LITTLE KIDS NOWADAYS!! (Part 2) | Brent Rivera

Pubblicato il 29 giu 2019
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  • Thank youu for watching❤️ Who else agrees kids nowadays grow up way too fast?!😂

  • I'm 8 and I have a Samsung S galaxy 10 me 8 have tiktok and instragram I'm a youtuber

  • This is how many times they said 21

  • Nicolette has beautiful eyes...

  • Brent be like....we’re old. Lexi quickly agrees.🤣

  • Brent: Lexi u did nothing today Lexi: what😑🧐 Me: lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣😂 😂

  • I have a question how old are you Brent

  • I got three phones I’m a girl I just put my dad

  • Are dj and nickulet cousins

  • I would like Brent to be in my tik tok because he Is EPIC.

  • OMG 0.27 look at Lexis face! Hahahahaha

  • I’m in 3rd grade and I have a I phone

  • Omg you are sooo awesome

  • 2 GRADE WITH A PHONE?! I’m in 6 grade and don’t have a phone XD

  • My parents say i am to young to have a phone but here is the catch my my whole class has phone almost everyone has a phone like only like two people don't have a phone which is me and someone else and i am in 5 th grade -_-

  • I think all parents should give there kids phones like it doesn’t have to be smart phones it could be flip phones

  • I’m 13 and I don’t have a phone

  • I'm 10 and I have iPhone 11 pro

  • He doesn't look like your cousin

  • I am in 7th grade and I don't think I will get a phone for at least another five years!

  • I am 13 and I don’t even have a iPhone

  • I think lexis better tho

  • I think lexis better tho

  • Lexi only did like 5 Stuff

  • Hi this is Autumn and also you're so cute too

  • Hi my name is Autumn I'm always on my dad's phone you did a good job all three of you can you ask me out

  • Nicolette looks so much like lexi , they are literally sisters 💙

  • I have a phone and im in 2nd grade

  • I am 9 and I have a cellphone

  • Im 9 years old and I got a phone. And if I didn't have a phone I wouldn't be texting this.

  • I want yall to babysit eva

  • When i was 8 i played tag on my trampoline with my friends all day

  • I got mine when I was in Gr.k

  • I had my first iphone in 1st grade

  • Chuck’e Cheese is literally the best place on earth!

  • I am in first grade and I have a Samsung

  • At 3:59 look at the dogs face😂😂😂

  • Hold up how old is Nicolette?

  • I do none of these and I’m a child

  • I'm literally. Eating. Chipotle. Right now

  • I got a iPhone when I was4

  • I’m in second grade and I don’t get a phone. I get a phone when I’m graduating 5th grade. A phone is my present.

  • When I was 8, I was not even born

  • You Should Do A Part 2 And 3!!!!

  • I got my phone when I was in 4th grade and I was 5

  • Brant

  • Hi

  • My friend is in 5th grade and she has an iPhone 11 and airpods I want some to :(

  • I have a iPhone 📱 and I am barely 8

  • Kids have phones because people can be a holes

  • Brent don’t get know food hahaha

  • I am 10 and I am in 5th grade

  • I got a phone at 7 and I’m now 8!

  • Who would name thier child Dj

  • i now have iphone now if you don't now my grade is grade 1

  • Do a part 3

  • I love your channel Brent but DJI thinks he is so cool sorry

  • 8 year olds: On their iPhones Me when I was 8:*tries to se if the light inside the fridge goes out*

  • They say a generation is twenty years but there is a fine line from 2015 to now when i was 7 i played with my friends... In person ... and I talked to them. My phone i got in sixth grade it was a flip phone. My first smart phone i got at the end of ninth grade

  • I play games for 6 hours once I got grounded for that