Markiplier Reacts to Mean Comments

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2015
How much hate can one markiplier get? Thanks to the r/roastme subreddit I get to read all the funny mean comments I can handle! Watch me react to hilarious hate in celebration of 9 million subscribers! Thank you all so much!
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  • I really don't want to offend you

  • Sticks and stones will break bones but words will not hurt you. - Hope 2019

  • oh yay, this song reminds me of dancing Shrek in swamp sim, SAME song

  • Markiplier this is James have you ever got shot in the nuts or shot in the nuts buy a gun 🐺😈😈😈😎😅

  • 3:49 🌊🚀🚨

  • I'm 20 and I'm still a fan. Suck it, haters.

  • Mark, don't listen to these people. you are so precious, and you and Jack are my favorite youtubers out there. You make us smile with every new video, every laugh, scream and pout. Keep being you.

  • you're nervously laughing

  • Why do they keep calling him a pedophile? Pewdiepie does the same kind of videos yet has not been called a pedophile. People are jealous jerks, I think you're awesome✌

  • For the record, I'm 12 and a HALF, thank you!!

  • “9 million subscribers” oh markimoo you’re going to go so far 🥺

  • Ha ha ha


  • "Who the hell you callin' girly, boi?!" 😳.......goodness gracious, fan-girl overload is in effect!!!!!!!

  • I wish I was a haker and hack u to give u 10000,00000,0000 subs

  • So I thought this was made this year. He said 'tysm for 9 million subs' I was confused af I realized it was made in 2015 I'm smart : ' )

  • okay i’m ngl i laughed at ‘9 mil’ subs. bc after he said that i was like 😳🤭 bc he now has 24 mil 🤧🤧

  • Poor markiplier

  • Get oofed

  • There not hate comments mark. It's 2 things Their jealous They got nothing better 2 do with their time PS. Your amazing EDIT: Mark who the hell you calling girly ... takes his shirt off I freaked out

  • Me: dying of laughter Markimoo: *takes shirt off* Me: _REEEEEEE_

  • Haha omg I love this video

  • Whoever the f**k said these are idiots... /\___/\ ( - ^ - ) Get your facts straight before you try to act cool with roast that make no sense. At least he’s popular and actually funny. And yes. Ima fan :3

  • Fuck you

  • You need to do this more lmao!

  • Looking back at this.... HAahahahahahahahaha


  • The amount of views on this vid is not 9 mil

  • Me: NINE MILLION *looks at subscribers* oh yeah its 2019 *realizes he has 24million now* umm .... Also me: WELL MARK LOOKS LIKE YOU GREW

  • I feel he was fake laughing here MmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHh

  • i bet the channel Markiplier is Awful made like 40 different accounts to post these

  • PSSHHH! I'm 30 and I love him.

  • None of these roasts were good except the celebrity ones

  • I bet those people on there, don't even have lives.

  • At least hes better than Pewdiepie and deserves all those subscribers.

  • Congrats Markiplayer you reach 24 M sub

  • Don’t worry markimoo you bootifool

  • Mark your no fun you say bad words and you never stop and please play kids games and not scary kids

    • Idk ?? EXACTLY!!! idk why people complain that they don’t like a IT-tvsr, but still watch them. Or when they want the IT-tvsr to change their content. It’s their channel, don’t tell them what to do with it.oml.

    • @harry forman if he’s no fun then stop watching him..

    • harry forman lol he’s not doing that

  • You know, how the fuck they know who to roast unless they are Markiplier fangirls. I bet they all die at the sight of the smile that lights up the universe or the muscles of the guys smile who lights up the universe. I have seven words for each and every one of them: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bastard Ass Hippocrates Edit: This is a joke

  • Then: 9M Now: 24M

  • The funny thing is, my 29 year old dad told me, his ten year old daughter, to check mark out I’m so happy he did so guess wut you useless haters your only roasting bc you realized you could never be as famous and awesome as mark 😄thanks for a GREAT childhood mark! 🖤

  • 9 million *boi this is old*

  • 3:50 My mum: Ooh, he's kinda hot.. Me: YOU. ARE. MARRIED.

  • Heres one: I hope one day you’ll choke on the shit you talk

  • H-Hey I’m almost 15 I’ve got a month!!

  • What do people have with 12 year olds?

  • I think people just wanted to make him feel bad, but he just laughed and laughed. He's so positive

  • Damn. 9 mil? Came a long way

  • He took his shirt off... WTFFFF

  • you couldn't find any mean comments on youtube so asked people to roast you nobody hates you I guess

  • Wow since 2015 he's gotten so much bigger 24k subs!

  • For any aspiring IT-tvs personalities out there (Even though Mark *ASKED* people to roast them and this video’s a little old), *THIS* is exactly how you should try to handle hate. Just eat it up and take it all in. He doesn’t give a damn if it’s real hate or trolls and is open to proper criticism.

  • He takes off his fucking shirt to show how manly he is.

  • 3:50 thank me later

  • I'm 14 in a month... does that mean when I'm 15 I can't watch Mark's videos after then?

    • @Cayla Greenawalt lol when he took his shirt off all fangirls died. But the OGs laughed because there over that stage. (At least I am. I consider him more of a brother because I've watched him so long) He's been there through thicc and thin.

    • Nah. I'm 19 and married and still watch. But I've been watching him forever

  • The biggest travesty here is the page is not in Night Mode

  • tHaNk YoU sO mUcH fOr A MiLiOn SuBsCRiBeRs! 4 years later THANK YOU FOR 224 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!

  • And I say dumb ass

  • I hate you because you said no to that woman why are you keeping saying badword why I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What kind of asshole dislikes mark