Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit

Pubblicato il 2 dic 2009
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Music video by Limp Bizkit performing Counterfeit. (C) 2005 Interscope Records


  • My culture is not your f$&%ing halloween costume

  • Vevo is on drugs. This song is from 1997. Since when this was released in 2005?

  • Freakin' me out you wear a mask called counterfeit, You're freakin' me out you wear a mask [Repeat: x5] Freakin' me out you wear a mask called counterfeit, You're freakin' me out you wear a... fake Hey man wake up and smell the concrete Strange to see you've changed like the LB Could be identity crisis but I can't buy this Reality bites but that's what life is Pitiful you, your hideous behavior Hate what God gave ya, fakin all the flava Artificial minds seekin out the new trends Get in where you fit in Quit thinkin like a has-been diggin in my culture Let me let your punks know I'm an old school soldier With the funk flow A damn shame you want to change yourself Because you're sick of yourself Well I'm sick of you too, fake You're a, a counterfeit, fake You know we figured you out Well I'm sick of you too, fake You're a, a counterfeit, fake I wonder, I wonder I wonder what it's like to be a clone Doin' nothin, nothin' on my own Alone in your misery, you're bitin on my new style Filed as a counterfeit, going down in history as nothin but a copy cat (copy cat) So if your fakin that you're phat you need a ballbat Right where your head is at All your desperation causes separation Now I grab the mic to intimidate Your weakness screams from the limb on your siren Phonies get the hint quick smacked with funk flick Pain for the fakers fame can't maintain Because you're sick of yourself Well I'm sick of you too, fake You're a, a counterfeit, fake You know we figured you out Well I'm sick of you too, fake You're a, a counterfeit, fake All these phonies You disregarded your life (disregaurded your life) You disrespected your friends (you disrespected your friends) You've even stolen your appearance (stolen) from hangin out with my family But I should have never dropped my guard (shoulda never dropped my gaurd) So you could stab me in the back (stab me in the back) But you were faking me out (you were faking me out) Just faking me out you wear a mask (you wear a mask) Freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit, you're freaking me out you Wear a mask called counterfeit [Repeat: x2] Freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit [Repeat: x4] Now you're steadily startin to change You want to rearrange your lifestyle with live like the wild child With the vibe alive you could lie to try and be so fly A lie but you deny you're a fake You know we figured you're a phony (fake) You know we figured you out (fake) You know we figured you out, figured you out, figured you out Fake (a bunch of times) You're probably freaking me out (a bunch of times) Back to the top

  • When I saw Sen Dog, B Real and DJ Muggs in this video, my heart stopped

  • Pagi

  • Love the sound of those drums!!

  • Girls locker room: 0:01 Boys locker room: 0:32

  • So, yeahh. I love Norma Jean albums with ross robinson, slipknot albums with him, Korn music, Glassjaw, just almost every oldschool albums with Rosss production. I was worried about Limp Bizkit and i hear some shit, like "first album is really raw man". I was just .... i first put Counterfeit in play and just..."WTF MAN". This is so raw, despair and angry. Full of energy. I need music like this, with authentic sound and broken vocals. That outro riff is probably one of the most badass guitar riffs i ever heard. Insane amount of power and passion. And yeahh, this first LB album is full of amazing authentic music and i love it.

  • The Time of Fishbone/Fubu Baggys and Buffaloe Shoes :)

  • I rode through my neighborhood bumpin this CD as a kid on my Sony Walkman wrapped in a towel because the 20 sec esp wasn't enough to keep the cd from skipping. My kid will never understand

  • Three dollar bill, y’all was the shit! Hard, edgy, and DJ Lethal was on point. Then they sold out and made shit records and Fred Durst makes shit movies now. Dope album, though.

  • Only decent limp bizkit album.

  • Here's to Fred... patient zero of the fuccboi virus

  • One of my favorite songs since I was 13 when this came out

  • 2019

  • Yes Fred you are a counterfeit, just like vanilla ice before you.

  • dat bass doe

  • This band could havw been so much better if Fred didnt rap. That wanna be gangster white boy bullshit detracted from the rest of the bands artistry. Fred had a killer voice but he should have been more poetic and cryptic. Anyways.. Still been a fan since my sister played me Faith when i was like 7 lol

  • Sam Rivers plays bass like no other, amazing skill. Simply amazing.

  • 3:15 still makes me happy

  • Not really a fan of the screamy death metal stuff

  • Thank you!

  • The only thing I don't miss about the 90's is the bleached tip hair styles! !

  • ksenia killed Limp Bizkit

  • I still say Wes Borland is a tragically underrated guitarist.

  • 2019

  • I miss the 90's😥

  • I as a 2004 kid feel disappointed at the fact i was born in 2004

  • bye fare best song to drive around to and get supper stone to.. i was drivng but i got bake out of my brain once.. end up on huge pill of garbage that we drove our car on..

  • This album is genuinely great. IT's a shame cos everything else is hot garbage.

  • Wow, how come i didnt see that one from 1997 ??? LIMP BIZKIT IS BETTER THAN EVERYONE : )

  • Limp faded on their lyrics with the later albums but they weren't terrible and I happen to love Fred's voice. His scream is pretty unique now that I go back and listen

  • Happy 20th Year Anniversary !!!

  • 930 are young people that love that stupid mumble rap bullshit

  • ‘97 was one of the best years!

  • i wanna go back in time i miss these times :( LOOK AMAZING LB

  • I miss my anti-skip cd these days will never know the struggle.

  • Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ - with russia!

  • A band full of dorks with a really good sound

  • Man, the 90s were cool

  • охуеть! следил за лимпами с 1999 года, но это видео никогда не видел.... для меня это открытие)

  • Kafka Man

  • When people wont get butthurt and they won’t call this black face but if this released today...ThIs Is BlAcK FaCe

  • Baggy trousers, frosted tips, wallet chains, bands that don’t all sound the same. It all feels like a lifetime ago 😞

    • "bands that don’t all sound the same"... actually, that's what the song's about... band that all sound the same

  • Marilyn Manson At the guitar😂

  • Fred is the best performer live. Everytime.

  • Not bad bass line tho. Song like this remind me to Primus

  • Didn't know that Marylin Manson played guitar in limpbizkit.

  • Early Bizkit was some Rocking Shit......👍

  • _I hate myself for not being born at that time._

    • Phsycothik ツ I get what you’re saying, but you should love yourself. I wish it was the 90’s, but I don’t hate myself over it.

  • When Wes Borlan didnt have money to buy some make up

  • Kafka 🐞🐞🐞

  • Awantaaa awantaa awanta

  • Sen dog

  • The true limp bizkit

  • old school mother Fu*ker)

  • WELL I’M SICK OF U2!!! (The band)

  • Most nowadays wouldnt believe they started as a good band.

  • One of my all time favorite songs from Bizkit, but that Wes Borland corset is haunting my dreams :D

  • 0:55 Is that Sen Dogg?