Lizzo - Truth Hurts (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 25 set 2017
The official video of "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo.
Listen to Lizzo’s new album ‘Cuz I Love You’ out now!
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Born in Houston and raised in Detroit, Lizzo adopted her moniker in 2011 and fronted Lizzo & the Larva Ink after moving to Minneapolis. Her work began to intertwine with the city's indie scene, allowing her to work with artists like Gayngs and Doomtree.
Since then, Lizzo has collaborated with a variety of creatives--Clean Bandit, Bastille, and Big Freedia, to name a few--and was named one of Forbes Magazine's 2018 "30 Under 30". Her top singles "Good As Hell" and "Truth Hurts" have gained over 34.5 million Spotify streams combined. In addition to headlining her own Good As Hell tour in 2017, Lizzo joined Haim on the Sister Sister Sister tour in 2018.
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  • She fat...

  • no 1

  • Should’ve used these lyrics instead “Turns out i 100% type 1 diabetes”

  • Coldest Line Of 2017: I Just Took A Dna Turns Out Im 100% That Bitch

  • she has an extremely different way to sing and I love it

  • Why so many comments on her weight? It's none of your business. If you don't like it, don't look...and obviously don't seek out the video on IT-tvs.

  • Comes out it 2017 and still fye

  • #skol

  • Once I get the confidence that Lizzo has its over for y’all.

  • 2:11 is me the whole song.... Just bopping along 😂

  • I walked into a gas station and saw the cashier singing and jamming to this song, 2days later i finally found it.

  • She's beautiful but this song is over played and I'm over it... 😐

  • Potential new edit makers anthen

  • Another Transgender...fat dude in make up. Sad world we live in

  • Lol literally my life right now

  • I just took a dna test turns out ima 100% A CHEESESTICK

  • This song is so stupid and people are jumping on the bandwagon with this song it could’ve blown up years ago but didn’t smh

  • I thought that was Spice Adams

  • Hard to explain how terrible this song is.

  • I hate this song.

  • This bitch is waaaaaay too fat to be acting like such a "bad bitch". I like thick girls and bbw but she fat fat foreal. Needa put some more clothes on

  • I think she ment to say "I'm 100% a fat bitch" this song would make sense if she was hot

  • Oh good, glad to see raspucia got back on her very big feet after norbit

  • I shall never eat tide pods again

  • finally found it


  • 0:25 when my girl breaks up with me

  • Am I the only one who thimks this song sound like the mannequin challenge song?

  • We know Future for sure doesn’t like this song Fat bitches 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Top 10 Finalist and Fan Favorite Catie Turner from American Idol season 16 loves doing cover songs of her favorite artists and giving them a completely different vibe. Now she has made a cover of one of her favorite artist Lizzo Hope you like it Truth Hurts by Catie Turner

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  • Love 🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Had to come back after the monstrosity of kidz bop

  • Me and my aunt loves you

  • Dieses Lied is doch zum kotzen. Das nervigste aller Zeiten und die alte dazu 🤦🏼‍♀️ schafft diese Werbung mit dem Lied ab da bekomm ich 800 puls

  • Remind me of Uzi & Britney lmao @.57 seconds

  • Why is love spell lov3 the E is backward am ok

  • I think lizzo is sexy!!

  • Like if Lizzo is a queen

  • THIS SONG SOUNDS LIKE ONE FROM BLACK BEETLES 😱 Took me an hour to figure this out. More mind exploded than disappointed.

  • I just came here because I'm a delivery driver and wanted to get to know my enemy better.

  • this song is perfect 4 after a break-up... love u lizzo

  • I love your video

  • Number one song in America wow

  • Now everybody's talking about it

  • This song really really sucks people shouldn't sing if they know that they can't sing and they should find a different Talent

  • Two years ago I thought "shut up" was a bad word... now look at me saying every word of the song

  • I Love you.I a girl

  • Two years ago and I’m just listening to it 😭😂❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Everybody like how come I'm just know hearing of this song and I'm just like ice been a fan of lizxo for years now

  • This song is dukie

  • This song came out 2 years ago and it’s still on my radio PLEASE PLAY SOMETHING ELSE

  • Why am still hearing this in my radio!!

  • 2:11 the face you make when you see you ex at the club with random hoe

  • Yasssssssd

  • Love her ❤

  • Just found this shit, not terrible...

  • Only thing holding this fat bitch down is diabetes

  • Fuck the Vikings ! #GoPackGo

  • Same man same