Marcus Smart jokes that Kemba Walker talks more than he expected him to | FIBA World Cup

Pubblicato il 6 ago 2019
Marcus Smart discusses being a part of Team USA's basketball training camp ahead of the FIBA World Cup. Smart also discusses the Boston Celtics' big free agent signing Kemba Walker and how important it is that he's able to build a relationship with him on Team USA.
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  • Man dude(Smart) was a hot head the first couple years, but now he having a solid NBA career now

  • Too Rich Not To Have A Haircut. Somebody Find This Man A Barber

  • Walker got the contract out of desperation by the celtics. Walker doesn't even come close to being a top 15 player in the nba

  • I really think the Celtics better then the 76ers🤷🏽‍♂️

  • No one cares for the national league to be honest.

  • Smart , FlightJB7 , JTzero , Skywalker .. .

  • U should.need a bachelor degree to coach team.usa ,how we.know best interest a heart running all the celtics together just to have them.tired in regular season👀

  • Smart needs a facial before showing his face more

    • He needs a turmeric facial in order to lighten those dark spots on his face. Turmeric and olive oil.

  • what did he ask at 0:18?

  • Face of U.S basketball?? More than half the team won't be on team next summer.

  • Not a Celtic fan at all but them having kemba is a big deal. They a threat in the east. Still hope they crash and burn tho. Nothing personal to Celtic fans. It's just how I was raised.

    • @Bryan _350_ it's just how it is. They hate us and we hate them.

    • big D yeah i figured one of those two because fans of those two teams just have that hatred for the C’s lol

    • @Bryan _350_ laker

    • big D u a lakers or Pistons fan? Since that how you were raised😂

  • Is this the USA Team or the All-Star Team? 😂

  • Marcus Smart not about that life.

  • Funniest thing I heard today by Marcus smart “we know we can compete against them because we all got great personalities” somebody get this guy a manual what are you doing?

  • USA Team = Boston Celtics


  • Let’s all pitch in to get this man a haircut

  • Let’s all pitch in to get this man a haircut

  • You know

  • No Celtics backed out so they will have better chemistry this year

  • Celtics are going to exhausted by the time playoffs start....

    • they're not going to be playing long in the playoffs anyway so that's just fine

    • @Bryan _350_ we don't need him all that much tbh

    • Nah we got Tacko to help carry the load

    • guys play all year long....especially when you're younger

    • Michele Ponte Kemba aint that young lol.

  • Harlem shit

  • Hopefully Kemba's power will end up with him being able to renew his contract higher than $60 million to the Hornets

  • Celtics have an opportunity to gain some chemistry very early on and carry Team USA. LETS GO!

  • Marcus Smart was horrible in playoffs. Kept on chucking threes even though he was missing them

    • My boy played like one game he was injured the same thing happened to the bucks sg brogdon he was injured to both teams had to use reserve sgs

    • Rob Smith he was injured and it is hard to get back in rhythm after a injury

    • Rob Smith Lol he was coming off an injury you idiot lol learn some facts before you speak.

    • Rob Smith he isn’t a good offensive player but he is a great defensive player

  • I thought that was the ODB son

  • Lol

  • Smart you need to shave that patchy shit on your face

  • No Face Gang about to be running teams! This the first team in years whos there because they want to be and they actually have a chip on their shoulders! #NoFaceGang

  • This is incredible this niggas have so much money and they can’t have a 💈 or shave that 💩 beard 😂

  • What does the reporter ask at 0:18 ???

    • Are you getting the puma deal

    • Word... I played it a few times trying to hear it.

    • The reporter asked are you getting that puma deal cuz smart and puma have mutually agreed on a shoe deal that’s in the works

    • No idea. Tried replaying it over and over...

  • the guy on the left's hair, for real

  • Boy u make 2much money for ya head to be lookin like who did it & what 4

    • @iamnumber1200284 santa neda put a horse hair brush in that man's Christmas stocking

    • @Paul Bearer fax bruh

    • They here to play basketball not all of them are obsessed with their looks

    • So

  • Dude in the back look like bob myers

  • Instead of Team USA their gear should just say The Replacements

    • 😂😂😂

    • This isn't the team that will play in Tokyo for the Olympics next summer. They're good enough to win the World Cup but the big names are coming out to play next summer.

    • E.Z. Jumpshot shut the fuck up

    • Jay Kelly shut your pussy ass up. Still unbeatable ya lil bitch

    • Jay Kelly dream team, redeem team, replacement team

  • Smart could play for my team any day💯

    • Lakers

    • @T R The head coach is Pop and you know that he got eyes on talent that are not seen by other coaches. You see how they draft players at Spurs? You're one of those fans who only watch scoring highlights and doesn't appreciate defense

    • he a beast ☘️☘️

    • Team Flopper? I look at the roster and wonder who the fuck selected him. Nothing scarier than him handling the ball down court when you need a bucket. I hope they are not even thinking about playing him at point. I hope they send him packing.

    • MK 4x he ass

  • Where is mi son

    • he should be there over brown and smart

  • All the stars on the team are mostly Celtics players

    • Celtics and SACTOWN

    • I would not call Celtics players Stars, they’re good, none of them are all stars except for Kemba

    • @Rod S. just like horfords the only star in Philly's starting 5

    • @OTW an if we sign Tacko IT'S A WRAP 🍀


  • All those Boston core guys playing together will be good for next season.

    • Sebadiah23 hahahahaha

    • Seven Grand jaylen will get in. You haven’t seen the practices as much. Just the highlights that are shown on IT-tvs. And Smart was invited because he plays defense and will listen. Those are the two things Pop asks for.

    • Barber shop> Marcus

    • *exhausted next season

  • Dude said fuck a haircut huhh.

  • The guy ask y u hear duh we the last resort

  • This is a community!!! It's enough jokes to go around

  • 4

  • Marcus smart still the goat for shoving embiids ass with a straight face lmao

  • Celtics rule 💯💯💯

  • This is just the Celtics team

    • @OG LOC yea but that's practice come the real games start he'll be playing for greece

    • @freshcaller netheir was giannis , but they still let that pussy play , so Tacko can too .

    • @OG LOC he isn't american


    • It’s really not that different than summer workouts, but it was a smart move to get so many Celtics to join in knowing it would be helpful for the season to come.