Mason Rudolph should've been suspended for the Myles Garrett fight - Stephen A. | First Take

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Dan Orlovsky debate whether Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett deserved to be suspended for the rest of the NFL season after hitting Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet.
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  • My question is simply this. we know how big the quarterback is what would possess him to think that he could charge at Myles Garrett and actually win. And then on top of that you tried to take his helmet off while on the ground. he takes yours off and then you charge at him because you’re upset because you didn’t get the best of him. so then the lineman push myles garret away and then you charge and try to sucker punch him and it just so happens in the process of trying to sucker punch him he still has your helmet in his hand and he swings it. In my opinion the quarterback knew what he was doing he was pissed because he had been getting banged up all evening. For the record I don’t think it was cool that Myles Garrett hit him in the head with the helmet. But let’s not be blinded and act like the quarterback wasn’t freaking out at that point you could see the frustration while they’re on the ground my question was why was he trying to take Myles helmet off first. The quarterback was obviously beyond frustrated. I get it Myles Garrett should not have hit them with the helmet but why is it always the little guys who try to be the biggest dogs and then because of all their Myles Garrett is on the ground getting kicked in the head even though he still has his helmet on that whole thing was a bunch of bullshit especially them blowing it out of proportion the way did they did as a quarterback I don’t know what would possess you to charge at a guy Myles Garrett’s size unless you got some super powers that we don’t know about that is not the smartest decision in the world I hope the quarterback does not have any injuries but he does need some counseling and what not to fucking do on the field that’s like knights losing their honor and then still trying to fight you better have a fucking special skill that keeps you from getting your guts cut open if you takeoff your armor.

  • Mason Rudolph shouldn’t be suspended... he should have to start the remainder of the season and realize how awful he is.

  • "Peenalized"

  • Should have suspended Mason 1 game less than myles

  • Stephen A is slipping. Got hammered over the Keaepernivk martyr BS. Now he's copying Max talking points. Not earning that contract

  • What Garrett did was crime. Mason had released the ball then why Garrett was wrestling Mason? Are NFL officials blind? There should be lawsuit against Garrett and Cleveland Browns!

  • He just shouldn't have taken his helmet off. He would think that if you take a mans helmet off in football he's not gonna rush after you to get it back. I get that Rudolph tried first but you gotta be a bigger man and not lose it like he did.

  • Mason Rudolph's lack of discipline is a travesty. Last straw for me. Except for when I can watch Baker Mayfield my family is thru with the NFL.

  • Some people making jokes when really it's not funny.. Being hit in the head with that helmet could have ended Mason Rudolph career or even his life.

  • He should t be in the nfl he sucks

  • Good people do good things under pressure and bad people do bad things under presure.

  • Thanks Max. But still don’t like you.

  • Man I’m over Steve. Y’all down playing the fact this MF started the fight and now is a victim.

  • The more Max speaks, the more I think he is a weak, pitiful, white guilt filled person.

  • I disagree with you all mr garettes started it so how can you blame it on mason not fair mr garettes deserves what he gets

  • Why should he be suspended?

  • Steven A will always have a job from "Masta"

  • Mason Rudolph didn't take Myles helmet off and hit him with it. I see alot of players get chippy and get into someone face or even give a push, not the same as what the browns player did. That'd be like me givin someone the finger in traffic then they ram me with there car and blame me for starting it.

  • He should

  • Max was right about Kawhi being more clutch than Kobe too. Also, KL is the best in the world right now.

  • Im a saints fan to be honest they both should be suspend because you can't take his helmet off and hit him on the head, Also Rudolph kept trying to fight and tried to take off myles helmet.

  • Steven a is the biggest Uncle Tom in sports history

  • Steven a is the biggest Uncle Tom in sports history

  • Steven a is the biggest Uncle Tom in sports history

  • Mason Rudolph instigated the fight and should be suspended.

  • Mason should’ve been suspended the season for his racial slur.

  • They’ve gone too far

  • Myles was just trying to be a good sport and give his helmet back

  • Doesn't.matter he's proved worthless anyway as quarterback they got a third-stringer in now Pittsburgh deserves it

  • Not a quarterback, but an individual

  • If the president of the United States can commit crimes per se , you may call it a lapse of judgement because that's what the GOP is calling it, why can't Myles Garrett have a lapse of judgement and appeal it

  • Crazy af how Max was the one to represent and defend Myles Garrett, SMFH. This shh is mind boggling how they spent this whole scenario on him when it was all Mason R. His azz kept going for that extra yrd

  • So why aren’t we worried about defensive players heads. They have heads to or am I wrong.😂

  • i told yall Rudolph was a no good bigot, i wish garrett would've connected

  • So Mason pokes at a bear and got bite but it’s not mason fault it’s the bear man ESPN is Ridiculous max is the only Conscious one everyone else is robots

  • I'm so tired of Stephen A. He's a smart guy, at times, but this video shows he's an idiot

  • Been a fan since the boxing days. Keep it up Max!

  • White privilege

  • Mason did try to pull Garrett's helmet of as well. It was clearly seen. Not saying he deserved getting his head turtle slammed with his own helmet BUT he did instigate it. And this is coming from a Steelers fan.

  • By law miles is innocent. Mason started the fight it all on video. I would love to hear the audio