFrank!!

  • These birds looks very Britishs

  • What’s the second bird?

  • May I offer an edit? This boobie cutie got a cute bootie. Let's get it on, cuz it's time to raise a broodie.

  • Do the arabian sand boa

  • Love this!

  • Her voice is ADORABLE! So perfect for a Puffin!!

  • OMG this song gave me inspiration on a new shirt to make I'm going to put two blue-footed boobies on the shirt and it will say stop looking at my boobies on it😄😆

  • How is this not the most viewed IT-tvs video?

  • DAMMIT i have listen to this for 2 WEEKS😂 IT'S STUCK IN MY HEAD

  • Some intangible quality of this video left me disoriented.....

  • I thought this was real

  • the last few months have been a hell none should endure.. and now I can laugh. Damn, its good to laugh again. Thanks!

  • How a voice over actor transitions to a music career flawlessly

  • No, i cant get it out of my head, HELP!! My mental health!!!!!aaahhhhhhhh

  • I'm glad I'm not the last being to use bluefooted boobies joke.

  • I shall consider this song for any *(hypothetical)* future dates

  • But when are we gonna get an extended version of “Koala’s in the rain”

  • After all the bad things off the world this makes me smile and sing it to the wife and to the next door neighbor that is a single mother and has a serious crush on me

  • It's over. It's done. zefrank won the internet. Shut it down, contest is over.