Losing Your Relatability

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
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  • This video is a great brakdown of a phenomenon amongst "newtuber" channels- something that in mainstream media has been referred to as "the kardashian effect," but feels like even more of a betrayal on youtube, which for years since its founding was "by (normal people) creators, for (normal people) creators." I've been watching scores of the Vidcon "featured creators" lately for research purposes and I'm just amazed and disgusted how many of the currently popular creators are just....attractive rich idiots pulling amateur pranks and complaining about minor inconveniences with horribly edited shakey cam and cheesy idiotic special effects sounds inserted at random? WHAT? HOW? WHY?

  • Relatability.....

  • Jenna Marbles? More like, she and her dogs belong in THE TRAAAAASH

  • It's easy to understand and accept that stupid and vain people like this exist, but what never ceases to amaze me is the sheer number of stupid and vain people that exist and watch and create this kind of crap without even thinking.

  • I havent actually laughed out loud in a while. And it's like you're not even trying. Like when you continue to use flusterating instead of frustrating 😂

  • And now we have Lilly Singh.

  • imagine you have a best friend and its a noose its calling for you but then you watch ace family videos and you say to the noose lets be together forever and live in endless luxury

  • H3H3 anyone

  • Bro

  • I thought i was watching Danny Gonzalez until the “house tour”

  • Bruh my family and I turned our garage into a living room and they're out here complaining about their mansion not having a few temporary trees and walking downstairs!

  • Dearra and ken are going in this direction

  • hey guy

  • Whats the deal with airplane food? I dont remember cause I have my own private jet

  • Just live in your house longer until it’s done problem solved 😎😎😤

  • What do you even need 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms for when you're a family of four?

  • 13:26 The sub button was above the video on the left for many years

  • Lol I actually built a house from scratch

  • eat the rich

  • ' hes not even a person anymore ' 💀

  • i think im gonna become a drew goodener.....

  • These fucking weird ass people

  • "No one builds their own home" People before machinery: Well shit, have I been doing it wrong?

  • "I am not having a shirt on" lmaoo

  • Really good chance the Aces are bankrupt in 5 years. The taxes the pay on all this stuff buy are going to be hard to pay when their fans get bored with their schtick

  • You should tell your viewers NOT to click on their videos, even if its to call them out because more views equals more money, through you calling them out you will inadvertently give these disgusting rich dickheads more money

  • People like those 2 fuckwits should't have any kind of success

  • Hey man! You're being very unfair to him by holding that dick lolly thing against him. I mean, if he DIDN'T buy it for that little girl she would have STOLEN it! How would you feel about that? That little girl who couldn't even reach it in the first place would have STOLEN it if he hadn't bought it for her. He was doing his part to keep our youth out of jail. We should applaud the man for buying that dick shaped lollipop for a child under 10 to keep her out of the prison system. He is such a hero!

  • Lemme tell ya boss, I work in precast construction as a welder. We legitimately calculate daily fuck ups into our bids on projects. We know we will lose about 50 grand in concrete a week, although we may save 50 grand in glass so profits even out. Fuck ups are absolutely expected and calculated due to the way the management works, shit, the shot caller for the project isn’t even on site 90% of the time

  • *_Angry Cops_** would like to know your location*

  • Wasn't the subscribe button yellow and above the videos back in like 2011 when Ray William Johnson and Smosh were the top subscribed channels? But still that was like... 8-10 years ago at least hahah

  • Drew with that Contortionist LP. Big man.

  • 5:10 is too real bro

  • why does the bridge of ur nose look flat?

  • Wait they have a house full of children and they got an infinity pool? Sounds safe

  • I feel so bad for those children. All the shady dumb shit their parents are doing is going to lead to a lot of issues for them later in life. I feel like they're either going to grow up to be entitled horrible people or extremely anxious from having a camera shoved in their face their whole life.

  • the youtube formula of "make money off of content --> get rich off of content --> make content about being rich --> get richer because you're rich" is just a reflection of how the world works at this point.

  • Where I’ve recorded *foot*age. Sorry I’ll go home

  • This is part of why the only stupidly wealthy person I watch content like that from is Jeffree Star. He doesn't do the fake humble shit, he's very straight up "I came from nothing, I worked my pretty little ass off for this, so hell yes I'm going to be a bourgeois ass bitch & live it up." But he also never forgets to thank his fans for their support & essentially, making it possible for him to do what he does.

  • I'm not materialistic. As long as I've got my health, and my millions of dollars, and my gold house, and my rocket car, I don't need anything else.

  • OH MY GOD WHATS HAPPENING TO THERE HOUSE! guys we dont have grass yet :C the fuc

  • Ellen does a great satirical standup routine making fun of this very phenomenon. It’s great. Super self aware.

  • >has home gym (presumably valuing excercise) >complains about walking far

  • Been working on building out a 4500sqft retail cannabis shop for the past year and a half... construction ALWAYS has delays

  • this is hands down my fav video of yours

  • A he didnt build his own house he paid someone too at most 2 his kind are a dime a dozen they are fake as fuck 3 having been a construction worker for awhile customers always complain but usually leave out the part where they told you to lay that tile but then changed it after because they didnt like it and they are complaining like a couple of snobby bitches 🤷‍♂️

  • What kind of mindless sheep watches those kinds of content?

  • wouldnt it be better to use stairs to go between the bedroom and gym? Exercise XD

  • what the FUCK is it with youtubers editing out EVERY PAUSE IN THEIR SPEECH?

  • 11:16 I think he mean “design” his own home. There is no way he is doing all of that with his own hands. My dad built or home and designed it thank you very much. That one really rubbed me the wrong way.

  • Ace dad: nobody uNdErStanDs how haRD it is to bUiLd your oWn hoUse. Me: excuse me, do you know how hard it is to build with pixelated blocks on a video game? Jeez... You flustrate me too much..

  • "you haven't built your own house." Me: excuse me, you kNoW I play Minecraft, I build my hOuSe

  • i disagree with the kanye point, Kanye still makes good music, His production on daytona 2018 KSG 2018 Ye was a good album although not a good album still has musical magic within it

  • I love this video, make a video on the labrant fam. My sis watches them and I hate them

    • Aiden Tingey I’ve never heard of them but I’m intrigued on how they are compared to other family channels. Edit: Oh never mind. They were on the trending page a little while back cause of the pregnancy. I just didn’t know that was their name.

  • The contortionist!!!

  • #flustrated

  • Lol at anyone deserving 950 million dollars

  • My house didn’t even have a window in my room when we moved in :/

  • Am I the only one who didn't have sound on this video?