Lucky Rooks: Summer Celtics All-Access Episode 3 | Welcome to Vegas

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Summer League begins and while our rookies begin to show the world what they're capable of on-court, the team has some fun exploring Las Vegas.


  • You could even see taco in the rides picture 😂

  • I like these rookies

  • At the end on the picture you could only see Taco's eyes

    • Ok nibba we don’t care you ugly

  • Boston is really building with a group of young talented players. Even Tatum and Brown are still very young. High ceiling.

    • Mohamed Abdi wym 5-10 years?? they could of signed AD Next Summer instead of trading for him. That’s just one season. Lakers roster from last year going into this season. could compete with any team LAC , GSW (especially without kd) NETS , ROCKETS etc ... Definitely would of been championship contenders.

    • OTW lakers wasn’t gonna wait 5-10 years to win championship they in a win now situation

    • What the lakes was pose to do. Hold on to that young core for the future bunch of fucking dumb asses.

  • These rooks look like children lol

  • 4:16 "Look at Tacko legs bruh"

  • ☘☘☘☘

  • Fun video :) again LOVE the peak behind the curtain for the draft picks and how they are getting coached and felt going into and thru summer. More of this ANYTIME please.

  • Celtics are going to be so good this year I definitely see them in the finals since Philadelphia in the bucks got worse and Celtics got better. That’s just a fact people. Celtics and Clippers in the finals two years in a row

    • Richard Shansky Horford was good and all but let’s not forget how many times he got babied in the paint. How many times he got out rebounded terribly. How many times he finished the games with under 6 rebounds. Truthfully, we needed a change and with this new team if everything goes right I could see us going really far in the playoffs. I can imagine getting that gritty celtics basketball we saw two seasons ago.

    • Philly took our all-star PF Horford. How did they not get better but Celtics did?

    • @Boston Chris Celtics got worse as well. Much worse than the bucks and Philly.

  • k

  • Ill be back soon