Lord Jamar and Vlad on the Kardashians Monetizing Their Kids (Part 25)

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
part 26: it-tvs.com/tv/video-V3bNMfOksk8.html
Part 24: it-tvs.com/tv/video-95Jac-1z16I.html
Part 1: it-tvs.com/tv/video-e7-zu5JJigI.html
In this clip, Lord Jamar and Vlad's conversation centered on the ideal situation or conditions to have a child. This led to a discussion about marriage, legal or otherwise, and the difference between raising a child together versus co-parenting. They also bring the Kardashians into the discussion as a case study of sorts.


  • Khloe was actually married...to Lamar but no kids Kendall don’t have kids

  • There Last name is the only card they can play

  • They probably decided not to get married bc all that money...

  • Damn Vlad sound like he wanted Kylie to get an abortion

  • 4:40 why does Vlad bring up the dude bein an alcoholic and then says it was hard then start talkin bout blacc dads

  • Sounds like Vlad is judging the Kardashians for having babies and no husbands lol am I wrong?

  • you can tell vlad doesnt get none if he dont understand having babies out of wedlock

  • Is this nigga Lord Jamal VLads co/host? Lol

  • "tiger" lol.

  • We see what "keeping it together" looks like. 😂.

  • 25 parts? Bruh I just unsubscribed. Your pathetic.

  • Lord jamar doesnt care about this bullshit

  • This is Kim’s 3rd or 4th marriage. She just happened to have children with Kanye which is a high chance one their children will have a mental illness passed down from Kanye genes 🧬

  • Vlad keep chatting ppl biz MFG

  • Lord Jamar. Please don't talk about this wack ass topic.

  • People still watch vlad 😂

  • Vlad none of that marriage shit matters because they are RICH!!

  • who the fuck cares!? the onLy thinking i ever do about the kardashian’s is fuckin em. i don’t give a shit what they do because i’m not a 16 year oLd girL

  • “she’s the onLy one with kids with a white guy” VLAD - “i don’t think that matters” sure making it sound Like it does vLad. aLL these unwed white women with bLack men oh no! asshoLe

  • I think vlad running out of content y’all...

  • Vlad giving his parental advice again lol..

  • When he took his hat off, I thought he was karlous Miller

  • He’ll get through it 😓...😆

  • Yo the Kardashian’s are smart AF they’re like 20 years ahead of us.

  • kardashians are honorary niggas by now! lol. this russian vladdy is obsessed with blacks, kardashians profit from niggas! lmao

  • Reality tv show spin-off Real Husbands Of The Kardashians

  • ????

  • Straight dysfunction.

  • Vlad: So!....... You're uncircumcised?

  • I wish ppl stop saying Kim owes Ray J. Like lots of girls make a flick and got known for it. Lots of girls bounce from one cleb to the next and don't make millions. Kim did a lot more to make her millions and don't owe ray j or any other man a damn thing for it. Besides If you see the tape it ain't all that to be talking about she owe him. He played himself.

  • Part 25 DAMN!

  • Lord Jamar stupid as hell lol...😂😂😂😅😅😆😆

  • Lmaoo yo it started gettin hot in there when jamar took the fitted off 😂

  • Kim monetized her PUSSY

  • What the fuck he talking bout

  • I believe white men should marry white women! Fuck what you think vlad!! Sometimes he say shit and forget he’s white...

  • How many people on here have had sex without being married? So why is it so bad for Kylie to keep her kid?at least she can provide for it..Those people are living their lives people should just stop hating.

  • People don't like them,but keep their names in your mouth..She's also a billionaire.

  • What is this dude a celebrity critic..sit around talking about people all the time.Get a life..The Kardashians took what they had looks,and sex to create generational wealth..instead of hating learn something. I respect them..If I could make my entire family rich by sexing my girl on tape consider it done.

  • That jacket is amazing.