(Marvel) Thor | What More Could I Lose ?

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2018
"Well, if I'm wrong, then... what more could I lose?"
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First of all, a HUGE thank you again for the 13,000 subscribers we reached few days ago. I'm more than happy, thank you all and this is my gift for you.
This video was a real challenge for me but I guess now I'm glad with the result, and I hope all of you will enjoy it. Thanks for all the kind words and support I received lately. You guys really make me happy.

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Vidder: Merwan
Fandom: Marvel
Music: Audiomachine - I Will Find You
Music 2: Audiomachine - The Second Hand Ticks
Coloring: mine
Program: Sony Vegas 15
Warnings: Spoilers for the whole movie!
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  • 😭😭😭

  • This is the reality of being a god

  • Chris Hemsworth is an AMAZING and CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED actor!!!! Fight me!!!

  • I hate that Odins death was no big deal for me

  • this video is insanely super motivating it motivates me to do very hard gym training by my own and realises me that I am the one in this world and I feel my responsibility to rise above and conquer everyperson

  • Everyone’s complaining bout him being fat or losing his abs in endgame but I think it’s so much more powerful. Maybe he’s not the strongest, or the fittest, or the skinniest, but no matter what you look like, inside he’s still a hero. Still worthy. I think that counts for more than abs

  • Whts the song

  • But what could you gain? Diabetes.

  • I love Thor and Chris Hemsworth so much they both mean the world to me❤️

  • my two favorite marvel chracters Thor and Loki when is infinity war going to come out on disney plus

  • One Thing I StaNd BinD U.

  • Goosebumps 🔥🔥

  • Name music place ?

  • U r my fvret Thor❤️

  • Why are some people in the comment being mean to Captain Marvel? Just stop.......

  • I love the whole foreshadowing of Ragnarok in Age of Ultron Heimdal: "They see you leading us to Hel" And what ends up come to Asgard - Hela (who in Norse mythology is called Hel) I love how Marvel treats its movies with slight nods and foreshadowing 😍

  • You could loose yourself in the music.

  • The other eye? Smh

  • The Strongest Avenger

  • Well i dont do anything bad and its my attitude which bother u go for someone else and don’t come in my way and if u did bad without knowing then my lord will forgive u🖐🔥

    • Well i told u to call me and i dont come in ur way its u who come in my way and create problems so other girls don’t come and what is ur problem with me??i am not disturbing u either doing anything with u so where is ur problem???🖐🔥

  • kral ve şişko

  • i like mantis tho, she's cute

  • i wanna hug thor and tell him everything is gonna be okay :,,,,)

  • That ending perfect man, nice editing

  • he can lose his arm

  • Thor has sufered, but dosent give up and he never did only once and he recovered from that to

    • and that is why he is one of the best avengers

  • 01:08 The sound of Thunder with the image from Ragnorok is just amazing

  • Thor went from powerful and arrogant to......well... drunkard and arrogant 😂😅😅no hard feelings.... he's my favourite character

  • Damn half of these comments are just people who can't understand what happened to Thor in Endgame, and people whining over Captain Marvel, they didn't make the character, Captain Marvel has always been Strong, and she clearly isn't Strong enough, didn't you see thanos beat her????

  • Thor and Soiderman are kinda alike

  • Oh well. At least he still has his amazing physique.

  • I bet my story is as tragic as his.

  • music ?

  • Maybe he should to lose his weight

  • I LOKI PRINCE OF ASGARD.......odinson😔 😭😭😭😭

  • So basically Thor and Thanos fought 4 times and only once did Thor win. Still the strongest Avenger.

    • Four...? Theres wakanda, the final fight in endgame, when thor kills thanos and...?

  • Thor Lost Asgrad Lost Father Lost Mother Lost Brother Lost Sister Lost Friends Lost Asgrad people's

  • And in the end it's Ironman that kills Thanos and saves the universe

  • At least in the next Thor movies they give him Rune King status and he revives Asgard and becomes the King. Man get up, lose that pot-belly. You are the best Avenger. I hope the fight along side Steve in endgame teachers him that not all is lost until we breathe.

  • god this hurts so much more after watching endgame




  • He should have gone for the head😢

  • This is really splendid, shows an immense amount of editing talent. It's been very gratifying to have seen these characters on the big screen and the effect they've had on movie audiences all over the world, demonstrated by creators like yourself who put in the time and careful work to make such amazing tribute fanvids. Once again, well done, deserves lots of praise.

  • Ainda tem pessoa que diz que estragaram o Thor, pelo contrário evoluíram muito o personagem, no Ragnarok, guerra infinita e ultimato foram os melhores momentos dele.

  • Respect ❤thor... Son of oddison

  • Thor:what more could I lose His sexy body

  • Pepole think that ”fat” Thor is more of a joke but think of it, he’s broken, he think he failed, he ran away from everyone, everything. He failed, he tried so much to make everyone happy but forgot himself, he did’t drink casue he likes it, he drink casue he want to forget, forget that he failed, forget hes dads death, hes mothers death, lokis death, his bestfriends death, everything when falled about the reality stone he burts down in tears, he missed Jane, he tried his best, he went for the head

  • I used it as a motivation....😎😎when i tired from my studies

  • Does anyone know the name of background music

    • 1)I will find you . 2) the second hand tricks

  • Just goes to show us: that even Gods of Thunder experience great loss. Thor will rise again.

  • I will miss you avengers

  • Your videos is best mans thank you for all videos

  • Most hurted superhero ever

  • thor has lost THE MOST other than meybe loki

  • *In starting i got tears this is very emotional and motivational* *Pls like* 👇🔵

  • This may not be real, but it still has the same effect

  • Thor lost... Frigga Odin Hela Heimdall Loki Half of his people Hair Hammer Eye Home Jane Avenger friends Marvel chill please have mercy on Thor😑😔 Everyone said that this character lost the most thing... so Marvel PlEaSe have mercy on Thor 😑

  • What Thor lost: Hammer Family Friends People Watching the Fortnite Season X event Abs Sexy Body That’s Sad