LilyPichu goes full anime | Albert's betrayal | Poki hits 3 MILLION Subscribers

Pubblicato il 24 dic 2018
Lilypichu real voice, Albie's Top 10 anime betrayals, Pokimane reacts to 3 Million Subscribers!

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  • 0:07 You welcome

  • lily has a realy cute voise

  • Full weeb

  • You Got a like for the 8:44 clip it hits something but cant quite know what its from someone to help me out pls (mario 64 but what his it)

    • Charles V. Pirana plant lullaby from Mario 64

  • Pokimane is fucking annoying, can't you just mute her fucking screams or something?

  • Albert went zero iq there xd 0:35

  • Yas' name was never give up...he raged quit because lee killed him

  • What game was xell playing?

  • Who’s Janet engaged to?

  • Wait is that lily real voice?

    • @A. I Chanh Yeah it isnt her real voice, but the voice she uses normally is definetly not her real voice either. Its somewhere in between, just like janet alot of the time uses a really high pitched voice, but she does alot of times go back on her normal voice.

    • @A. I Chanh ohh i see

    • Lily real voice confirmed

    • No that's Lily deepening her voice. Watch her old video on her channel

  • Clips have been shit lately Oh yeah no joast

  • first??