LITTLE KIDS NOWADAYS!! (Part 2) | Brent Rivera

Pubblicato il 29 giu 2019
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  • Thank youu for watching❤️ Who else agrees kids nowadays grow up way too fast?!😂

  • How old is nick ale? Hi I love you ! ❤️😘

  • You’re really good

  • You guys are funny

  • I’m in 6th and my mom will not buy me a phone for 2 years

  • There kids are bad at everything

  • Rly I’m 8 and in 3 grade and I have a phone

  • Im 12 and i still like Chucky Cheese😂

  • M

  • I’m 7 years old and I have AirPods and a tablet and a iPhone

  • I love your video

  • How is he ur cousin

  • i agree

  • I have a iPhone and I’m only 9

  • T

  • Me as kid now: picking blackberries Kids in the future: riding hover boards withStarbucks and iPhone 11

  • Dj at 8:has an iPhone 8 Me at 8:didn’t even know what an iPhone was.

  • I am 13 and still don't have a phone of my own and i use my mom's phone

  • I wish you were my uncle

  • You are the best I would love you to babysit me

  • And I’m 7

  • I’m 2DN grade and I have a phone 📱

  • i am 14 and i don't have a phone yet

  • I am in second grade and I have a long a phone

  • When i was in kinder i already had iphone 3

  • I got a phone in 3rd

  • DJ at 8 years old:Iphone and chipotle Me at 8:Watching raindrops race and listening to the black eyed peas

  • Brent not even trying in that 1V1

  • Lol! *Lexi after baby sitting*What?!

  • Hi there can I please have a shoute out please I never got one in my life

  • No

  • My cousin Brittany didn’t get a phone until she was 18

  • I’m legit in 4th grade and I don’t even have a 3ds

  • little kids nowadays are soooooo different in many many ways

  • I had a phone since I was five and now I have a watch two phones and three computers...

  • I had a phone sense I was five...

  • I am not like them I play outside 247

  • I did not get a phone ontel i was i 4 grade

  • I got a phone when i was 5.You might not believe me but i did.Its because i had a iphone 5.Then i got a iphone 6 Now i have a iphone 7

  • Look at dog 359

  • Dj in second grade:has an iPhone Me in sixth grade:doesn’t even have a phone

  • I'm 9 years old and I'm using my mom's phone and I love playing outside!

  • I am laughing so hard

  • *Dj at 8: has a IPhone* *Me at 8: thought eating in the classroom with my teacher was the highest award*

  • Those fortnite dances are so annoying!!!!

  • DJ at 8: has iPhone Me at 8: quickly going to bed after light goes off.

  • Lexi's name should be flexi coz she is super flexible!

  • Dj: *eats chipotle* me: *spinning on a spinny chair*

  • I got a phone when I was 4

  • Wish I had rich cousins whose money I can spend

  • I dont like the new generation..I now know how my ancestors and stuff feel like. It's scary different.


  • 5:00 DJ is literally me. And a whole mood. 😂

  • My classmates have a phone and I do not my mom didn’t buy me one.

  • I had a phone when I was in first grade I got a new phone when I said second grade book by the boom boom I got a new phone and boom and I I'm 8🤑🤑🤑🤑 when I was when I was at 8 on my birthday hat $200 money money money🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


  • I am seven and I have a iPhone and I’m in second grade in Eglin Elementary school I’m moving to England soon

  • That’s totally true

  • I got a phone in first grade!

  • I got an iPod in 7th grade