Lonzo Ball hasn’t proven his worth, yet - Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
Jorge Sedano, Nick Friedell and Scottie Pippen react to a clip from "Ball in the Family," in which LaVar Ball calls out his oldest son, New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball, over Lonzo's pitch to change the Big Baller Brand name.
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  • But thats what his dad should have said. The question isn't whether his dads opinion was right or wrong. As a man I should be able to seek advice from anyone I want.

  • Scottie who????????????

  • Steph Curry was injury prone when he first came in the league so their argument is pretty meritless.

  • Pippen speaking fax

  • If you saw the Lakers without him he proved his worth. He legit just needs to stay healthy.

  • Hes still young

  • Why are they still talking about this average player at best this dude wouldn't even be mentioned if it wasn't for his loud mouth dad

  • Steph was injured pretty often early, and he turned out more than alright. I understand that Lonzo is different from steph, but I feel like he can figure things out and make it in this league.

  • Lavar is a clown.

  • I don’t think that’a really true...Lakers were noticeably worse without his defense and playmaking on the floor...he had a high ceiling

  • Still lonzo's defence is better then Media's GOAT LeBron 😂😂 ( I'm not Lonzo Fan please bitches stay away)🤐

  • I think Lonzo will become a good solid point guard in a couple of years.

  • Lamelo will be better than Lonzo

  • Is it just me or does scottie have some Morgan Freeman action going on with his voice?? 🧐

  • Lonzo needs to stay away from his dad for a couple of years!!

  • Very very very very very hot take: lonzo ball will be in all-nba discussions this year, MIP for sure, and maybe even MVP talks. He's a 6'7" guard who plays great perimeter defense, gets his teammates involved and can rebound well. Having 2 years in the pros and adjusting to the game speed and just how the game is played at this level, if this training staff in New Orleans can get his footwork down and and align his body more correctly on jump shots, he can be a good shooter. So if he becomes a good shooter, great defender, elite passer and a good rebounder as well, he could be looking at some accolades if his team has success too. I know that's a lot of "if's" but I believe that he can do it considering he's getting out of LA, he's getting another chance and he's getting away from Lavar

    • Never been a fan but after reading this i guess all eyes are on him and i hope some pressure is relieved after the trade and hope for talent to surface that new orleans court

  • My mans need to be his own man. I appreciate Lavar being a great father being their for his sons when they were children, but Lonzo grown now, I want my mans to flourish his own way

  • I think any normal person that thinks rational never though any rookie would be an elit allstar in first couple years of being in the nba unless you’re like shaq

  • I absolutely agree with this title statement.

  • Sad father Lavar... selfish dad throwing shades on his son like that!!!

  • Wow that dad is no joke.

  • He’s a disappointment. Scotty is right!..... he’s a joke!

  • No Bro, when ya Dad Calls you Out like That, it Really Hurts. I think his Dad Just Completely Shut his Game Down. In other Words, Lonzo Needs to just Ride out that Current Contract and afterwards, Switch Gears into another Field of Business. Remember, the Blessings always come, from The Dad, in the Game of Basketball, especially when it was the Dad, who Taught him most of what he Knows and it was his Dad, who got him to his Current, Place In the NBA.

  • Lonzo Ball is totally irrelevant. He has done absolutely nothing. NOLA is a great opportunity for him to prove what he hasn't already - that he can be a decent/possibly good NBA player. Needs to do this for 5 years before we can say whether he can be better than this. Based on what we've seen, I doubt it.

  • Obviously

  • They said it's not a shoe company, but if the man's shoes were literally falling apart during games that does affect a player's propensity to get injured.

  • luka proved himself in 1 year lol

  • True but ZO gon get his swagger back this season

  • Lavar hasn't had the reality check that his brand and his son have been straight flops.

  • Ballshit..jajaja

  • Lonzo won't be like Kobe or MJ but I see him being a Steve Nash/John Stockton type of player with a sprinkle of defense

  • Lonzo owns 60% of BBB Luke Walton and the Lakers trainer (LeBron and almost the whole rosterwas injured) held him back

  • Go play pro ball in some shaqs see if you last a full season leave bbb get on with Nike.

  • Payless need to drop the shaq attack 3’s and pick up big baller brand.

  • 40% FT proves a lot

  • Lonzo Ball is the truth, y'all talking about him not proving his worth but not A SINGLE MFr in the media talking about the guy that went before him!

  • Shoes are lookin trash..looks like a fuckin set of "starbury's" I bought once for $5 at Steve and Barry's back in the day

  • hard to prove yourself when you play in shoes that explode lol

  • This is what’s wrong with our generation of players. They become celebrities before they become good basketball players.

  • guy in the middle got a very douche bag and punchable face.

  • You were given an EXTRA INCH to your growth 👇Like to activate

  • Wow.... that Pelicans team is gonna be the laughing stock of the NBA. Hahaha.

  • Keep in mind he said. “ Yet”

  • It's easy to say someone hasn't proven their worth when your career is over and you had success..but how do we measure worth without hindsight?... Scotty has rings but Barkley doesn't .. So did Charles prove his worth? Or do we measure NBA success by some other stats ???????

  • Will Lonzo Ball ever realize his potential?

  • Let’s just admit Zo was over hyped

  • Lakers got robbed

  • He’s a bust... told people

  • There's a big difference between "he hasn't proven his worth yet" and "he hasn't proven his worth, yet"

  • Lonzo = trash

  • Alfonso the Big Baller Bust

  • BBB = Biggest Bust Baller

  • I said since the start of the season that Lonzo is trash. He's injury proned and was overrated from the very beginning. The BIGGEST flop in NBA history.

  • Lonzo will be an All Star...Right now I will say he is a very good defender, borderline elite defender as a point guard. Very Good at getting the rebound. High basketball IQ. He is an elite passer. He needs to get better at shooting from all the distances, including free throws. Be a little more aggresive as he was before he got injured last season. If he improves his shooting, he will be a 36 minute per game player, and have average statistics that looks like this 15 ppg 8-9 apg 6-7 rpg (playing around 36 minutes per game)....inmediately...Now his ceiling should be between 18-22 ppg, 10-12 apg, 7-8 rpg...and being an elite defender....

  • What a shame Lonzo left as Kidd came to LA!!

  • I don't see his shooting % improving enough to stay in the league and at his height he should be able to go to the rim and get better shots than just layups. He should be able to take pull up shots from 8-10 feet from the basket which he won’t take. He wants to pass the ball when statistically he should shoot.

  • They gotta get rid of BBB. the 2nd B stands for an undrafted bust.

  • Lonzo I feel like he’s gonna price people wrong within the 3 years or so. This is just like Steph Curry. Curry was injured a lot early on his career but when he got one full season he became the best point guard of all time. Not saying Lonzo will be on Curry’s level but I think Zo can be an all star for sure

  • because he is always a BUST!!!!!!

  • Lonzo ball is a benchwarmer at Best just like both of his brothers ! YOU dumbasses bought into all the hype !