Pubblicato il 3 mag 2019
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  • Whats the song 5:54

  • 10:46 Who's the booty girl?

  • 8:14 love her teeth

  • What is the song in 2:20?

  • 2:16 - 2:23 как трек называется?

  • Wish I knew the language cause sounds like some funny stuff being said

  • 4:04, can someone translate into english?

  • заставка между видео с мудацким троллем бесит!

  • 3:47 автор шоб у тя в голове твоей тупой так рыпело,и нихуя непопускало!

  • Song 6:19 pls?

  • I’m just here for the thumbnail lol

  • 0:54 hungary music XDD

  • That bloody nose was awesome!

  • А шо за песня0:03

  • Че за песня 6:50

  • 6:24 music?

  • Чё замузон 8:40


  • 0:26 Now thats a true champion

  • 3.02 trek name pleas

    • Here you are my friend!

  • 5:52 song?

  • Magyar?

  • Like si ves goblin slayer

  • 4:47 after years of making all these marvel avengers films...... 6:14 and this guy be on drugs and cleaning his car simultaneously....

  • 4:33 people who think they are in gta 5 should actually join this......6:28 and u can thank this car latr....

  • 3:54 when yo mom tells u to stroke ur dawg but u r feeling so lazy to do it..... you build something and thats JOB DONE..... 7:48 mom: son I need yoor skateboard Son: y? Mom: im getting late 4 work Son: then how do I get to school? Mom: use my car *u leave 4 school but this moment u see ur mom*

  • 2:51 theres logic to that... probably a hidden nail under his shoe and other things that are holding him that are hidden..... 8:20 u leave the kitchen to go to the bathroom but u tell ur cats dont touch the fridge.... well looks like ur cats have gon savage mode.... but they realize that u put a camera to spy on them...

  • 0:54 saw that on insta... quite strange to me..... 10:25 when ur mom tell u to record a fashion video whilst playing this song.....

  • *5:00** - Япония против России, видео Зарубина!!! Всем удачного угла и поменьше столбов😉!!!*

  • Judul lagu vidio ke 1 apa bang?

  • could you add subtitles as i am not currently able to speak Russian or ukrainian

  • Aquém sabe o nome da música do começo do vídeo

  • 10:03 name song ??

  • 3;17 song name

  • 0:06 opss Liverpool win the Champions League

  • 4:03 what did he say ?

  • 10:56, don't tell me she's flexing her melons.

  • 6:52 прям раскачало

  • 4:22 song name plz ;p

    • I found it: Left Boy - Dangerous

  • Love the Beat with the guy painting on the board.... 5:49. someone please help me out

  • как называеться танец где ногами дёргают как эпилепсики?

  • 0:00 nunca lo hace en Argentina :'v

  • 3:02 song ?

    • Here it is!!

  • 10.35 name

  • Нароод очень срочно как называется песня на 8:00 минуте подскажите пожалуста))

  • 0:45 Hungaria

  • 0:05

  • 4:55 люди добрые , трек плиииз!

  • 0:03-0:10 song

  • 1:40 mnie rozwaliło

  • Cancion del 1

  • 8:40 original video pls...


  • Mais que peitos lindos essa de brussa vermelha

  • 3:03 What is music's name

    • Here you are!

  • 0:26😱What the F***

  • 55 secunds magyar zene

  • 10:25 music?

  • 0:00 song please ?

  • 0:53 hungary music Magyar zene volt

  • 1:53 как канал по пабг называется?