Live PD: Teens Steal a Bulldozer (Season 3) | A&E

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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Officers chase down a group of kids who stole a bulldozer and caused damage, in this clip from "8.3.19". #LivePD
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  • Worst spicoli ever.

  • How do I know it’s those kids

  • They all Mexican they will all get the BELT or la CHANCLA for sure. Worse than jail

  • This juveniles are practicing to be enrolled in the democratic party and become politicians

  • We didn't do any damage. We were just driving the bulldozer because the keys were in it. DUMB DUMB DUMB. 🙄

  • But, but I want to see the parents when they go collect their sons!

  • "Their all Hispanic". Oh really? Duh.

  • They didn’t really steal it they literally just drove it

  • Idiots

  • Reminds me of something me and my mates did a couple years ago ahah

  • Me and the boys hanging out

  • Bobcat is NOT a Dozer. 😂

  • Hey, it's fun to push dirt around!

  • Hey this happened in my city but with a crazy crack head who thought he was killing zombies 😂

  • Bmx life

  • Ok so is it a doze or a bobcat?! A pretty sure bobcat doesnt make a dozer.

  • "We're responding to a call about a stolen bulldozer, driving through a target parking lot, crashing into walls." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • A "bulldozer"... It's a skid steer! World of difference between the two...

  • like, like, like, like. This new generation seem to _"like"_ that word.

  • Guys he hasn't been able to do tricks. You gotta understand. His tricks he lost them ever since he hurt his ankle. His tricks you guys

  • I wish I would have stolen bulldozer in smash my school. But when I was younger.

  • Like.

  • Those Mexicans parents will pay for the wall

  • For what its worth, dude has a nice bike. S&M....sweet.

  • I remember the worst thing I ever done was last year when I was 14, me and my friend was roaming and found a tractor in someones farm with the key, we didn't turn it on or anything but I thought it would be funny to chuck the key somewhere.

  • That 18 year old just ruined his life. No traveling out of the country. No security clearance , and limited job.options

    • Dan Field yup felony at 18 really sucks. My dumbass 18 year old self did something similar.

  • fools... a Bobcat is not a bulldozer... that's like calling a tricycle a Harley...

  • Kids are still playing GTA: San Andreas? Mind blown.

  • This kid thought the cops would think it was just as cool as him and his friends did

  • "steal" come on they just joyriding.

  • This 18 yro a snitch fr

  • yo, salinas is BEAUTIFUL though!!

  • Some of these kids these days have no common sense whatsoever

  • Some clean bmx bikes

  • These kids are soft. In my day, there ain't no way we were stopping.

  • shame young criminales

  • a ticket for vehicle theft? What are you smoking?

  • Why was he hanging out with Minors he's 18 & they was 15th smh bad role model smh! I bet hes re thinking in the Jail🤣

  • Kids can do anything with almost no repercussions it seems

  • Who left this bulldozer left for anyone to take over? Be it a key or to be hit wired.

  • I always thought the best punishment when a teenager has been caught damaging a property/vehicle etc. is to take them to a construction site/factory, and let them work until they learn and realise how much labor and effort it takes to build something. I believe that when they have spent their own time and energy building something, a big part of them would think twice before damaging property again. In short - show them and teach them how hard work is, rather than just inprison them and make their parents pay the bills.

  • everyone in the comments r party poopers

  • Bro your 15 wearing a 600+ hoodie go play a videogame or something.

  • Man at 18 I was stupid but I wasn't "joyride with a bulldozer" stupid.

  • First it’s a bulldozer then it’s a bobcat, which was it? Lol there’s a big difference between the two

  • 18 year old toddler

  • I thought it said bull dog 😂

  • 18 and dumb as a rock, now this genius will potentially have a felony but in a liberal state he will not serve any time.

  • Sounds like a teen. I have stress in my life, i can't ride my bike like i used to, so i stole a huge dangerous machine, and risked everyone around me, you know, because it's all about me.

  • When I first saw the thumbnail it was cut off and it looked like it said steals bulldog lol I was like wtf what kinda person would steal someone else’s pet

  • I hate how he says juveniles

  • i stg the USA needs a YCJA like canada has

  • Hopefully those adults are arrested for life

  • All that and no shots of the damage?

  • It sounds like someone's mother yelling in the background at 3:52.

  • Apparently he rode the bike by the school but never to school. Enough said.

  • I feel like this kid really needs a father figure

  • Why do teen boys have some "stupid" chip in their brains that make them do dumb things? And why do some kids hang with stupid kids when they know they're stupid? Don't people have common sense?

  • Disappointed that I didn’t get to see a high speed chase between a bulldozer and cop car