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MY VISIONS OF GOD: These are my testimonies of how God visited me in open visions and gave me a message and a prophecy.
My ENCOUNTERS WITH DEMONS: These are my testimonies of how I was attacked by demons.
✔[ (2.) 2000+ FULFILLED BIBLE PROPHECIES ]✔ (Here are some prophecies that the Bible said would come to pass before the End Times): (1) People will deny that GOD created the universe and that He judged them through Noah’s flood. (2 Peter 3:3, 5, 6) Atheists are now claiming that the universe created itself out of nothing. (2) The message of the Gospel will reach all the nations. (Matthew 24:14) Remember that Christianity started out with only a few dozen followers. Jesus prophesying that His message will reach the world is proof of its divine inspiration. (3) Jews will return to Israel, their homeland. (Ezekiel 34:13) (4) Israel will be a nation for the 3rd time. (Amos 9:14-15). (5) There will be money hungry preachers that deceive Christians and lead them away from the truth. (2 Peter 2:1-3) (6) Scoffers will mock the Second Coming by claiming these signs have always been around. (2 Peter 3:3, 4)
◘ [ Speaking of end times, God gave me visions about the rapture, the antichrist, and tribulations. Obama is the future antichrist. He will be revealed after the rapture of the bride of Christ. And the rapture will be covered up by some sort of an alien abduction theory. If the rapture happens and you get left behind, remember, aliens didn’t abduct those people, God raptured those Christians to heaven. ]◘
▲[ (3.) NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES/HEAVEN & HELL TESTIMONIES ]▼ Near death experiences prove Christianity! We find testimonies of former atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. claiming they died, went to the afterlife but were saved and brought back by Jesus Christ. There are countless testimonies just on IT-tvs alone and the people that ventured into the afterlife describe the Christian concept of life after death (heaven & hell). If NDE’s were open to interpretation, we would find testimonies of people saying that when they died, they met Allah or Muhammad or Buddha. But since we only find testimonies of people saying they were saved by Jesus, we have additional evidence that Christianity is the truth. When Muslims die, they don’t hallucinate about Allah and when Hindus die, they don’t hallucinate about reincarnation. What we see is the truth of Christianity being preached by those that died and came back. Here are some testimonies:
♥[ (4.) PRESERVATION OF THE BIBLE ]♥ Because we have 5000+ ancient manuscripts of the Bible, we have a great deal of evidence that the contents of each book of the Bible have been preserved and that the Bible has not been changed to make up for prophecy. The ancient manuscripts date all the way back to around 250 BC and verify with the modern Christian Bible. Check out this site to see ancient manuscripts:
♦[ (5.) FACTS FROM THE BIBLE THAT HAVE BEEN VERIFIED BY MODERN SCIENCE ]♦ (Remember, these facts were written thousands of years ago): (1) The Earth free floats in space. (Job 26:7) At the time, people thought the earth sat on a large animal. (2) The Earth is round. (Isaiah 40:22) At the time, people thought the earth was flat. (3) Blood is the source of life. (Leviticus 17:11) Up until the 1700s, people were bled because they thought that would get rid of their sickness. They should have listened to the Bible. (4) Air has weight. (Job 28:25) (5) Air has a cycle. (Ecclesiastes 1:6) (6) There are hot water vents at the bottoms of deep seas. (Job 38:16) This fact wasn't verified until the 20th century with submarine technology.
► Do you know where you are going when you die (heaven or hell)? I encourage you to come to Jesus Christ TODAY. He died so you can be forgiven. Believe in Him, confess your sins, and repent of your sins (turn away from your sins). Many Christians nowadays believe the lie of once saved always saved. They think they can commit whatever sin they want and still make it to heaven. Don't be deceived, there is a hell. Those that died and came back, testify of its existence.◄
✿✿✿(PLEASE COPY/PASTE THIS DOCUMENT ANYWHERE OR PRINT IT OUT AND GIVE IT TO PEOPLE. HELP BRING AS MANY AS YOU CAN TO CHRIST. "...The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few..." - Matthew 9:37)✿✿✿


  • *Repentance Prayer. Pray Along* Lord Jesus, I admit I am a sinner. I need and want Your forgiveness. I accept Your death as the penalty for my sin, and recognize that Your mercy and grace is a gift You offer to me because of Your great love, not based on anything I have done. Cleanse me and make me Your child. By faith I receive You into my heart as the Son of God and as Savior and Lord of my life. From now on, help me live for You, with You in control. I want to ask forgiveness for all the sins that I have committed. I repent of ... (list all the sins that come to your mind). I ask for forgiveness and deliverance from these sins and from any sins I did not mention. Give me the power, strength and guidance I need to not commit these sins anymore. Deliver me from temptation and from the hands of the enemy. Cleanse me with your blood. Cover me with your blood. Soften my hardened heart and make me new again. Bless it with so that I will be obedient to your voice and guidance. In Your precious name, Amen

    • @it's angelica boi! It means if you told someone you like them and they say likewise it means thay like you to or if you sead I love chocolate and thay say likewise It means that like chocolate to 😉

    • In the name of Jesus

    • Amen thank you so much for this❤️

    • AMEN!!!!

  • Is everyone deluded in the comment section🤣

  • My mom when she was 8 saw 2 ambulances go down her road. She felt sick, and she felt compelled to pray, so she did that. Apparently, there had been a terrible crash and everyone survived just barely. Her prayer saved them.

  • I want to see my great grandma in heaven. I was named after her, and my mom tells me we’re very similar but I never got to meet her!

  • I am a believer.

  • Jesus is real!!

  • I thought the dead knew nothing according to Jesus???? This guy could be just looking for a book deal

  • Forgive me lord 🙏

  • Damn hippochristians!!!lol

  • B"H."What I saw" do we even see with human eyes? Isn't it obvious that animals SEE the spiritual worlds better than us? King David says in Psalms:27:verse 10 King David SAW his formation as a soul in heaven the moment his Father and Mother along with G-d concieved him.He saw and knew G-d because as the verse says, his parents left him and G-d embraced him. MAYBE what all these people "see" is their own physical birth as they obviously experienced birth before,no? The light at the end of the dark tunnel? His Mother's birth canal, the bright light of the doctor ready to recieve the infant? You saw what you saw at physical birth. The soul is tied to the body by a silver cord (spiritualy) at the top of your head. At death it the cord is snapped. There is no way back into your body after death. Since physical death comes in stages, yes, a body can be dead and recesitated, but the SOUL has not yet left the body.It is the medium that is G-d's messenger keeping the body existing. Dead body, the soul returns to it's source.ONLY at "The Raising of the Dead" will the soul return to earth and REALLY live. (Except for those of us who must reincarnate, that is, it is US, the same soul but in a totally different body, maybe even as another sex.

  • I had one of those on my leg after a crash. It was painful but saved me from amputation.

  • The MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH is nothing more than a GHETTO compared to Heaven!!!! Thank-You Mr. Piper for your testimony!!!!

  • God, the way they edited this is so annoying. I just wanna hear the guy talk about the experience!

  • So now that Obama isn’t president and is not really in a position of power as he was 3 years ago, does that still make him the Antichrist?

  • if these people really serve god why did they make money off of spreading the word of god?. if i ever experience these things id talk and spread the truth for free to praise the glory of god....

  • What are you doing riding 110 mph, speed-racer ????

  • Halfway through and he's still talking about his injuries.

  • If the spirits of saints ve gone to heaven, then why these deads ve to be judged on judgmnt day.

  • From my experiences...matches his exactly. So don't want to come back here.

  • So in 90 Min he only heard angles wings and gate of heaven, I thought he will describe whole heaven in detail so we can Google maps it.

  • Watch doloris cannon she's done thousands of hypnosis and past life regression therapy...she says all this stuff is exactly what she says..he was in the second Astro plain

  • I almost died one of them it was when my parents didn’t teach me how to swim and I was is strangely breathing underwater and when I didn’t swim my sister nearly drowned me Edit: now I know how to swim my parents finally taught me

  • You spoke mostly of your injuries and NOT the alleged 90 minutes with god. Smh. Therefore I don’t believe you

  • Xcx

  • I read this book!!

  • I've been to heaven dozens of times. It's no big deal. Same butt heads there as here.

  • Ohh my relatives ; my friends and all acquainted how I’d love to see you all again.

  • I do love horror movies I've y watching them for a long time when I was little it was always horror movies I got my nephews to watch them when they were little I still love Godzilla and dacula now I'm watching comet channel on Saturday

  • how he was dead for 90 minutes without brain damage?

  • I love god & always will even on my worst days 💙.

  • So sad i would never give up life with my love one for any about of heaven

  • Beautiful story but all made up stories keep guiding wrong stories to your people so you all will meet in the hell!!!!!!!!

  • The Apostle Paul was taken to the third Heaven and he was charged by God "not to tell what he saw". Hmmm.

  • Ive been to heaven through dream and a girl was standing in front of golden gates and said what are you doing here Kate its not your time yet, and then she gave me pictures of my life from my birth, and opened the golden gate and i entered beautiful landscape of meadows forests and flowers and there were people in white dresses floating and in the end there was a big cross shining almost incredible golden shine :)

  • People often say they "feel" tremendous energy and love, while in this state. While listening to many of these stories, from different sources. Nobody has ever reported those (energy beings), encountered say "I am god" or "I am Jesus". I suspect they aren't, who we think they are. I wonder if they represent a part of ourselves.❤️

  • I don't believe him.... When your body dies, your Spirit Immediately comes out and see yourself, and your surroundings. You just don't shoot up straight to heaven.

  • From the beginning it was not so! Doctrines of demons is actually the Bible Adam and Eve did not have a Bible and you shouldn't either

  • This story is just enough to make me a better person and choose God

  • Muslim?

  • I would like to think all innocent animals or humans from ancient past that went to heave we would see once we went to heaven that would be cool

  • Truly amazing, I can't wait to go back home. =-)

    • I long to go home, so much, even though my life is blessed, I know that home is so much better.

  • I'll trust him only if he shows the doctors exams

  • God I am sorry for the things that I have done. Whatever I have done bad I don’t mean to do I believe in you. For sure.thanks for everything you have done for me god. Amen 🙏 ❤️

  • How beautiful life is. Even though we think we may die we never truly do. We are pure light pure love eternal.

  • Fabulous story, but why on earth (pun not intended) did we not get any more info from the woman who went to hell? Why did the man experience utter peace and joy, yet the woman experienced exactly the opposite? How did she return to earth? Does she have any lessons to teach us other than that hell is real? So many unanswered questions. I felt so let down.

  • I'm very sick with Lyme disease and other medical issues. I can't wait to get home to heaven and be free of this pain and this terrible world. Don't get me wrong I'm not ready to die yet. I just want to be home again with my father God. Heaven is going to be wonderful! No more pain and no more sadness. It's home.

    • Good to read these comments, especially since I assumed they were from a while ago. Now I see some of these were just a few days ago. Am I the only one who wondered about the woman who went to hell? Why did she go? Why did she go there and the man go to heaven? I would love to chat about this with another human.

  • My amazing cousin is with jesus and god in heaven and with my great grandparents

  • If u don’t believe in god does that mean you will go to HELL please answer

    • Yes, because unbelief is a sin. Why would God let you into His house if you insult Him by not believing? Please watch Ray Comfort's videos :)

    • No if you do a lot of good deeds you could go to heaven

  • Ohh yeah! THE BEST PLACE to retire is with The Creator, Yeshua Ha Mashiach ( The Lord Jesus Christ).

  • God is good🙌🏼

  • I think when i die i will be in hell....

  • Read and ponder 🤔 The Gospel of Thomas. Within is the ticket to Father.

  • Amen to the glory of God!!

  • Hello! I also had a brief visit to heaven and spoke to angels there and here during and after my brain surgery! I just wrote a book about it! (TO HEAVEN AND BACK WITH ANGELS). Its a great story! See a brief preview on youtube. Please buy, read and share! Thank You! Timothy Peak. (Author).

  • Bull crap- lies no one has gone to heaven and come back exceptPaul when Paul cannot tell them NO ONE ELSE CAN THEY ARE LYING THIS IS SATANIC

  • The thought of death has always frightened me. I am a good person, I have no enemies and I’ve always tried to live my life with a caring outlook for others. But for some reason I can’t shake the feeling of fear when my time comes. I am an old man now, life is a gift , every day is a present from God. I pray that I am welcome in heaven. The stories about Hell scare me to my core. God, know that I believe in you, know that I care about your children. I need to stop thinking about it and just have faith in God. That was a very compelling story of life and death. God bless you sir. Peace✌🏻❤️

    • Watch some of Ray Comfort's videos, they might help :) God bless you, and help you with your belief!

    • Too bad the woman who went to hell didn't share a lot about her experience. It would have been nice to understand why and what we can do here on earth to avoid that experience. This story had waaayyyyy too many unanswered questions.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I do believe in God in spirit... Amen... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞

  • I love the peace I feel when God answers my prayers. Like "hello I can hear you".

  • i don't believe that there is anything ....dead is dead

    • Randolph Jay i say that because God put me on this earth to be alone, he doesnt care about me

    • You may regret saying that one day in the future. I wish peace for you.