Marc Marquez suffers HUGE crash during FP1 | 2019 #ThaiGP

Pubblicato il 4 ott 2019
The Championship leader had a big accident at Turn 7, being transported to the medical centre for a check-up. What exactly happened to Marc today?
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  • Marquez i cant control my tears😭😭


  • this guy is crazy

  • 👍 might shut him up .

  • No injury ! Neil hidgson said during the race on lap 14 Yamaha slowest bike

  • So you want to be a MotoGP rider?

  • A pat on the back for all the track staff. We had (past tense) the "Doctor", and now we have 93 the "Cyborg".

  • Fabio not even T his best ,while Marc more ir less top of his game ! Put Fabio on a repsol and its adios marc

  • He's been beaten by a complete rookie on a poor bike Fabio on the Yamaha 6 months Marquez 6 years , however no injuries he was very lucky again

  • Well so much for Marc being the greatest is he fuck


  • Get well soon Lebron James of Motogp 🙏

  • 1:52 Thank me later

  • 😥

  • Semoga tidak terjadi apa2 kedepannya.yang dari indo like

  • Marquez has a loto of luck and on the best bike with the biggest budget is he that great NOooooooooooooooo.

  • amazing sudah 2x dia melakukan hal ini

  • Marc rides a repsol at weekends his other bikes are Lorenzo, pedrosa and Santo Hernandez

  • What a Champ !!!! I love this kid 😂😂

  • Put Fabio on a repsol then watch him kick msrcs arse

  • Moto gp is a bit of a joke! Rossi old but still trying , finales blows hot and cold, petronas Yamaha slow in fact Yamaha one of the worst bikes, repsol the best bike .petrucci crap , etc there's no competition so Marc will carry on ,and suyzuki don't think so , ducati only really suited to certain tracks

  • Fap fap fap

  • 0:40 adamın poposuna elliyorlar.

  • Just bad and stupid Rider EVER

  • That’s amazing how he got back up and walk that’s a lot coming from a Rossi fan

  • 😣😯😢😭🏍😍😍👌👍

  • What’s worse, the Crash or having to go to a Hospital in Thailand and having some Witch Doctor take care of you 🤔👎 #KAG 👍🇺🇸

  • Van ambulan track ni pun pasang sport rim

  • Big off.... Clearly nothing really wrong with him..... otherwise race officials would have taken it out of his hands about racing..... big fuss over nothing

  • Machine 😂

  • He must have some ability to fall and relax his body or something. No broken ankles or wrists and he's back in the afternoon. I know Marquez had the benefit of an airbag, but Barry Sheene doing this would probably have been at least two broken bones.

  • @iMVDinner I'm not a Rossi fan but we must accept that he is a legend of the sport. It's not because he can't win anymore that he is not a legend. But Rossi is not the best ever, he is not the GOAT. He won most of his titles against weaker opponents and benefiting from special tyres from Michelin.. Since MotoGP started using a single tyre supplier Rossi has won zero championship and since the likes of Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa and Marquez arrived in the premier class his race wins percentage has diminished.. Rossi is a legend but not the best.. He is just a lucky man who arrived on a premier class grid with no former premier class world champion.. On the other side, Marquez in his Rookie season beat the reigning world champion to take the title..

  • Absolute legend!

  • Legend 👍

  • I’m not a fan of Mark, but we’re watching I believe what it’s going to be The All time Greatest MotoGP rider. There’s many more championships to come for this guy.

  • hes not human hes a machine

  • Never loose your hope.. god saved him🙏 He’s ready for the next battle💪 93❤️

  • What an amazing dude! A crash like that, and still goes on to put it on the front row and go on to win the race and Championship, hats off to you young man 👍

  • Kapok

  • KARMA ya wee bastard. Loved the way the first 3 marshalls ran straight passed him to the bike. No one cares about you not even the cheating bastard team you ride for. Had this been rossi all the marshalls would be going to him. That's the difference. Vr46 for ever

    • @MMJ MJ a well

    • You know that marshalls can't touch the rider after a crash when the rider seems injured right? Do you know that they are not allowed to do it? There job is go after the bike, and the job of the medical team is go after the should know that....but well I asume that your only interest in motogp is one rider, thats why you know nothing about anything else...

  • Este chico gana hasta con una moto hippie jajajahahaá

  • FFS! all you moped riding Marquez wannabes need to understand MotoGP started way back in 1949 not 2008, to shout out "Marquez is the greatest" only highlights the lack of knowledge some people have about MotoGP and it's history, and also what i find hilarious is that anyone who slates Marquez is instantly branded a "ROSSI" fan!!!!!!! Rossi is not the greatest of all time - Giacomo Agostini is 15 times MotoGP champ, with different bikes too - something Marquez has yet to prove when Marquez has won more races than Rossi, won more MotoGP titles than Rossi and with more than 1 manufacturer "THEN" Marquez will be the 2nd greatest, and if Marquez wins more than 15 world titles then you can call him the greatest - until then stop embarrassing yourselves. all replies will be deleted instantly

  • Neon Skull - another child who thinks MotoGP only started when Marquez jumped on a bike, so so so much to learn

    • I.think.u are kid...i think he right marquez otw to b3 the best ever

  • Sukanontonbalap

  • แพทย์สนามต้องฝึกใหม่เพิ่มเติมอีกนะ และรถตู้ฝึกจอดใหม่นะ จอดเลยทางเข้าห้องพยาบาลเฉยเลย5555 มาเกรชต้องเดินกระเพกลงรถตู้ สู้ๆนะทุกคน แต่ยังไงก็เอาใจช่วยเป็นกำลังใจให้คนไทยสู้ๆ

  • its so breathtaking to see how the bike rolling arround at his back..luckily it didnt hit him omg

  • Marc Marques he is unstoppable winning 6th gp title and 8th title. Well done

  • „I think Ericsson hit us“

  • Alai

  • Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat pasti akan jatuh

  • yet he still wins the race

  • Tội cho Idol quá 😞

  • RIP another $2mil motorcycle

  • unbelievable

  • He is definitely damm tough

  • This is why Marc is my favorite racer of all!

  • Kenapa nggk mampus sekalian

  • At Least the cunt didn't take out any other riders this time. What a shit rider.

  • Márquez the best .

  • uncle Honda will rub some cream on his wounds