Man City 3-1 Southampton I Highlights I Carabao Cup

Pubblicato il 30 ott 2019
Tommy Doyle made his debut for City in the 3-1 win over Southampton at the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday night.
Sergio Aguero was man of the match scoring 2 goals and made his 350th appearance in all competitions for the club .
City are through to the quarter-finals and you can see how they did it right here!
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  • Vive mahrez le meilleur joueur 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • City sucks

  • Hope to see Real madrid vs Man city😛😛😛

  • 2-1 not 3-1

  • MCT is still the best, like = agree or not pls comment!👇

  • I’m starting to like Man City a lot such funny and genuine players

  • Gabriel Jesus BRASIL

  • Gouardiola, from pation to jealousy towards Mahrez. no man city player will have a golden ball even with Messi or Renaldo. The days at man as mercenaries and if they win it is fat in Gouardio and are system. Today, after Southampton's goal, Gouardio did not want to give Mahrez the opportunity for fear that he will score as the savior, but he gave it to the substitute replacements and not the best ego player . Gouardio is an egoist, no holder under his headdress, only him the holder and the gloir him back on the back of the donkeys.

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  • Unfortunately Southampton is facing City again on Saturday😂😂😂😂

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  • What happened to Southampton?

  • Man City should try investing in Argentina football club independiente (Which I’m a fan and made me a big fan of man city because I always follow Aguero) this will help everyone and every team Independiente could go back on top of all south amarica like they were for many years and man city can find huge future players from the club

  • southamton might get religated from the preimer league after their 9-0 loss

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  • Still bench otamendi pep !

    • Angelino and Mahrez combining like Alba and Messi there 3:33

  • Southampton is really strong this year

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    • Angelino and Mahrez combining like Alba and Messi there 3:33

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  • I didn’t think commentators could ruin a match

  • Sergo, 350 games...242 goals, awesomeness. 🙂

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  • 1:43

  • 저 도일이 피온4에 도일과 관련이 있지 않을까 하는 생각이 든다

    • In all the league Argentina is dominating... just love it❣️🙌💞

  • McCarthy should start over Gunn.. cmon Saints!

  • Very good for man. City

  • Doyle, Eric Garcia and Bernabé: the future is ours💙

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  • Angelino and Mahrez combining like Alba and Messi there 3:33

  • leicester Scored 9, and kept a clean sheet. Just saying

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