Pubblicato il 23 gen 2020
Hey guys, today I am chatting with you about the new Makeup Geek rebrand that just launched. These shadows are in all new pans, and are a part of what they call their new Matrix System, which is essentially being able to mix and match their existing and new single eyeshadow pans to make any custom palette you wish to have, instead of buying tons of separate palettes.
Each palette you see is $124.99
both together is $219.99
You can also get 9 pan customized palettes, 4 pan palettes or pre-loaded palettes as well. All pricing is on the MUG website
You can use code Rawbeautykristi to save 10% off your purchase (this is an affiliate code) DO NOT feel like you need to do this, you can use anyones code that there is out there. :)
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  • Bruh ! That negative wing you did ! Omg I’m gonna try that!! I bet it’s gonna come out like shit but fuck it I’m still gonna try 😏

  • I can't wait till I can get this! I had no idea I'd be so excited for this. But it looks like everything I love and your review and Taylor wynn's are what I'm going on ,to decide to purchase or not....and of course when I looked its sold out

  • At 8:21 you look so much like young Ellie from UP! with that really happy, kind expression and messy hair, it's adorable!

  • Kristi - You are pretty without make-up.

  • The fact the there is empty space in palette and the shadows don't fit PERFECTLY drives me insane

  • Lol white people lips be MIA

  • You guys might think the pallettes are expensive but if you were to buy 56 single shadows, the ultimate price would be 307.44 and the pallettes cost 124.99. So that's basically: 182.45 off

  • Love the look!

  • You should do a look comparing the old shadows and new shadows

  • Holy crap this look is STUN-NING! 💗

  • The only thing about the palettes is that I wish they were prettier on the outside I know many people don’t care about that because it’s not only about that but because I have all of those colors already and for me to buy something now I want it to stand out packaging wise but I know it’s not that deep haha

  • I love that look! Wow! I’m going to need that more neutral palette! It’s so worth the money, I think. I’m ready!🎉

  • 2

  • you look gorgeous

  • How could Jeffree star sell a super customized velvet coated paper like palette with amazing formula for $54 and ahe sells a PLASTIC palette for $100+?

  • 💘You are SOOOOOO crazy talented when it comes to makeup, Kristi! Don’t ever doubt your ability to teach and inspire. Thank you and we love you! 💘

  • Wait is makeup geek eyeshaodw oil free?

  • You got me wanting to buy this. I am just so confused what I should chose to suit my skin tone. Too much choice !

  • * wolf whistle* she finer than frog hair

  • I love this way of support between influencer and makeup producer. It feels genuine (I hope it truly is)

  • Ehh she falsely copyright struck a video she can fail 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I was excited until I saw the price

  • I think this is a gorgeous look! Would love to see more using MUG!

  • I just hope it can be successful at Tarte and the price point has me little concerned. I love mug and want to see the brand be successful again they are the og of makeup commerce.

  • I got mine in the mail a few days ago. I received the 9 color dish. While I do appreciate the pigment, the color staying power is good. The dark colors went on great, but the light colors were not great. Not very noticeable at all. I had to build up a lot more than I have done on any brand before. My magnetic sheet wasnt flat. It bends up on the edge's, not a little, but a lot so my shadows are clumped together so no space to remove and change out with ease like we are supposed to do. The point of the oversized box was so we had room to remove and replace. Not hating it, but I'm not going to recommend either.

  • I can’t get enough of your bloopers 🤣

  • This was perfect, thanks Kristi.

  • I'm new here but that felt a little all over the place

  • This brings me back to the days I started to get into makeup and IT-tvs. I still have my giant makeup geek pallet that cost me a fortune lol I was spending so much in makeup up but I am living a simpler life now. Have gotten ridden of a lot of my stash and I still feel like I have too much. The only makeup that I buy now is mascara, eyeliner and face powder (when I use it all up). I will use my remaining blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows and highlighters forever I don’t care if they’re expired lmbo

  • I need more of editing Kristi to pop in more. I love editing Kristi

  • tell us about the codes! lol I feel good when I support a IT-tvs I like and I feel real good when I save money lol

  • Looks so pretty!!!

  • I really need eyeliner. I only have one 😬

  • Gonna save up for these two pallets. Otherwise I'll end up buying a bunch of smaller ones over time

  • Omg I want to try their faux mink 😍 too bad I'm a broke bitch 😅

  • THE FUNNY THING ABOUT YOUR WILD ROOSTER HAIR IS THIS....I was literally just taking screen shots of your hair (prior to editing Kristi) because I want the same do 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 Wonder if I will wake up/ and be editing like this too. Haha love you

  • I need someone who owned a ton, or even all, of the old shadows to swatch them against the new ones. There are some that seem like they could be the old ones just renamed, e.g. Beach Please could be the new Barcelona Beach, Latte As Usual could be the new Latte. I live in Australia so I can't see and swatch anything in person, plus with the conversion rate I literally cannot afford to buy a shadow that ends up being one I already have.

  • 20:20 I can see clearly now:)

  • My favorite shadow brand. Love the look you did!

  • Can we find them anywhere on Europe ?? Plz come back in beauty bay!!!

  • Reminds me a lot od Tati's palette.

  • I’m getting it!💋 Beautiful look!😍


  • I just accidentally stumbled onto your channel, was planning on getting this! And the way you takes about you codes and how you feel made me want to stay and watch more and subscribe!

  • No matter what I find it way overpriced so I will pass

  • This is a dude

  • oh please always posts the cods you deserve a portion and we deserve a discount

  • Love love love the way you placed the shades to give your eyes that shape I'm going to try this cause we have similar eye shapes I'm so excited

  • I'm definitely more excited with the rebrand after seeing this video , very cool system they have now ! It's a pain in the butt having soooo many palettes with repeat colors this is great!

  • If they had a distributor in the UK I'd eat it up, but I can't be doing with customs charges etc. They used to sell on some uk websites (beautybay, maybe?) I hope they will do again

  • I look forward to hearing about this system. Superbowlshmowl!

  • Omg love this look and the color scheme!

  • Stunning look! Good lawd!

  • I wish I could do this look you did! It’s sooooo beautiful and you’re so talented!!

  • Kristi: *creates a STUNNING, inventive eye look* Also Kristi: idkkk guys it might not look right on camera but I think it’s ok in person. GIRL i will throw something at u

  • Idk but it does sound like a sponsored video.

  • Anybody from Poland: Isn't that just Inglot eyeshadows and magnetic palettes? I'm sorry, they are just so similar in shape and look! But I guess there's just so much you can do with a matrix system. It's a classic.

  • This hairstyle on Kristi is so cute I love it

  • OMG Kristi! Absolutely love your eye look!!!

  • I've never heard anything bad about this brand,so I wanted to try them but when I went to build my own 9 pan palette, the price was 61$ and that's just mad expensive, so Idk if I'll be able to try them...I mean thats insanity,I figured she'd do discount prices on the mini palettes