Marvel Studios' Avengers: Damage Control | Story Trailer

Pubblicato il 10 ott 2019
Suit up, step in, and save the world in Avengers: Damage Control. Launching at select The VOID locations October 18.
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  • what a marverous video it is

  • Hello

  • rockstar

  • rockstar

  • Finally

  • Wimpy hulk


  • That game is so awesome , I tried it today and it was so cool

  • This looks meaningless...😑

  • Is a big game for the people

  • Wtf am i watching

  • Me thinking it’s a new movie

  • Like game

  • Would totally play this if I wasn't broke

  • I really hope they release this for Oculus Quest at some point or something because this honestly seems so fun and there are no places to do this anywhere in the U.K.

  • will it be played as a game in our mobile phones

  • VR

  • wow🦁🦁🦁💙💚💜👍❤️💛

  • Why don't they just make this a regular PS4/Xbox One/PC game? I'm pretty sure that would be smarter than just making a VR experience

  • Does this experience have sensory moments like smells and temperature heat changes like the star wars secrets of the empire VR experience?

  • we need iron man -_-

  • Does anyone know the music used in this

  • Garbage...reaching for more $$$$ like they need it

  • Sir please make a thanks biography , fan want to see the Thanos details ,why Thanos kill everyone,and why destroyed their planet and more

  • Is this canon?

  • I done this experience in first world hotel genting highland

  • Is that a game?

  • Tony stark, we need you

  • The new suit Spider-Man is wearing is the suit designed for the new themed marvel land coming to Disneyland

  • VR game trailer in 24 fps? Get out of here

  • So it's game, naa I wanted some kind of movie because the thumbnail was realistic af!

  • Goddam that theme, can anyone else hear that good music!? 1:09 It is just awesome and it feels so awesome:)

  • We are seeing that spider man outfit maybe that the new one

    • Chronic Kanee that is also true and I am exited for that because I actually love this new suit

    • Yah but Disney owns mcu we still can see this suit

    • Chronic Kanee it is the suit Spider-Man wears in the new Spider-Man ride in Disneyland

  • Is that supposed to be a vr game or what??

  • When I watched this the first time it gave me the same feeling I had when watching the infinity war and endgame trailers

  • Just got back from playing it... it was amazing

  • Are they making a theater with VRs? That would be cool.

  • I just wanted to play as Antman

  • This looks terrible

  • is this canon?

  • La cosa es, esto es Canon?

  • Who else saw the first shot and was like wait.... what is this? ‘,:/

  • Nice

  • Is a movie or a videogame?

  • This looks like a Mobile Game. Thats not a good thing.

  • Wow

  • Where is cap

  • 1:00 PS2 Version of Hulk?lol

  • You really cam feel Tony, Steve and Nat not being alive in this game anymore

  • RIP eyes

  • We've been bamboozled.

  • Is that ultron?

  • So, am I the only one who thought this was going to be a show based on Damage Control from the comics whom actually made in an appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

  • This is a game right..?

  • I went today, it was so cool.

  • This is a game for arcades not a real thing

    • Kidd Skrrt no, u basically buy tickets to VOID and then u wear a vr headset with a body tracking suit and then u basically go in room to experience it I heard it’s pretty cool

  • Anyone else thought this was a movie?

  • Awww yeah!Ultrons back!

  • Ok this is epic

  • 0:30 0:46 am I the only one who thinks it’s a new Spider-Man suit or at least updated