LilyPichu Reacts To: OLD LILYPICHU | Best Moments

Pubblicato il 6 ago 2019
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  • Thats not old lily, thats legit still current era lily. I wanna see her react to the days where she didnt use a facecam or when she would do kinda cringy music covers. now THATS old lilypichu.

    • YES. She deleted lilyraichu which had a lot of it, but there are some archives. Especially "I wanna teach the world to fap"

  • Penis toy...... dildo?

  • 4:35 That was the cleanest, "but I'm clean" I've ever heard O.O

  • The best part when Lily and Albert Flex thier violin and piano skills

  • does she not like QuarterJade or ?... shame. Jodi is dope

  • This is how pianists flex.. ME: Queue Fantasie improptu

  • 26:47 - 27:49 is a fat mood

  • 12:55 in china that's not necessarily "hitting on someone" cause that's what a lot of middle age to elderly people say. but whatever

  • Ahh...This is nice,I'm gonna put chat in my phone here 😊

  • Ray's violin is like 10 million dollars fun fact

  • Lol the cute voice was fake? :c

  • black hair Lily

  • i know its weird. but i think lily just said she likes fed indirectly. 6:21

  • All I could imagine is Pikachu busting a fat nut.

  • Nine ad breaks... oof

  • 21:58 Albert used to be so mean lol

  • When I saw the clip where lily got Temmie in 2017 (2 years ago) and showed us for the first time I was like: *Bruh wasn't Temmie around 6 years old ;-;*

  • Whoa. Lily had normal hair.


  • I was hoping I would see some of her -old- stuff. Like, for example, her cypher for League.

  • o3o I Dream With LilyPichu Birthday i celebrate her :OOOO

  • Ty, 30 minutes wasnt enough

  • 1:49 this clip so funny.

  • Who's that on 5:30 ??

  • Ray Chen scary good

  • Congrats on getting monetization back! Keep up the good work man!

  • I swear i love destiny and lily

  • this isn't old lilypichu...

  • Does anyone have a link to the VOD from the outro?

  • Apparently Lily doesn't sweat at night..

  • Gets monetization back and uploads a 30 minute video with a before video ad and 8 ads in the video. Get that bag

  • yes i closed my eyes and imagined Pikachu on the toilet.

  • Oof, okay??? I don't know....

  • 1:48 that deep voice it's so good and nicee

  • I love how toast's and Janet's interactions almost didnt change

  • I see ads am lovin it

  • 34th

  • Now there's 2 of them!!!

  • Bro watching Lily reacting to Hachubby reacting to lily is like the ultimate cuteness

  • Love yourself video😂

  • This isnt even that old, she needs to react to videos from years ago like from like youtube

  • Jaime is too funny at 8:10 😂😂

  • Yus

  • God, whoever married, or is going to marry Ray Chen is one lucky person. He's so fucking hot AND plays violin like that.

  • The Lily vs Albert instruments and then the following clip with Ray was my favorites

  • I am a lonely guy , but this makes me feel so happy .

    • Just makes me lonelier tbh

    • Lonely guys assemble! ...but at an adequate distance 😅

  • what is the song at 30:55

  • 1st COMMENT

  • LilyPichu’s hair looks so different lol Edit: Realizing they hearted me and I only made a channel to comment to my favorite channels like OfflineTV. Thanks for the heart

  • I always love the ending ❤️❤️

  • OTV: does something BoOTVaF: its free real esate

  • Sponge man Ice cone

  • Love Albert and toast soo cool Love offlinetv

  • Glad you got ads back I would like to see you tweet out what happend to channel getting demonitized and now ads are back why that happend and how you resolved it gl in future and keep working

  • Yeet

  • Someone needs money real bad hahahah

  • This is my 1st time being 1st in someone's video, by the way love your work love otv and friends ♥️ Edit: I'm not first someone else wrote first while I was writing the message 😫

  • I am first

  • Lilly has the best laugh

  • first