Losing the Battle

Pubblicato il 25 lug 2018
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We've had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but today is, without question, the saddest day in the history of the Theorist community. We've lost a friend and team member, Ronnie "Oni" Edwards. For those who don't know, Ronnie has worked on this channel longer than anyone, hosting his own show as well as editing a HUGE number of the videos you've watched. In six years of working together, he contributed so much to what The Game Theorists is today. His loss is one that comes after years of him bravely working to move beyond the trauma of his past, fighting an internal battle every day, a battle that eventually became too much for him. This video is to honor his memory and remind everyone out there who also struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts to reach out and keep talking because YOU ARE NOT ALONE...even when it feels like you are.
We'll miss you, Ronnie.
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  • How could this video get a dislike

  • Mat. Dont wprry he is a legend and he respawned un heaven :)

  • I'm so sorry Matt I'm sorry for loss 😓😓😓😓

  • le crys so sad

  • F

  • 😦😕😔😖😭😭

  • 5:12

  • why he cry :(

  • I just had a friend with suicidal thoughts, and I didn't know what to do or say...! Luckily, just talking with her and reminding her of how much she ment to me was enough for her to reconsider and seek help. But I feel deeply about this... And I know how hard it is, when suicide is not in your thoughts, how incredibly hard it is to understand how someone can get that low... But they can! And they should have a voice. Because their pain matters.

  • You can hear the sadness in his voice, om my lord.

  • Press F to pay respects for Ronnie

  • Rip

  • I can't believe that it's already been a year.... How time flies, huh?

  • Almost 2020, this still hurts me deep down. This made me be a fan of you guys at how genuine you felt for your dear friend, I may not have been a fan from back then, continue to rest in peace Ronnie. Depression is something I deal with but I promised myself to NEVER let it control my life. I will live my life to the fullest and will take the people who feel the same as I did and take them in my embrace. Mat is right, your not alone. There are people like me out there who will be out there for you to be embraced by. Remember, your life is precious. Stay alive for not just your loved ones, but for you to see the brightness soon.

  • I’m so sorry matpat

  • I am so sorry for your lost I am In depression I want to die and this makes me feel sorry for you we well always remember him

  • im so sorry about ur loss 1 year later becuase i have tried at leats five times including, overdosoing, drowning, i even stabbed my self with a box cutter, and i cary those scars for the rest of my life

  • a moment of silens to ronni.................................this must have been dificult to make);

  • Sorry dude. I'm still mad at you for some things you said in some of your FNAF theories.

  • You will be remembered in all our hearts Ronnie

  • A year later and this video still hurts me. I was just in my basement and sat a new gt video and was so excited. I saw the title and guessed it was just about some game. I saw the first bit of it and new what happened.

  • 25k dislikes. I’ve really never been more disappointed in IT-tvs before.

  • Ronnie is in the sky now it was 1 year ago hey Ronnie if your watching we love you west in peace.

  • Imagine getting fined for making a video about losing a great person. Wow, thanks IT-tvs and COPPA. RIP Ronnie. You were such a good help and a great person.

  • He is in a better place now Rest in peace Ronnie

  • this is just...sad not kidding i am crying right now ;-;

  • “The thing that never could and never will change, is love. Love holds the dearest amongst our hearts. It’s what thrives us to get off the bed, to do something. Love, care is the strongest thing in the world. Not any evil can beat it.” It’s been over a year. Still in our hearts Ronnie, we miss you, and we won’t ever forget.

  • At this point there's no goddamn excuse WHO THE F DISLIKES A VIDEO LIKE THIS

  • It’s been a year later, and it’s been a bit of a year for everyone involved on your guy’s channel. I know, though, Ronnie is remembered through this channel. I don’t believe in the afterlife, but I believe in impacting lives. Even now, you can see the impact he has left in Matt’s world. And he’s just the main voice. Who knows what’s been left on his family and friends? Ronnie will be remembered in both a personal and artistic life. Matt. Thank you for making this video. There are so many people who needed this message. And you took a friend’s death and reached out to help others. Thank you. Even now, I’m sure the whole team grieves. But you’ve changed so many people’s lives - including Ronnie’s without a doubt. Thank you to everyone who helped with this man’s life, and used it to help others.

  • is this rell???????????????????? sad tho

  • Sorry for your loss but personally I think Ronnie isn't dead God just needed an animator

  • Is nobody gonna talk about why he chose the day of fireworks for suicide?yes i know im late Just me?ok then

  • R.I.P Ronnie we will all miss you, mat I’m sorry for the friend you lost

  • F 😢

  • I honestly dont know what to say, i relate to everything he talks about him. i dont know what to do, because he commited suicide, and i feel like i am just like him, and suicide is getting bigger and bigger, and honestly i'm scared, anybody please reply.

    • Wh1te Not much I can do but take things one day at a time and celebrate the little victories. There are people who support you and will be there for you. It’s not easy but try opening up. There might be someone who’s waiting to help you.

  • I’m so sorry for your guys and everyone’s loss.. I know how it is I lost my brother in law almost 4 years ago now and it’s still hard but your message in this video really hits home! You are NEVER alone! Much love man!!

  • The 25k people who disliked this video either don’t understand- this. That or they dislike every video they watch, wether it makes them sad, angry, happy, or amused. *It’s just not right.*

  • I have learned from you.

  • 24,000 people teared up so much they accidentally pressed the dislike button. The other 1,000 are Satan.

  • Who ever dislikes this video is a horrible person