Pubblicato il 8 dic 2019
Guys Madison is PREGNANT! We are excited but also in shock still but here we go again!
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  • What do you think it is just ONE baby or MULTIPLES AGAIN?!

  • Fist Cole and savannah now you guys that’s awsome

  • seriously your daughter isn’t even one yet it’s not even cute

  • Taytum and Oakley have more fashion than I do.🙂

  • I feel like she's always pregnant no hate though

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I’m new to fish fam What’s about u

  • That is so cool I can 't wate to see it

  • Pregnancy check Madison and Kyler: yes Ace family: yes Royalty family: yes Sav and cole: yes Woahhhhh

  • Omg millennials calm down

  • Omg now i know like 3 youtubers that are pregnant. Mad and kyler qnd sav and cole and catherine and austin. This year is a new beggining

  • Imagine having another pair of twins...

  • You should Make you channel called the fish fam


  • How come I did not know this

  • Mad and Savannah are always pregnant at the same time😂😂😂congratulations

  • Omg I can see you guys with so many kids

  • I love you guys

  • Omg 😆

  • Why is everyone getting pregnant at the same time again

  • multiples

  • now you and Savannah get to be pregnant together

  • you get pregnant right after savanna like let her shine

  • you and sav are pregnant again together and her baby is due August 10th

  • Sav and mad are both pregnant and there baby is coming the same month

  • Aww

  • Maybe if it's a girl baby you can name it Rose. If it's a boy you name it Ryan

  • I am 17 and just had a miscarriage! I pray you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  • I am so happy that Savanah and Madison are pregnant at the same time and Savanah's due date is my birthday, August 10!!! 😁😁

  • It’s weird how almost every time sav and mad gets pregnant the same time??

  • Cole Savannah Kyler and Madison are the dynamic 4 I love seeing them all together making Collabs n stuff and how Madison and savannah both are pregnant at the same time I’m expecting more collabs the next 9 months

  • Like my comment if you love them and really want to meet them

  • Aww I’m sooo excited for y’all

  • I hope it’s a boy

  • My mom is pregnant this season sac is pregnant this season and Madison is pregnant this season

  • I hope it is not identical twin boys because I get the twins mixed up so much

  • Sav is pregnant now mad!!!!!

  • Mad is trying to explain wall kyler is eating chocolates

  • your baby are so cute

  • Please your baby are so cute

  • I sorta think they are having multiples but maybe one

  • you should name the baby Bexley big or girl

  • They both got pregnant at the same time omg basically twinss

  • oml u and savannah are gonna have a baby at the same time yayyy :))

  • I know u might not want twins but it do it would be so happy

  • Love love love your song just down loaded it

  • Sav is prego to

  • I'm rooting for triplets

  • If you had twins what would you call them? ( it can be a boy and a girl/ two boys/ two girls)

    • I would have two girls and they would be called Ava and Lilly!!!!

  • Omg I’m so so happy

  • I mean how can ANYONE take this FAMILY and the Labrant family real? The fish fam are ACTORS SO HOW IS THERE CONTENT BELIEVABLE

  • It’s a girl! Higher hormones! Congratulations

  • Omg you and sav again

  • Weird... savanah is also prégnant...❤

  • Hey Madison ever heard of birth control lol this is supposed to be a joke btw🤣🤣

  • Isn’t it crazy Savannah was pregnant with posie and Madison was pregnant with Halston at the same time and the were a couple days apart during birth and now Savannah is pregnant with a baby and Madison is pregnant with a baby and they are pregnant at the same time and they said there both due in August so it’s a re make of last year the same thing is happening maybe they will be pregnant at the same time next year!! Also I’m very happy for you guys love you so much if it’s a boy he will have all sisters lol love y’all ❤️

  • Sister goals

  • So I just watched a video posted three days ago where they were talking about wanting another baby and not knowing when that would be... yet they posted that they were pregnant a week ago... im confused???

  • Hey kyler and mad Congrats to you guys!! Excited for you guys cant wait to see him or her 💞💞

  • Congratulations guys! That is so awesome!!

  • You guys have the cutest baby’s EVER!