Losing Your Relatability

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
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  • I love it when your forehead goes from nice and smooth to having many lines on it, that’s the best part of every video

  • I came for the content...I stayed for the content and his good looks

  • I always come for those lips of yours.

  • Drew talking about Kanye West: "He's not even a person anymore" Me: "No, he's a gay fish"

  • watch their next mansion is gonna be the size of the galleria

  • drew and i are wearing the same shirt

  • Soooooo much whhhhiiiitttteeeee

  • Housee tour is sooo good thats like so expensive that cost more than my rent OH GOD *flashbacks to lil tay*

  • *Flustrating*

  • So rich and yet they can’t put batteries in their smoke detectors. Just hire someone 🙄😂

  • Hes pointing at the search bar secretly telling you too go look at something else because he secretly hates the videos too

  • Shane dawson, Graveyard Girl, Jenna Marbles, those are some of the rich youtubers who still make content and didn't flex


  • Jenna is so sweet and pure.

  • PewDiePie is an example of not flexing wealth. Dude still films in basics a (nice) closet. And his vlogs of vacations with Marzia are very chill with no flexing.

  • Rich people are disgusting.

  • Seriously getting content cop vibes from this and I’m loving it. Because you’re less psychotic and give off less cho-mo vibes than idubbbz.

  • Your video is so relatable, Danny

  • my family built our house, we’ve been living here for 6 months and we still don’t have our flooring down lmao

  • thank you for giving jenna some recognition!!! i completely agree she’s so real and relatable even after she gained wealth and fame.

  • 11 bedrooms, 11 baths. Meanwhile, Im here hoping Im able to afford a 1000 sq ft house after I graduate college.

  • big houses are always haunted

  • How are they affording that lifestyle? I really hope they’re Wallstreet bankers or drug lords or war merchants or bank robbers because it would be the most depressing if bragging on YT was capable of sustaining that lifestyle.

  • I think another great example of wealth not changing content is Markiplier. I’ve been watching him for years and it’s nice to see that his success hasn’t changed who he is as a person. You can see in the background of his non-gaming videos that he clearly lives in a big, beautiful home, but he never flaunts it. He’s said before that he’s aware he lives comfortably and that he knows he wouldn’t have that without his viewers, he genuinely seems like such a nice guy. Also, props to him because literally ever other gaming channel on the platform has been doing Minecraft videos and Mark’s just out here with his tactical shovels and his sour patch kids.

  • The house i live in my parents built 😂😂😭

  • Rich people really flustrate me It’s not a hard word to say my guy

  • he convinced me to sub to the vpn with the netflix thing

  • Drew, you're already wrong about Seinfeld with your "I bet he does this" thing. When he rides his bike around NY. That's his usual transportation.

  • I could never live in a mansion cuz cleaning it would make me pass out. Plus a dog who sheds 24/7 would make it fluffy hair hell.

    • If you have a mansion you'll probably be able to pay someone to clean it

  • Oh damn didn't know drew was a prog metal band

  • You’re working out and can’t be bothered with stairs ... what?! 😂

  • What do you even DO with 11 rooms and why does each one need it's own bathroom? You ha e, what, the parents room, 2 rooms for the kids (except I read they SHARE A ROOM? why???), and now we know they have a fitness room. So like, what do you do with the other 8 rooms? Is each one dedicated to a specific hobby? Maybe like 1 is a media room, but then what? 7 more rooms to fill! I just don't get it at all.

  • I think you should watch the Ace Family’s “no budget challenge” videos. Or any of those videos for that matter. There’s literally an entire genre of videos for this challenge if you type it in the search box. It called me poor in 18 different languages

  • For-profit family vlogging should get you automatically investigated by CPS if your offspring/cast are under 12 years old. And they at least better be meeting union child-actor standards, with mandatory break hours and a tutor ('cause you know the vlogging parents aren't going to be smart enough to homeschool their brood.)

  • Correct me if im wrong , but I'm pretty sure old youtube the subscribe button was at the top? 🤔 😂😂😂

  • Funny my grandpa DID our own family house with the help of my mom lol Pd: it was a summer house for all the family that is kinda huge I don’t even know most of them, and now we sold it lol

  • VPN - virtual pant network

  • I feel so bad for them!!! I’m TOTALLY going and buying their merch right now

  • Hey look it’s Danny Gonzalez

  • No one deserves 950mil. Thats more money than anyone could spend in a lifetime and would change the lives of so many people. No point in hoarding it.

  • 11:45 there’s an ARMY in the top left corner

  • 7:37 well the thing is I do have a pretty decent sized gym in my house so 🌚

  • when they complained about the landscaping...i felt that😪

  • Kanye west is beautiful now

  • My grandpa built a whole house and my grandma grandpa dad and uncle had to camp outside the house because they lived in a whole different city

  • I have legit never heard of the ace family

  • Subbed after this vid :)

  • caption yr videos please

  • my family built our house out of an old barn bc we're poor but yeah, no one else on earth besides them really kNoWs wHaT iT's LiKe tO bUiLd tHeiR oWn hOmE

  • i was gonna go on a rant abt how jenna marbles is the best youtuber in the world but then i saw her comment and realized u did that already

  • The house looks super sterile and sad... I'm a small town kid so I'd prefer a cozy flat any day.

  • I begrudgingly watch all you ads, even though I hate ads. You do them so well

  • I feel like they are going to waste all their money by doing stuff like this. Like, why would you waste so much money for something that's way too huge for a family of 4 or 5.

  • my guy, the sub button was above the video long time ago... but i doubt that ace dude knows that

  • hey gay

  • That is some flustrating news, just constant flustration.....

  • There house tour is an HOUR LONG

  • What is with rich people buying giant blank white echo-ey houses that’s so fucking boring

  • I was wondering how they got 17 million subs up until 9:08, then it all made sense...

  • You'd prolly be like No shit Drew that's how the internet works...classic