Lily's Art Class 18 ~ Michael Reeves

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
a boomer art class
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  • wheres the code stream

  • Goddammit I’m trying to find the outro song

  • Her voice... Mann.... Boomer(whatdoesitmean)

  • He was so adorable and happy for the pictures in the end

  • Okay Boomer

  • Hes been doing the electric shock training

  • 15:21 Lily and Michael's braincells align for a second

  • 5:15 my new wallpaper

  • Why is albert there? his in the begining and in the end

  • can someone explain how it was cocaine?

  • im going to be honest here, i'm kinda getting the vibes that this class is favored to people that are artists, ngl

  • This was good

  • 2045 .... i know michal is into ww2 jokes but jesus.

  • bruh i'll call that a ship

  • Does anyone know what program she uses for drawing?

  • I wanna see lily code

  • Michael could play Midoriya

  • collab I didn't know i needed BUT NOW I DAMN WELL KNOW I NEED MORE

  • kinda ship those two cracc head :3

  • Crackhead boomer nightmare?

  • But I like turtles

  • so when is the order shipping?

  • who the fuck is this guy xD

    • @Daedarae Notera look up tazer camera michael reeves

    • also anyone got a link to the taser camera video?

  • I'm confused, did they include Roombas cause it sounds like boomer?

  • 好啦,嬰兒潮

  • Michael is a twunk

  • Its like a boomer n word pass

  • lmao i like how everyone seems to have come here for michael

  • I love macheal reeves specially cus he looks like pink guy without a suit and Peter Parker Tom Holland

  • How the fuck is Michael’s face so memorable and recognizable yet I can’t recognize him in drawings

  • When he screams " It was crack cocaine the whole time !!" and you don't have any context :think:

  • What about bamboo straws?

  • make the billboard a stream overlay?

  • What if Michael founded a technology and innovation company? OH BOI

  • Is she actually a boomer

  • Me:Micheal not that swoll Micheal:is swoll Me: •-•

  • does anybody know the name of the song lily was playing in 16:25

  • Is this Michu?

  • What kind of tablet do you use to draw I really want to get a good one

  • Omg you both match so much 😍 It's a ship from me