Lizzo Twerks In Her THONG at NBA Game

Pubblicato il 9 dic 2019
Lizzo seemed to having the time of her life at Sunday night’s Laker game.
Lizzo at jingle ball courtesy: iHeartMedia
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  • 🤢 🤮

  • Isn't there a saying about putting lipstick on a pig?

  • Where's that thong hiding?? Same place as her talent I suspect. These young women aren't moving society forward, they lack class & smarts. They wonder why they are disrespected......KKK mentality.

  • Now that’s a yikes from me

  • She aint even got ass its j fat from her back and thighs

  • She can be confident and I’m happy she’s comfortable in her skin. But CHILDREN DONT WANT TO SEE THAT.

  • Tweety Bird said... I Tawt I Taw a Hippo? I did, I did Taw a Hippo!

  • let’s be honest though, if ariana or taylor did something like this they wouldnt receive nearly as much backlash. it would be interpreted as just dancing and having fun. when a larger black woman does it, it’s ‘trashy’. it’s a combination of the racist stereotype that black women are promiscuous and ‘ratchet’ and the expectation that larger women should be ashamed of their bodies

  • Trash

  • Wow..that was gross Lizzo!!Classy all the way

  • Its so beautiful to see honest people in the comment section here on youtube because instagram people are fake asf they kept and still hyping her up to do that shit smh

  • I came here from LIZZO memes, delete my eyes

  • Round body + square butt= equals lizzo square pants perfect for kids viewing

  • Absolutely disgusting, there were children at that game that didn’t need to see that profanity. Lizzo is using her body and the “fat acceptance” for narcissism. That is disgusting, don’t reply to this comment saying I’m hating on fat people, I’m not. I’m hating on the fact Lizzo is flashing the audience and not getting banned from the game. Again, you shouldn’t be sticking up for Lizzo, she probably scarred a few children just saying.

  • She's young, excited, and having fun. She didn't hurt anyone. Live your life to the fullest because it's over before you know it!

  • Gross

  • She is a nutcase for sure.

  • Nothing wrong with having some confidence true but still dont have the right to show your ass its kids im not a hater just saying there were kids sorry dont wanna be rude

  • Everyone's talking about the children but adults don't want to see that either.

  • It’s not healthy.

  • You can "embrace your body" with your clothes on

  • she really can twerk

  • I love it! Lizzo fan over here.

  • Lizzo is just a insecure disgusting creature. Also body positive movement is just bullshit. It's nothing more than a political apparatus to force men to accept low caliber women. Have you noticed that men who women throw themselves at don't look like their body positive female counterparts feminists are constantly shoving down men's throats?

  • That's not a lizzo it's a hippo.

  • Rikishi

  • Wouldn't this fall under public indecent exposure since there were children present at the game🤔

  • That is one DISGUSTING SUPERPIG...

  • Nothing can be in good taste or subtle. Less is more. G fab is not fab. Trash.

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • It’s okay because her ass is repulsive

  • Every time I hear her music I think of ass crack all over the place. NOTE to yourself - you Can be big and beautiful without being big & disgusting/nasty!

  • Disgusting. Inappropriate. Thirsty. Ignorant. Sickening. Wrong. Did I mention disgusting! Belongs in a strip club not at a game. I want someone to give me 5 positive words that makes this right... Anyone?

  • Ion care,Lizzi can still get it😍🤣

  • 🤮

  • Uuhhh, don't think this was really "her" :/

  • Gosh shes so beautiful look at her face and feature beautiful, that was extra the thong thing at least she should hve worn shorts ,her friend should hve told thats not taseful and her attitude its nice to be excited and happy not so loud.

  • How did they not tell her to go home???

  • Someone tame this beast 🤦‍♂️

  • "that's my baby"

  • Nobody wants to see that

  • Why you guys always talking about her weight stop hatin

  • Gross and trashy... Barf

  • so nobody gonna address the elephant in the room ?

  • I'd be fine with it if she had a nice phat ass... Its just flat and bumpy tho

  • Can't wait for her heart attack

  • How many famous celebrities, musicians and athletes are with BBW OR BBM? Everyone's all in support for BBW / BBM and body positivity but who's truly invested and walk the walk?

  • Disgusting

  • The whole stadium was prolly shakin

  • So gross.

  • gronk. probably a putrid police informant. get off the radio with your poison.

  • What a pig

  • Beyond disgusting.

  • I can’t believe she did that. Smh

  • SHE HAS TOOMuch Body Positivity. No one would ask for that.

  • She should of been arrested for doing that in front of children. California truly is a evil liberal place.

  • Do it in a night club = Confidence, you're doing your own thing. Appreciated. Doing it in public, in front of kids = Vulgar, trashy, stupid.

  • There is nothing wrong with her body, is the things she does whit it . I find it really gross and inappropriate , I’m speaking for me tho don’t get it wrong

  • Nasty!!!