Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat!

Pubblicato il 5 mag 2019
Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat!
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  • Why do I feel like every person that does food videos on IT-tvs is lactose intolerant? I know all yall not that hurt by milk.

  • She got me annoyed the hole video i mean she’s so picky didn’t say hi or thank you like wth can’t you be nice or something?!

  • Yasss do it again girlll❤️

  • I love u say she and her for objects love it bitch love u so freaking much❤️💘

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  • Do it again plzz

  • Do it again please

  • whenever i go to mcdonalds and get a burger i get extra pickles

  • She’s so beautiful and seems like such a positive soul!!! I love her!

  • lmao she's on that keto diet 😂😂

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  • Love you🤪😁

  • Shippppp

  • The first recommended video after this is literally an eating contest at taco bell

  • your boyfriend is hot

  • I’ve got a cavalier too!

  • Still wanted to give this video a chance but you hate pickles and diet cokes seriously why are you doing this video 😒😒 👎🏻

  • Straight up a few minutes in the video you go at a coffee place for breakfast and already has a problem with milk???? Why do y'all do these videos if y'all are picky eaters or have food allergies etc 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Yeah that she thing is very annoying

  • She looks like Sophia Vergara

  • Is it weird that I enjoyed watching u eat all that food💁

  • I love Mcdonalds burgers with extra pickles oops lol

  • Omg please stop saying she and her

  • Attention everyone above the comment section it says keep your comments respectful why are all of you finding faults with everything she does🙄first time watching her and shes very good at it❤

  • Ah nice

  • Are they still engaged orrrrrrr......???

  • The dog is so cuteeee😍

  • I think u should go to dunkin

  • So tired of watching people who do these videos complain about everything they get. The whole point of the challenge is to be adventurous.

  • she looks beautiful, and this video was fun and people need to stop pointing out her actions only bc they don't match your own, everyone is their own person stop judging her

  • 2:21 "ahhh I'm sweating" ....sweetie u have a WHOLE hoodie on.

  • From Lebanon 🇱🇧🇱🇧🥰😍

  • Roses are red Just like my bed Just kidding no its not Ur mom is hot not i ain't les

  • what type of dog does she have?

  • You’re from LA if you... 1. Don’t like coffee 2. You don’t drink milk 3. You eat healthy

  • Can I get your number

  • I’m a big fan

  • can u guys calm down in the comment section


  • Do guys think she looks like Hailee Steinfeeld

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  • He is so beautiful and sexy 😍😍😍😍❤

  • Oh baby, u so cute)

  • Anyone notice that she’s wearing Alisha’s merch

  • Lmao is nelly furtado your mom?

  • Why are you telling SHE to objects and to yourself? IT’S KINDA WEIRD

  • SHE not too respectful

  • Penny is me watching this video

  • yah better have saved me some’!

  • You ware alisha marie hoodie

  • Please do another one!!!

  • Sierra furtado : What Up u Guy's Me: the ceiling

  • i met this channel from this trend! i love the video

  • You were like 3 2 1 and he was right there😂😂😂 weird

  • Hi everyone! Hope you’re day is going amazing!!! If you’re reading this please go watch my version of this challenge on my channel 😂 Im a new IT-tvsr and ANY support helps a lot 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Iam muslem

  • I always get a cheesy potato griller at taco bell there so good

  • I finally watched one of these videos WITH food around me 😂🤠

  • Yes

  • Idk why she’s not using her manners, she’s Canadian, we use our manners