Marquette King || "The King" Pt.2 || Raider Highlights

Pubblicato il 1 gen 2018
Marquette King Official 2017 Season Highlights. Yes is a punter highlights.
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  • King is a good punter. It sucks that he's with Denver now so I have to root for us getting a bunch of blocks on his punts now instead of cheering for him to coffin corner opponents. At least we should remember his speed and be ready if he fakes a punt.

  • Song name?

  • Good video bad music

  • Ugh, that groin injury messed up his stats and cost him a Pro Bowl. Still the best punter in the league!

  • Snubbed for a second year in the pro bowl smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • You should do a lot of more raider players tbh bro

  • Nice vid

  • U should do Bruce Irvin with the song bank account I seen Bruce Irvin done some hard hits u should do him plz. If u got time.

  • BTW I love your Chanel because it shows all the raiders highlights.

  • Hope we get better next year. Always a raiders fan!! ☠💀☠

  • In the next one use the song bank account

  • First!!!