Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna) [Official Music Video]

Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna)
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  • Nigga drop ctm already

  • 노래가 정말좋군요

  • I remember when you first started you really did it

  • Gunna made this song worse for me

  • I love is beat and the song is fire

  • My man looks like raw chicken

  • This song was stuck in my head all day

  • I love lil mosey

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  • Why is he acting so cool he sucks

  • If gunna touch it, it’s gold

  • Underrated song alert

  • When he said “bleosniguggaiceonpnrun” I felt that😔✊

  • I came here to dislike, this song is whack

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  • Gunna looks like a gta character

  • Nice video

  • This shits fire

  • BR?

  • The songs fire but the mumble rapping

  • Producer?

  • broooooo they have no tats in this video because theyre in a dream what the fucckkkkk

  • 2:07 : *When my birthday*

  • hell ya

  • --->Like if Lil Tecca would’ve been a better feature ⬇️

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  • this song would be better if he didn't mumble had to have captions to keep up. the captions thought it was

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  • Fuckin love all thai niggas songs

  • Lyrics: Mumble Mumble Mumble repeated x1000

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  • Fucking self promoters disgusting! Self promoting yourself on a awesome video, just the human race has gone down.

  • Lil losey look wight

  • cool bro! really FIRE!!!! I really like your raps! I am also another rapper btw, I am DTR, I have 163 subscribers! subscribe to me to! If you do i will you a shout out on all my videos! I really wanna collab with you! your an excellent rapper! Keep up this good! Work! Song Name Request: Kings Of The Future

  • Damn he really woke up like the man

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  • need lil tjay and mosey to make a hit

  • May lil mosey be with us 4evr

  • Who else thinks this sounds EXACTLY like ‘sold out dates’??

  • Fucks with it !! 💯

  • 2:11 bro said lemme do my best YNW Melly impression

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  • Play at exactly 11:59:38 if you want the beat to drop at 12AM on New Years Eve

  • 0:33 who is that?

  • Everybody gonna bypass the fact this was his original verse in 'Kill Tek Piece' but it was so off key that he switched the verse and worked on it to put it on this song.

  • 11 mil listen to this shit?

  • This shit going to be some 🔥

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  • 0:32 her instagram?

    • im tryna find that shit to

  • Y is he raping in a hurricane

  • A glitter butterfly on mosey pants 😭😭😭😭