Limp Bizkit - Eat You Alive (Extended Version)

Pubblicato il 8 ott 2009
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Music video by Limp Bizkit performing Eat You Alive. (C) 2003 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.


  • Ufff que nostalgia

  • im a good friend of all americans....................

  • It would've been a cool shot too see the whole band running through the woods or even just dropping there instruments and running that would've been cool!

  • How to convince your crush that you truly love her?.... 1:25

  • So did he ever get to hit???

  • sniff on them what?? pussy hairs??? what was so horrible they had to edit?? this is the best song for advocating outdoor BDSM torture porn…thanks guys!!

  • Its a diet coke with lime thing....... Haha!

  • Wes screams here more powerful than Fred.

  • 2019 anyone?? ❤️

  • Limp bizkit's worst music gets famous but lonely world, my way, and this don't. Fuck sake.

  • ótimo som. Mas essa cara é um ogro kkkkkkkkk

  • Jesus loves you!


  • And all you ever did was love her

  • Great song. Too bad everyone in the comments seem to just be focused on Thora Birch’s dirty ass panties.

  • ชอบว่ะ

  • Moral of the story: kidnap the girl from Hocus Pocus. Have your band play some nu metal at her in the words while you sing about sniffing her panties and how hot she is. Run from Bill Paxton. Profit.

  • Damn, I miss Bill Paxton.

  • I know it was 2 years ago but did anyone else come here after learning Bill Paxton died? He put in a brief but intense performance in this video.

  • 26072019 09:00am

  • People who say the music is great and the lyrics suck cuz they are creppy are stupid the same with the police I be watching you it's art and black metal and death who cares what they sing about at least it isn't really duchy and really vinyl like crying over going to school

  • Hey Fred what do you think about Iggy?

  • Hey Fred what do you think about Iggy?

    • George Ayers Lol Auzzi Rapper I am teasing Fred for teasing pop princesses

    • Who the heck is iggy

  • Number 1 creeper song

  • A lovely angel named Thora Birch.

  • Awesome Video 2003.

  • Anyone else realize the girl is Dani from Hocus Pocus?

  • Thing I like about a rock band is the certain creativity of their film clips much like this one It suits it so nicely how Limp Bizkit's music makes it suitible playing a group of rapists and using music like a tool for the job And the same goes for a lot of others U2 ⬇️ Stereophonics ⬇️ Audio Slave ⬇️ Blink 182 ⬇️ Green Day ⬇️ Lifehouse ⬇️ Foo Fighters ⬇️ Bloodhound gang

  • Its wonder forever


  • Is that your biz cause she tell me she ready to go!

  • Lol. Bill Paxton. RIP your so loved

  • Out of all limp bizkit music, eat you alive is best one, because they have the extreme Bill Paxton hunting the group down

  • If this came out today, a lot of people would probably point out that it was wrong for him to kidnap her and the girl should have not felt a bit thrilled just because there were romantic lights around

  • 🔥🌌🌎🎧🎼

  • You are gonna love this!! 😎 🎧

  • Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was looking for this song but forgot the title, now i found it

  • One of the most sexiest songs and video ever... I secretly still wish that Fred eat me alive.

  • Still listening 2019!

  • Fred durst is just one of those guys. 😳. Limp bizkit aint gotta make since . panties can be a swear and you may need sniffer dogs to find a rock concert woods, im sure they were on some good shit that made reason vs logic= f*** it, b****to the wall attitude has been a trend since limp bizkit and a mile long list of other music icons that rocked the days of my early teen years, and still to this day, even tho limp bizkit isnt my everyday easy listening, i cant pass up a limp bizkit song when it is called to my attention through random selection of youtube or whatever playlist im jamming.

  • Bill Paxton !yeah !rip homie .

  • Not a fan of Bizkit but i'll be damned if this song isn't heavy. especially the chorus.

  • Would love to do this with my ex

  • my neighbor loves this song so much, they throw bricks at my window to break the glass so they can hear it well.

  • Gosh, how can the same Band that is pure cringefood on other songs be so good in cases like this?

  • When you hungry at night, but Mickey D's be closed!!!!

  • nobody gonna comment on how rivers is using a fender and not a warwick

  • fuck a bosa beat! Cool!

  • Kinda sounds like vs ridley

  • Well I just called out pyro wonder what Jean n Scott would say hey I'm really going to straighten him out there won't be mercy twenty years of planning wa t to say to jenn Don t Lethem hit you love hitem back longfist use those knuckles poke the eye bite scratch kick....

  • i love "American Beauty", Thora Birch 😍❤️👍

  • ( 🍫🌟🐟 ) only LP fans will understand 😎👍

  • RIP Bill Paxton

  • C'est de la drague ou je ne m'y connais pas. C'était mieux avant. Pour les français qui lisent ça : Marion Seclin en PLS définitive car ce n'est ni le lieu ni le moment.

  • 2019 anyone?


  • Anybody listing to this terrific song 👻👻 in 2019? yeah me 😎

  • awesome

  • The best way to get a date.(Since 2004.) \m/