Live PD: Best of Slidell, Louisiana Police Department | A&E

Pubblicato il 11 ott 2019
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The best moments from Slidell, Louisiana, including police breaking up a bar fight and a thief shoplifting at a pharmacy. #LivePD
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  • Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

    • A&E why they do Mike Epps like that ?

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    • Pathetic reuploads shows trash.

    • Yeah,it's alright.. Sorry,no.can do..that's the same day I take Mr Scruffington to get groomed...

    • First dude probably had a lb of weed in the car and got blessed

  • 9:42 bruh

  • Video starts and cops are already lying lmao. "He ran that red light, good thing I was watching or we would've crashed" (video starts hes probably 15 car lengths behind the next car)

  • 2:50 bet you 50 bucks he organized that hit. He wasnt lying about his friends you cant see. xd He sneaky. Bet you he got someone to pop rounds nearby.

  • First dude hadd me deadd

  • That man looks like demarcus cousins

  • Anyone else here from Slidell? 😂😂😂

  • Was that man really trying to get a deadbolt open with a pocket knife... lmao

  • OMG! i need to get my BA back in church. Wont he do it!

  • So the guy was playing beer pong and they let him drive away

  • Where are the southern accents

  • Why didn't the fire department just knock the hinge pins out? They are facing the outside....just ruined an expensive door.

  • The Lord set that man free.⚡

  • She gonna get fired for having the door damaged for no reason

  • -Uncooperative/trolling -Shots fired over the radio -Yes sir, no sir. You take it easy out there tonight -

  • God I couldn't be a police officer. I just don't have the patience to deal with these people and humor them while they try to take control of the situation.

  • The first guy in the beginning just imagine him and Kanye having a conversation 😂😂

  • Officer: when did you leave the Tabron ?” Man: “ not even 30 minutes ago, I was playing beer pong all night “ mans just incriminated himself

  • In America, you just need to kill a fly or wave your hand, and youre being detained. 😂😂😂 Is it possible not being detained? I dont think so.

  • Glad weed is legalized lol

  • Gang Gang

  • Maybe he was really Jesus.. Maybe he was just really lucky hahaha

  • I swear the guy with the firearm that hadnt been used he was drunk man they just let m off like that... gg to that guy wow

  • Less than 5 minutes...

  • Definitely stupid cops. They stop guy who has gun in holster on the door thinking he's involved in a shooting. Guy says he was at a bar all night playing beer pong, but hello he was playing beer pong all night and driving ?? They should of given him a breathalyzer test at least for admitting of drinking at a bar all night lol. Dumb cops.

  • The pot arrest at 11:24 is ridiculous. LA legalize it. Ruining somebody over a f'n joint. B**** @$$ cop!

  • Bobby Lashely at 12 minutes 30 seconds

  • "I was just about to do that"

  • everyone was drunk and they let them go

  • the only thing good about living in California is legal weed.

  • That's crazy "5 minutes you gonna let me go"

  • Los pollos 5:48 😂

  • That first guy isn't jesus It's Ned The Whino!

  • I like how the other cop AND the fire fighter asked where the key was, like the first cop didn't think of that lol.

  • Cuz I’m a gifty person*🤣😂💀

  • Bruh what is he on 😂😂 give me some hahajjaaj

  • Black people are funny

  • The thing they need to do is just act calm and give them no reason to want to search you

  • First dude was crazy, straight outa movie

  • Lmfaoooooooo dude was straight up having a Kanye moment!

  • The gas station lady was on drugs. No doubt

  • ShOTs FirED

  • That dude just made me question my atheism lol

  • They let a drunken man go thinking he was the Christ himself

  • Lol that first guy is a handful. “You know who i am” Officer: “who are you”

  • That first guy was on drugs

  • locked up for a joint..great work ..

  • The first guy was an Enemy stand user

  • Cop: 'You were at the tavern right?" Wrong guy: "Ya I was playing beer pong all night" Cop: "Alright you're free to go" Wrong guy: aLmOst fALLs bAcK InTo his cAr

  • Did I just see Slidell police just two DUIs go back home

  • They got pj tucker

  • I just recently discovered these types of videos on here. I’m hooked

  • Did they just let the beer pong guy stumble back into his car and drive away?

  • The first one looks like pj tucker

  • Stealing Extenze. Sir, sit down and re-evaluate your life. Please.

  • That dept needs to change ther tactics for taking a door, why cause 2k dollars in damage when a halligan and a k12 will dagamge the lock only. Which happens to be the objective.

  • In the last video the suspect was hiding In the garbage can

  • $2000 damage is not OK

  • If Method man and joe budden had a baby

  • 12:41😂😂