Letterkenny - Super Cold Open

Pubblicato il 1 giu 2017
Letterkenny. New Season. Canada Day.

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  • "its fucking cold" L O L

  • Didn't even bother with X.

  • Blackalicious must be proud

  • This is the Canadian version of Daniel Radcliffe doing alphabetical acrobatics

  • Equally impressive as it is anxiety inducing, lol!

  • I think of this opening every time it gets below zero and damn drafty.

  • Artificial amateurs aren't at all amazing, analytically I assault-- animate things. Rlly tho that's all I could think of

  • This is like that 'baseline' scene in Blade Runner 2049

  • The final boss of the English language

  • The canadian papoose

  • “...naturally nippy, but that’s nothing new up north...”

  • This should be shown in frkn school...

  • God made Canadians so Anglo-American culture'd have both a hybrid of rural charm and metropolitan pontification. Letterkenny: an excellent example. Professor Jordan B. Peterson, another. Here in the States, men are composed of a salt of the earth simplicity rich in family values but largely lacking in thespian refinement or more egotistical urbanites whose comparable artistic and academic richness is rivaled only by their irreverent and arrogant disdain for the ruralites. Canada manages to have both simultaneously...

  • Every time I think I understand the English language I stumble upon something that just punches me in the face and spits on my corpse

  • Now this is goddamn alliteration. Pure poetry.

  • Never gets old!

  • I was bored by "L", but I respected the effort enough to finish the video.

  • Anyone here in the U S of A without Hulu is missing out on this show!

  • I f'n love these people.

  • Does anyone else come here daily to watch this one or sushi’s n sashimis ??

  • Can someone explain why they do this??

  • This was not entertaining. Guess i'm part of the 470 people out of 30k who disliked this, that's odd

  • Now have squirrelly Dan do it

  • I would die. Love, from Texas.


  • Maybe folks in Letterkenny could use some butter bagel beats to warm up: it-tvs.com/tv/video-mNHfe--Z3GQ.html

  • First time I ever saw I white out was in Montreal. It was magical. I couldn't see my gloves at the end of my arms but I still had no problem making my way to the Parc and the Jamaicans were still out there with fresh over priced reefer.

  • What the hell did I just watch...

  • Is this Canadian rap?

  • I do enjoy the ginger. But it’d have to be a sick ostrich

  • Going up to Montreal tomorrow this is definitely just what I needed to prep for the trip

  • Alphabet aerobics- blackalicious

  • It took me way too long to figure out what he was doing

  • Straight bars

  • I'm impressed.

  • how the fuck didn't i notice this?

  • what's the song that plays during the video?

  • just noticed they did the ABCs and only using the letters to say the sentence next level george carlin

  • You guys are boss

  • Is there anything to this show other than just these three morons just going back and forth bickering ?

  • Genius.

  • I don't like this show, I don't know why I keep hearing about it and hear why people think it's funny or whatever after 6 episodes I just don't understand and it's frustrating because I keep hearing about it

  • Ontario is a hell of a lot warmer than North Dakota. Winter Sucks!!!!

    • @L. A. P. Peterson - minus 30? Already? I live in southern Michigan and, while no stranger to winter, I won't pretend like I'm used to those conditions. I've experienced temps like that maybe half-a-dozen times here, not counting 2014. You're right about the wind. I'll take 10° with no wind over 40° and breezy any time. Stay warm!

    • @Mantis Lake we are talking -30 on Sunday it's coming from Churchill. I know how far Ontario goes. Half my family lives in Canada. We're lived there since the 1700s. At least in parts of northern MB there are trees there are very few here to stop the wind the colds not bad it's the wind chill that kills ya.

    • Maybe the part they're in but Ontario stretches up to the Hudson Bay. We're talking polar bears in the northwest part of the province. That being said, the way the Arctic winds move south in the winter does make N.D. and Minnesota colder than most of North America and Europe, including Lapland, which is actually in the Arctic Circle.

  • Does anyone know where I can buy that awesome brown jacket Wayne has?

  • Add a beat to this

  • Easiest way to learn your ABCs

  • Alliteration is AWESOME.

  • The Canadian alphabet

  • I like this video, but not impressed. This will be how all my neighbors talk in January when we are shoveling our sidewalks.

  • I didn't realize until watching it now that they go thru the alphabet this is amazing

  • You sir are great!!! Makes me laugh....

  • Blackalicious would be proud

  • Not to be impolite, but this is almost as awesome as fishing in Quebec.

    • Oh everyone loves fishing in Quebec

  • Better than most rap today

  • Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics" but for white people.

  • anyone else notice they followed the ABCs?

  • Having an ad for TicTok before a letterkenny vid? Blasphemous? You betcha.


  • Holy alliteration Batman.

  • Um minuto de bobeira e aparece um Zé Cocaína da empiricus na minha frente.