Pubblicato il 1 nov 2019
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  • Watch at 2:16 and just try not to say anything racist.

  • Voll cool

  • This video just called me untalented in 30 different ways.

  • Like even i can do that first clip thing, it isn't hard ?

  • 8:46 makes me think of Lazytown

  • This is the dumbest video

  • The 177th one?!

  • :55 DDE!!! ❤️

  • Lewandowski!!Ayee these videos awesome but some of them are just dumb

  • Lewandowski

  • 2:20 WhY ArE WaTeR mElOnS AlWaYeS ThE ViCtOmS :(

  • Pongfinity

  • 4:57

  • It’s Hefesto girl!

  • Real # Shintaro # Kuroko no Basket 5:18

  • The music in these videos is horrible.

  • Can we just talk about... *WHY IS THIS AGE RESTRICTED???!!!!*

    • might be because most of the act people did in this video was dangerous. like the one at 0:45 time stamp. people are stupid as it is, with all the social media that exists nowadays, I wouldn't even be surprised if there's some kids or inexperienced people out there tried to copy that act just so they can get many likes on theirs insta or twitter, not mind to change their life for the virtual thumbs up.

  • 1:05 Janis Joplin is still alive?

  • why is it recommended if it's age restricted? lmao

  • *@**7:21** that's how one should use their head🤷‍♂️*

  • Wtf is it age restricted

  • Hi

  • 6:50 that’s some black widow shit

  • Why is this even age restricted?🤔

  • That guy breaking bricks is so fired from Home Depot

  • Who else got the notification about it being inappropriate it's not also like if you did

  • 8:11 when people say do you ever use your head?

  • 6:47 viewers:- I wonder how many huricanrana he can do. Wrestler :- Si

  • 5:34 this kind of thing should be in gta 6

  • 3:45 Finally, someone I'm familiar with...😊

  • @ 7:44 amazing form !!

  • can someone please tune me the 2:27 song (i banned cellphone use in my life so no shazam)

  • Yooo whats these tunes bro shits BANGING

  • God used Moses to program the tribes of the Jews, gave him instructions from a burning bush, and then had him part the sea. The last part I don’t understand.

  • Hanging off a ledge is not BOSS. Like a moron! Also, the average pro can do any of these moves. Slow-motion doesn't make it any cooler.

  • people are good at sports or people are awesome ist not equal "like a boss"....

  • Music 7:04 pls МУЗОН ПЖ НАДО

  • 0:26 AhEM, that's traveling

  • That bmw 😍😍😍😍😍

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