Marina - LOVE (+ FEAR) Album |REACTION|

Pubblicato il 6 apr 2019
My reaction to one half (LOVE) of Marina's new album titled "LOVE + FEAR". Let's just say this certainly made me look forward to what the second half "FEAR" has in store for us!
Marina "LOVE + FEAR Full Album Tracklist.
1. Handmade Heaven
2. Superstar
3. Orange Trees
4. Baby
5. Enjoy Your Life
6. True
7. To Be Human
8. End Of The Earth


  • 4:27 I can't even write that, what is that noise? 💀 Ajay at it again: 4:56 I love her 🤣

  • rewatching before my marina concert and the sad groove at 9:07 is so relatable

  • You should react to Natalia Lafourcade or EXO as well! I mean, both are my favorite artists and watching your reactions make me SO HAPPY. I love you!

  • Never laughed and agreed more in my entire life at 3:59 😂😂👌🏻

  • Marina has just released and acoustic EP with 5 tracks from Love + Fear - would be amazing if you could do a short reaction to it!

  • Her transitions humm! That's what i felt! Great job Marina!!!

  • Does anyone get reminded of that heartbreaker girl named Electra Heart who died. Sounds kinda similar to Marina

  • You help me found this amazing artist and album love it thanks

  • You're so good at reacting✨ Great album btw, it grows a lot on you (the same with Fear)

  • You never react to Baby's video :c

  • Lindsey STIRLING

  • Orange Trees is my favorite!!

  • I love that fact that the beats are kinda tropical jo

  • « Lui-lui-luaaahah » 😂

  • Super late but Baby has a video!

  • You have got a beautiful vibrato! You should put out sth of your own, really 💐 Love your reactions ❤🌈 Love (no fear) from Russia 💐

  • So glad True found place in your heart. I felt it was not as cherished as some of the new songs, becoming an underrated one. There's a a vulnerability in her voice that gets me everytime i listen to this song.

    • You should listen to the acoustic version of this she has just released = AMAZING!

  • please do Happysad by Meg & Dia!! please

  • So basically every song is a hit? That's rare and I'm here for it. We cannot overestimate how rare this is, so many artists have 2 or 3 hits + fluff in an album. This. Is purposeful pop. Beyond the catchiness.

  • Marina did what? THAT XD

  • this video is helping me a lot. you can’t even imagine. I’m italian, so my english is really bad, but every time that i am sad, every time that i think about what i did in my past, i just watch this video and listen to your “y’all can’t cry over spilt milk. the milk is spilt” i swear that is the only thing that moves me on. love you a lot xoxo

  • Loved your commentary on Enjoy Your Life. Love every reaction video from u mama 💖

  • idk the entire album wasnt that good...very few playback value... but hopefully her next project is better

  • superstar is my favorite

  • Omg. Please do the album Hopelesness by Anohni.

  • 💚🦋

  • i cry everytime i hear To Be Human

  • Please react to “The writtrings on the wall” by DC

  • That like ratio lol

  • "To be human" never fail to make anyone cry, and thats a fact

  • Marina: been around the world AJay: SHOW OFF! PASSPORT IS STAMPED!

  • God looking at how Marina keeps exposing the human being: 13:11

  • Your reactions are the best on IT-tvs 😙😙 Kisses from Brazil 💚💛


  • You're intensity is literally amazing. Awesome video. Please do Banks III.

  • Handmade Heaven is my favourite!!!!! ❤️

  • Handmade Heaven is one of best pop songs ive ever heard. And True is pure pop.

  • This... Is beauty 💖

  • Yes! Now, you are on board gurl. You were riding the plank before but now you're on board! Woohoo! It was emotional watching you connect with her. Yes, she is art, and she is so special.

  • Marins ❤️

  • My boyfriend and I broke up a little over a week ago, but we are still best friends and as close as we have ever been. Superstar was the song that when it came out, I immediately sent it to him as it embodied everything about our relationship. We're both hopeful that when things calm down and are better for us we'll get back together(be it in a year, two or three). But Superstar still rings true as an embodiment of our relationship, romantic or platonic. We're there for eachother when we need it, miss eachother when gone, and when were afraid we know the other will be there to save the day.

  • Marina is Art

  • "MAREEEEENS" Hahaha i love you

  • No one: Literally no one: Ajay: LoUiE LoUiE LoUiE lOuIeyyyyyyyyyy

  • You have to react to album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It by the 1975, you will love! i love your videos

  • to be human : best song

  • please react to 'The Archetypes' by Marina ! It's a playlist with the MV's of some of the Electra Heart songs and some new ones that weren't on the album. It tells a story and ends with the song 'Electra Heart'

  • MARINA: "My name is Marina Yong" AJayll: MARIIIIIIS

  • Ajay I love ur vidzzzzz💙💙💙 QUEEN OF REATIONS😂💙💙💙💙

  • can you react to the 1975? they make great music. 💓💓

  • please react to Gabbie hanna's new album and music video butterflies

  • When you're secretly a vampire and someone says "hey, let's hang out. It's a sunny day!" 7:36

  • Marina


  • Please react to "THE PAINS OF GROWING" BY Alessia Cara.

  • Please react to "THE PAINS OF GROWING" BY Alessia Cara.

  • Please react to "THE PAINS OF GROWING" BY Alessia Cara.

  • Please react to "THE PAINS OF GROWING" BY Alessia Cara.

  • 12:55 To Be Human reaction

  • My favorite album of 2019, and I didn't even know Marina before this!