Limp Bizkit - Eat You Alive (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 7 ott 2009
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Music video by Limp Bizkit performing Eat You Alive. (C) 2003 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.
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  • Still goes hard af 💥

  • who'z here in 2020 yo

  • Cory taylor is better

  • Who else is here from Got The Life By Korn

  • 😛

  • Maybe you should get after the bad guys for once.

  • 2020 and this song still poppin

  • yo vengo de un comic :v

  • Okay so anyone still watching this video in 2020 think the walking dead should do a episode where zombie Fred durst try to eat gamma alive or succeeds. Oh yeah and play this song during the scene. And possibly his character is her creepy ex.

  • I always liked this song

  • I despise rap except when Lb or linkin park does it...

  • Fred has mastered the blending of rap and metal its truly amazing...

  • LB is a tremendous band so unique

  • One of the best music videos out there. And has bill in it . Is the girl’s name “Dorothy”?

  • Where Wes's at this point?

  • This is f*in brutal how a man wants a woman. This is so bad. Great song.

  • Holy shit is that Thora Birch?

  • The "cheeze" is THICK with this one. Not for me.....

  • 2020 Thumbs up:)

  • Memory song since i'm in senior high school 😌

  • They don't have dorothy..

  • god, this is horrible . .

  • Cuando te secuestran solamente para Cantarte una buena rola de Rock. Que buen servicio!!

  • My best part. 2:10

  • Fuck I love this song so much. I wish my future husband will think of me this way :)❤️

  • 2020

  • 2020 anyone?

  • Jan 1 2020

  • Chris Barnes approves of this song... ;) :D

  • 2020?

  • who's from 2020?

  • When you have really bad obsessive compulsive disorder but you're in a band so people like it and think nothing of it.

  • Douchebag music

  • Fred looks super hot in this Vid I dont know why

    • Hopefully he took a shower after filming this,he did get pretty sweaty.

    • ... Because he's Fred Durst 😉😍

  • 2019

  • 2019 💋💝

  • This Song Made me a Fan of LimpBizkit! ^_^

  • que buen tema!

  • 2020 is almost here and I still can`t get enough of this song !

  • 3:31 I love this smile.

  • Rip Bill Paxton

  • Bill Paxton 💕😖

  • i just wanna look at you all day


  • Idiots, no shortage of them

  • Jesus CHRIST. This song is AWFUL. First off, let’s all appreciate how absolutely amazing of a lyricist Fred Durst is: -“HEY YOU Mrs. I Don’t Know What The Fuck Your Name Is” -“I’D EAT YOU ALLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!” -“DAMN YOU’RE SO HOT!!!” -“No doubt that I’d love to sniiiiff on those pantiies now” Wtf?!!! Fred you are being a massive pervert. Just stop. Also this video is fucking atrocious. In the beginning Fred is literally SCREAMING in this poor girl’s face with a megaphone and then they kidnap her and she...likes it? WTF. Fred probably raped her at the end. I hate this song AND this garbage band. But whatever. You Limp Bizkiters can love Limp Bizshit and Fred Douche as much as you want lol. I don’t care it’s my opinion

  • It's the Chick from American beauty

  • I’m pretty sure there was a coordinated attack on music that got your testosterone up.

  • I just wanna look at you......alll day!!! 2019 still banging

  • If I could approach you or even get close to the scent that you left behind, I’d be fine.

  • this song give me to my high school years....

  • Very cool to see Gamma and Beta together before the apocalypse.

  • Кто от КиноКиллера ставит - ❤️

  • What we need here In 2019 is a limp bizkit revival

  • do anyone know exacly who the hell the smoking hot sexy gorgeous girl is in the music/Video? she is really beautiful indeed

    • Thora birch. God rest her soul. I hear she was eaten alive🤭

  • That riff and those scresms are perfect

  • Essa música me faz lembra da adolescência, de quando eu subia as montanhas e sonhava um dia em comprar uma moto offhoad e curti esse som.

  • imagen sit there for hours and see fred durst talk shit to you :D must be fun

  • i love these music vibes and sound..fred durst voice is more metal and powerful and these song have melody not just like other Limp Bizkit song..Mike smith playing style is awesome and his handbang is fucking of the best LB song not just like other song these song is catchy...

  • He’s so hot!!