Limp Bizkit - Sour

Pubblicato il 23 nov 2009
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Music video by Limp Bizkit performing Sour. (C) 1998 Interscope Records


  • Damn I can’t find the name of this gardener =/

  • La tóxica!!

  • Who's the chick??

  • If you can find a music video from this time that doesn't have forest green in every shot, inform me. This is a 1mil bounty mission

  • About as real as a three dollar bill is genuinely a fire bar. Change my mind.

  • The clothes my friends wore lol...

  • So sour It all became a hassle You were even living in my castle Just to use me And verbally abused me. I like the rap. That the best.

  • Fred with hair still, I always thought he was bald

  • We want the Version of Sour (Album Version (Explicit))

  • I miss these days😞😞😞😞

  • 0:23 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • 2019 saving the day

  • Fred without the cap is not Fred

  • That's my teenage years right there. Love this.

  • Band aids on hair is a lot of fun. Fuck my life

  • Best song on the Three Dollar Bill Y’all because it’s real asf.

  • Thanks for the _taste_

  • Can I just 8474822 more tracks like this, kthxbi

  • BR

  • 2019? this is my favorite Limp Bizkit track

  • Wow forgot how much I love this song

  • No ano em que nasci :0

  • 2019 baby..

  • Thanks for that taste!

  • God bless skillet FUCKIN ROCK!

  • Deixa ir fodas3

  • this chick is hot

  • 22 years.. and still about as real as a three dollar bill

  • Hei IM here 2019 still listen

  • The real Linkin Park

  • Highschool memories! And Bizkit is still better then half the crap now a day's

  • Best Bizkit song ever! I remember getting this CD as a little 13 year old at Warp Tour ‘97. First time i had seen them. Nobody knew they would blow up like they did. I loved being a teenager in those years. Concerts n music was what i needed it to be at that time. Hard to explain. It was just greatness!

  • Japp, zu Beginn sind sie alle süß...

  • I know you love me like a piece of trash

  • Awesome band don't get the credit they desrve !!!!! Sound even better in person

  • Охуенно по всем параметрам

  • I remember watching this on 120 mins on MTV when it came out...i dont care what anyone says this record is awesome...

  • Чёртовая хрень ...) правдивая и такая жизненная

  • Q vuelvan

  • This is so real

  • This is a great song!! She was pretty in the video

  • Listening to this on your playstation 1 console...Those were those days in late 90s. Greetings from... Dom. Rep. May 2019.

  • What is that Lethal's playing with next to his turntable? A wah pedal?

  • Fred's rapping style back then was lit AF, something freestyle, wisj they never left the 3 dollar bill yall sound. Twas tight, miss those days

  • Fred looks weird with hair :P

  • Wait, this is good. What is happening? I was expecting a cringe fest. All I heard were the bad songs.

  • Love Wes movement

  • The lyrical genius

  • Old shit is the real shit....

  • Still banging this in 2019

  • Who in 2020?

  • No one can ever come close to the style of Limpbizkit

  • Спасибо Лимпам за их энергетику и звучание. Их музыка всегда оказывала на меня воодушевляющий и эмоциональный подъём.

  • One day people will look back on the '90s and realize that because it was the last decade without social media & without smart phones, that it was also the last decade when music really mattered to teenagers.

  • This is LB! 3 dolla was still their best album imho.

  • Bizkit in its essence! Proud to be a 90s kid!

  • Awesome Video 1998.

  • I was 15 when I first discovered them...My god...I was such a "rebel" back then cringy, fun memorable years

  • 1998? I was 2 years old.

  • I think the chorus in this song is kinda noisy.