(Marvel) Thor | What More Could I Lose ?

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2018
"Well, if I'm wrong, then... what more could I lose?"
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Vidder: Merwan
Fandom: Marvel
Music: Audiomachine - I Will Find You
Music 2: Audiomachine - The Second Hand Ticks
Coloring: mine
Program: Sony Vegas 15
Warnings: Spoilers for the whole movie!
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  • In the end... This's flash about Loki... He loves his brother. Last one still stayed by his side.

  • 3:05 perfect use of the best part of that song, even down to the ending. Tragic and well done

  • "I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again." - Loki's last lie ;___;

  • This is the sickest fkn montage ive ever seen, so fkn good

  • every time i watch this my heart cracks a little more

  • Thor is my favorite character in the whole Mcu

  • It’s 5:00 am- this is not the way I should be starting my morning... crying

  • Thor need be the hero in the next avenger movie. And that will be the last movie of the Mcu i will see

  • Endgame disrespected this character there's no other way to put it

  • l think Loki is still alive


  • I think thor is the god of sacrifices not cap...

  • Watch this amazing video of thor it-tvs.com/tv/video-OF4wTRqgOo8.html

  • Thor lost all he had...

  • Up until now, I didn't realize that Thor was 1,500 years old! He's definitely seen some crap!

  • To everybody saying he could lose some weight how about you lose half your people half your friends your best friend stabbed in the heart brother died or sister died mother died dad died and you stab the person in the chest who killed half your friends and your brother but does affect then even more half of everybody else’s dies u basically lost everything including you would you quit and just be like Thor who grew weight and does not EVEN wanna hear the name Thanos inside his house so tell me it’s not his fault and would u be like Thor in endgame or atleast be depressed cause thor had a smile on his face when he was in his house so think again

  • tremendous work

  • Thor: What more could I lose? Marvel: What more should he lose?

  • would it be ok if i used the same tracks you did?

  • I wasn’t a thor fan but Chris hemsworth turned Thor into one of my favorites really love the character even tho marvel hasn’t necessarily portrayed him or hulk in the proper light

  • Once you really think about it Thor is fat from drinking so much and lost himself because he’s depressed over everything he’s lost. First he loses everything, now he has to deal with the fact he could’ve stopped thanos from wiping out half of the universe. He’s the strongest avenger and deserves that role, he fights stronger villains than what any other avenger does. He continuously fights against his emotions.

  • A 1500 year old Veteran. 100 Medals of Honor and the God of Thunder.

  • What actually happened to his Asgardian friends, the warriors who were in the first movie?

  • His abs.

  • Low key think that Thor’s vision hasn’t really come true and it’s only going to in the next movie

  • *What more could I lose?* Endgame: THOR's weight ; *Am I a joke to you?*

  • amazing edit

  • I would pay money to watch these tribute videos for my beloved characters in theaters.

  • And then everyone wonders why he’s fat and depressed af in endgame

  • Once along time ago Thor had everything. A Home Family Friends Honour Bravery A purpose Strength and most of all a reason to live. But now during those five years of his long life he had lost everything he ever cared for and therefore lost his will to push himself back up and reclaim avenge for what happened to his people to half of the Universe that was taken out of existence and most important get revenge for his brother Loki that finally caused Thor to lose all emotion except his growing anger to kill Thanos and even when he had the chances he failed to succeed and after that he completely gave up on everything and hope that anything could be brought back, that was until he was able to go back in time and after bumping into his mother he was finally able to get closure and accepted his mother's fate couldn't be changed and had the chance to say goodbye and tell her he will always love her. Hopefully for Thor 4 our favorite God of Thunder will finally be able to get complete closure for everything that has happened to him and hopefully in some way he will finally be able to make a long and emotional goodbye to his brother Loki (if they don't bring Loki back that is). Thor has always been my fav character in the MCU and his story needs to end damn well cause he deserves to have a happy ending.

  • Then he lost is abs

  • There can be nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose

  • "A fighter who has nothing to lose is dangerous."- Rocky Balboa

  • And they say Chris Hemsworth is a bad actor...

  • I hope heimdall wil Come back in loki

  • Thor-what more could i loose Marvel- ur abs man😂

  • Slyfer2812, you're becoming a force to be reckoned with. MCU should hire you to do their trailers.

  • What more could I lose? Weight.

  • 1 year already Come on man time to make another one This really made me emotional

  • The sun will shine on us again loki will come back and hopely he will meet him again

  • Thor : "You know I'm 1500 years old, I've killed twice as many enemies as that and every one of them would've rather killed me, but none succeeded. I'm only alive because FATE wants me alive. Thanos is just the latest in a long line of bastards and he'll be the latest to feel my vegeance. FATE wills it so." Rocket : "Mhm, and what if you're wrong?" Thor : "Well if I'm wrong then... WHAT MORE COULD I LOSE?" My heart broke :c

  • Bring me .. THANOS

  • The finale Peter Dinklage deserved!

  • Nice Vid!! Do you mind checking mine??? Itz also about thor. Click on my profile pic to reach my channel.

  • By far my favorite Thor Tribute video on the Internet. This truly carries so much emotion. Had I not seen this video before Endgame, I wouldn't have understood why Thor "put on weight". He's lost so much...

  • Strongest avenger Not in brute force but in mind and spirit

  • Thanos in infinity war: you should have gone for the head. Thor goes for head Thanos in endgame: i regret saying that☠

  • Thor: im the only god to lift this hammer Odin and hela: am i a joke to you

  • And people complaining about why Thor was fat in Endgame Well, he lost all his family, friend and almost all his people. That's enough to break a mortal. But for a god that's enough to make him angry and poweful than ever. But once he assumed that he could kill Thanos (and avenge Loki, Heimdall and the asgardians), but instead he allow Thanos to snap and kill half of the universe, that's too much guilt, even for a god. And if we also consider the fact that Thanos reduce the stones to atoms and, by the moment, there was no hope remaining. It's too much for someone, even for the mighty Thor.

  • Honestly the best hero edit I’ve ever seen

  • Thor: What more could I lose Rocket: your six pack

  • It’s 3am, why am I doing this to myself.

  • Masterpiece.

  • And now he's gonna lose his name...

  • I think this is my favorite one of all these!

  • Then they ruined him in endgame. He's there for cringe comedic relief

  • Let's pause the video at 3:38 and leave youtube Anyone did it 👇

  • You’re missing the part where they curb him for a female version in order to fulfill an agenda.


  • Now, he will lose his very name and identity to a woman with none of his centuries of heroism.