Making An Advent Calendar For My Dogs

Pubblicato il 5 dic 2019
Here's Nicol Concilio's video of her *beautifullllllllll* advent calendar for her very good doggos
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  • I was today years old when I learned what an advent calendar was

  • Jenna: you've never had an advent calendar? It's to count down the days to Christmas. Julien: *stares silently in Jewish.*

  • ♡♡

  • I love seeing the difference between you two while doing the crafts😂😂😂

  • did no one notice that at 8:34 Kermit just walks by while peach is literally humping him 😭😂

  • I like how julien is wearing a rise and shine hoddie

  • That Santa is truly terrifying and still haunts me “WHeN tHe holiDay ChEeR hiTs”

  • Are you not supposed to brush your teeth in the shower ??!!??! 😳

  • I had to sing say a little prayer in a concert ❤️

  • These are the cutest doggo advent calendars I’ve ever seen. I love them. I’m also really late to this video’s party but guys, these are so cute and such a sweet idea for your dogs. 🥺❤️💚🧡💛💙💜 (many colorful hearts to match your twos very colorful trees).

  • I just realized Julian is micheal scott

  • Me: *sees the orange paint* *flashbacks of kermit stepping into orange paint*

  • Idk if it exists but we really need a whole long ass video of Jenna laughing "Jullien" taken from all her clips

  • Julien: how do I do hieroglyphics? Jenna: ask an Egyptologist! Bunny: helo am egyptologist

  • “I’m the arts guy and you’re the craft guy, we’re just a couple of guys :)”

  • Julien's pull over 🤣🤣

  • Сразу видно кто здесь дизайнер🤣


  • Fun fact: Dogs are only colorblind to the colors red and green. This is due to the absence of certain cones in the retina to pick up the wavelengths of red and green reflected visible light. So instead of them seeing red and green, they will see blue and yellow.

  • So kkk leaders were red so he put a kkk Santa on his

  • I was not expecting 13:29

  • I enjoy making craft projects, I enjoy watching people making craft projects, please make more craft projects.

  • Just guys being dudes.

  • I wanna know where julien got that sweater

  • Before Bunny came, they could have been called the three Muska*tears*

  • Jenna and Julien are the only people I could watch *craft* for hours straight and not get bored


  • I’m so here for Julien’s rise and shine hoodie!


  • Don’t put raw meat in your dog’s advent calendar


  • Since when did they have a horse

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣 omg I cant, he so annoying


  • Julien sounds and acts exactly like Jonah hill

  • Santa is an anagram for Dayan and juliens is proof 😂😂😂

  • happy crimas. merry crisis. merry Chrysler

  • Lmao I need to know why Peach owes her money

  • Ohhh an advent calendar, first time I saw an advent calendar was the tsum tsum one

  • when she sai "they dont even no that days are passing" its like i had a sad ass black and white slo motion montage in my head with my animals and i teared up, seriously, but then julian sneezed and it broke my concentration and i was ok again

  • Watching this January 10th, 11pm, in bed, munching raw broccoli. 2020 self-care.

  • Is it word that I want Jenna and Stephanie Soo to collaborate for a mukbang?😁

  • Jenna: “it’s a nice way to bond with your loved ones” Me: “and your friends”

  • Jenna you are the QUEEN of the beutubers you are the ultimate beauty guru

  • 7:19 had me CRYING

  • "When the MoMA police ruin your vibes" 💀

  • "Ask an Egyptologist" I CANT XD

  • 11:44 what's all those things hanging on the wall on the right?

  • I literally did not know until this day, that in america, pepperoni pizza means pizza with salame. I thought you just put like chili pepperonis on there and wondered why that was so popular. Now I finally understand. Thank you Julen

  • thanks for coming to my ted yell

  • damn why do they have that rack so crooked?

  • She's going to grow her hair out and donate it. Wait and see.

  • 🗿🗿🗿

  • Oh my gosh, Julien and Jenna are so cute together! I hope to have a relationship like that someday. ♥️

  • Sometimes Julien reminds me so much of my boyfriend that I get vicariously irritated for Jenna. Or maybe I'm absorbing some of the irritation so that she has less to bear.

  • Painting the drawers while in the tree? I too like to live life dangerously.

  • Tell Julian he has a cool sweater. And if Julian you are reading this, nice sweater.

  • Bunny: you're such a messy eater Kermit: Nasty boi

  • Idk if your dogs are crazy or normal

  • Why does she have an accent now??