Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | October 17, 2019 | FreeDawkins

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2019
NBA PreSeason | Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | October 17, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • Wow your editing is so good man. The fact you don't cut off the commentators and keep their dialogue even when the play has moved on makes it so smooth. Excellent work, big thumbs up!

    • "YOUR".

    • I know!! I was like...”how is he doing that?”

    • i was appreciating that same thing during the video, really smooth.

    • Really good thing. Not everyone notices it, but it makes such a difference if it's not done.

    • Only guy that does it

  • yoo this mavs team doe..

  • Time to thrashtalk the Clipper haters. Lol

  • Boban BOOOM!!!

  • Y is kawai doesnt use his mj/kobe moves?

  • Relax peeps, this is pre-season

  • kawhi should rest more

  • My clippers should had won real tlk no way they shoulda won hell no

  • Leonard was never a team player, and the LAC is going to be a team of losers like the LAL.

  • i wanna see raps vs clippers hahahahahahhhah

  • haha Kawhi gonna miss the Raps😂😂😂.

  • This season is gonna be insane. This is probably the most balanced, talent-filled season I'm going to witness.

  • Pg: barea Sg: hardaway jr. Sf:doncic Pf:porzingis C: marjanovic.... 💪💪💪💪

  • Porzingis and boban in the rim the 7 footers would be scary...

  • Clippers weak

  • The Mavs are a formidable team, but the Clips will win it all this year.

  • I’ve said it a number of times on this channel now, the Clippers are too undersized. The only bigs they literally have is Harrell and Zubac. The problem is, Zubac is incredibly soft. His offensive game has somewhat improved, but he has no defense whatsoever. I realize this is preseason, but every big that’s come up against him embarrasses him on that side of the floor. As for Harrell, he’s only 6’8”. Even when Paul George eventually returns, the Clippers will have some mismatches. The only team that doesn’t need a couple of bigs for defense and boards are the Warriors due to the splash brothers. When you have hands down the best two shooters in the NBA (both top 5 all time) in Curry and Thompson, rebounds and defense doesn’t matter as much.

  • We know, luka and the unicirn are good but the factor here is hardaway jr. I think he is gonna be a huge factor the overlooked guy.

  • 10:46 now that was classy

  • porzingis luka 💯💯

  • They're both my favorite teams I dont't know who to root for

  • Y’all still pushing that kawhi the best player narrative?

  • 2011 dallas ?

  • The NYK and the Lakers are the poster boys for giving up too early on great talent, selling it for 50 cent on the dollar and then these players develop and come back to haunt them. And they never seem to learn. Oh yes, overpaying for washed up players... they are good at that too.

  • Its good to be a Mavs fan again

  • KP is a Monster !!!

  • Boban and KP in the court at the same time LOL

  • dont sleep on dallace this time

  • Dawkings, you have the best highlights. You show nice actions even without basket at the and as well. On short - you have a feel !

  • Dam that's a tall front line, twin towers again but with a Luka.... Fun games to watch for sure

  • Great editing sir.

  • The clippers are gonna win it all. Lol if they had a genie in a lamp. Good luck with that.

  • I remember when KP got drafted by the knicks. People were furious, and now people are furious that hes not on their team. He looks healthy, he will be in the running for MVP if doncic isnt. People are saying playoffs? I'm saying deeper than just getting the seed. They look good enough to beat anyone. 👍💪

  • Donciç is the next dirk Nowitski

  • Most friendly rolls I've ever seen in one game.

  • khawi is a great defender and best manghihilot in the city.. khawi is the brother of tining live in baybay city leyte

  • Ano kawhi ypu lose men..think you are best no men..you lucky win against warriors

  • So we just gonna act like KP didnt yam on 3 dudes at once?! Let's go!!! MFFL

  • Kahwi the said better than lebron cant carry his team and eaten alive by a non playoff team.

  • Shout out to delon wright

  • Donçiç&POrzingins

  • What an outside shooting a lot of sharp shooter of this team..maybe the next champion if they all stay healthy

  • Why did LeBron James cross the road? Because he was safety-pinned to a donkey.

  • Terrance Mann is a bitch

  • Porzingis is a god

  • I'm a Dallas fan but now I'm here for Boban

  • The game has no defense nowadays!

  • Luka!

  • Luka

  • You see the mavs when on healthy condition. .there nothing you can stop KRISTOP

  • Mavs is the taller version of the GSW

  • Loss to Dallas? Uh-oh...

  • Clippers being the Clippers

  • torronto is better than clippers.

  • Pa li za

  • I gotta say it... bahahaha 😂. I know it’s the first but what happened. 🤷‍♂️

  • The Raptors be looking at Kahwi like... what it do babyyyyyyyy

  • Everytime porzingis goes down it gives me a mini heart attack

  • 8:40 “We want Grizzlies” NBA, listen to Vancouver, give us our team back!

  • Kung kay kobe 2 gantong kaluwag na bantayan finish 2 agd