Letting The Person in FRONT of me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS!!

Pubblicato il 11 mag 2019
Today I decided to play fast food roulette, and let the person in front of me in the drive thru decide what I eat for 24 hours... The ending was crazy!
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  • At least give Derek Gerard credit for the idea

  • do u even play video games anymore like idk about anyone else but if i had faze in my name and if owned a yt channel i would have games on it

  • My fav fast food is chip fiil a

  • Mc Donals is my favorite fast food :) my name is rosmarlin I am new to this video and I love Donuts .I'am 7 and my mom is 28 and my dad is 47 and my baby sister is 2 and my baby sister is turning 3 tomorrow. :)

  • You just said that to get likes because everyone loves doughnuts🍩

  • At 1:40 he said grab some food and I was eating pizza lol

  • I hate it when you make food vids and I get hungry and I will not be able to eat anything instead the food you eat

  • I'm eating en

  • I always get a big Mac plain with ranch pickles and bacon with a strawberry banana smoothie

  • my food is carls jr and i get the same thing

  • food is good -Faze rug 2019

  • I like how he said don't complain but when he got subway she complained 🤣

  • Did anyone else see he put a shack shake place for IN n Out

  • 7:11 lmao

  • IT-tvsrs have too much fun

  • 16:00 I get the same thing, but at some point, I try something new.

  • Same thing

  • Ok

  • I never had Krispy cream or Starbucks and Panda Express

  • XD I’m eating pizza

  • 8:50 He looks like Michael Jackson

  • 10 dollar camper vs 900000 dollar camper

  • 2020

  • Hey I love root beer

  • 17:14 oh shit

  • You copied Derek Gerard you just lost a sub

  • Soooo kindhearted person...👍👍👍👍

  • It is me or the cameras buggin 8:52

  • U said the subway sandwich was NOT toasted then u said its fire so is it toasted or not lol

  • bro im starving

  • Same order

  • I'm having McDonald's soooooo ya

  • "samting goot fo may bebay" ~mama RuG 2019

  • *McDonald puts water on the menu 2045 calories

  • Derek Gerard made this video first he thought of the idea you should’ve shouted him out

  • You cut scenes during every wheel spin

  • The every time I have KFC I have the same thing

  • When you say go get some food I ran to the kitchen to get some Eggo Waffles

  • Same

  • My mom works at KFC

  • Mc Donald's is a good breakfast place

  • I stick with the same order if I go to a fast food place

  • His dad is literally in the mafia

  • if i go to a place then you be behind me i swaer that i would CHOOSE All of the meals hehehehe

  • Yes I’m getting hungry

  • Yo

  • 7:11 that voice crack😂

  • Who else thinks this is rigged

  • Hes so lucky my mom wasnt there in front of him in subway she literally gets every vegetable except lettuce

  • Chick-fil-A

  • At 3:47 Was It Lagging Or Was It Just Me?

  • Rug there is no way you do not like root beer

  • Omg I grabbed food and then he said grab some food lol

  • Sub if you want me to host custom games FOR MONEY PRIZES, NEED 1K

  • I get the same thing every time

  • My favorite fast food is McDonald's mmmmmmmmmm so so good

  • Did anyone notice at 2:48 when he was waiting, he looked at his wrist like he had a watch on and he didn’t

  • yall rlly just forgot about bojangles and zaxbys 😖