Let's Talk About That $699 iPhone 11

Pubblicato il 11 set 2019
Before the iPhone 11 review, let's talk about that cheaper $699 price tag.
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  • Do you think this marks a shift in Apple's plan? I REALLY like this price tag. It's still an expensive phone but I think Apple is finally paying attention to the market.

    • eagerly waiting on a full review for the iPhone 11 bud

    • ‪Iphone 11 and 11 pro Giveaway Here: wn.nr/8PFkqr

    • ‪Iphone 11 and 11 pro Giveaway Here: wn.nr/8PFkqr

    • Cheaper iphone, smaller memory, higher add on services, I think people are sick of paying so much for a very ordinary experience. Seriously though that screen on the ip11 is so 2012.

    • Dave Lee Apples phones are no longer leading in quality design. The price need to reflect that. Jack the price back up one the screen is edge to edge with no top druppy notch

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  • no no no forget all of that video, only reason price changed...... 69 AYYYYYY!

  • this phone costs 829€ in finland

  • Apple deadass make their phones for less than $200. It’s a win win situation wdym?

  • You're so handsome....

  • In Hungary its around 899 usd😅

  • 700$ it's expensive for a Phone that does not last even for a half a day.

  • If you looked closely at that list, the iPhone XS Max was selling better than the regular XS Huh?

    • sonic 768 the Xs max is better value

  • In Canada it’s like 1000

  • *of course it is exactly $699*

  • Watching this on my iphone 11

  • I think Apple realized that the XS/XR was bad marketing, and they’re expecting the iPhone 11 to sell a lot more volume, which will make up for the $50 lower price. It’s also a way of shielding themselves from the pricing critique, because people didn’t realize that the iPhone X was $1000 because it cost more to make, they just saw the price increase as greed. At $699 the iPhone 11 is in the same 600 dollar range as the first iPhone.

  • for me, never give one dollars for apple products or service. So comfy with my andriod devices.

  • Who’s willing to give me an iphone 11 for free ?

  • Apple is just doing what Mercedes has done and that’s making certain models affordable to those who want an Apple but don’t want to spend $1200 on a phone or have the money . Create a “ poor mans “ phone and grab up the people who would’ve settled for that new LG or older model Samsung

  • Do you think a multi billion dollar company slashes £/$50 off a product to take a loss? Come on get a grip people. They are multi multi billionaires for a reason

  • bull shit they are scared that is why they are selling cheaper, unfortunately the old good Apple died with Steve

  • 420

  • one of my fav video i have seen on youtube in a while.......

  • Great analysis. Might just subscribe

  • Anyone else’s iPhone 11 Snapchat camera zoom really laggy??

  • Subpar screen. Enough said.

  • I was excited for this phone because I was in the new satellite 1 terminal of Pudong Airport Shanghai, and they have tables with wireless charging built in it. I charged my iphone 8P using the table and it was so a great experience. Until I read the news (wire charging wirelessly) that apple has cut support for unauthorized wireless chargers. It mean as an Apple user I won’t be able to enjoy these built in wireless tables that can be found at S1 terminal pudong airport or other cafes in Shanghai... sucks to be an apple user.

  • Dawg it says it 1k

  • So he's just not gonna talk about the 720p display at all

    • @haroon miah I can most definitely tell the difference on my phone between 720 and 1080 and the bigger screen means the pixel density will be more like my 720p display

    • Ben Keyte 800 and something actually, and most people can’t tell the difference

  • You can't assume revenue loss in that manner. You have to look at price elasticity, how market share in the budget phone space might increase, etc.

  • Dude! Just compare it with the sales figures to do losses, do take the increase in sales that will bring extra money to Apple. Introduction of XR and its success proved the same.

  • Ok great they lost 1 billion dolls Could u tell us how much to cost apple to make one iPhone?

  • Does this dude even economics?

  • Is it too early to upgrade from the iPhone 6?

  • There's more economics to this than just a price drop. According to the principles of supply and demand, when price decreases, demand increases. So, even though the price is down, overall revenue can increase. For example, iPhone Xr (10 * $750 = $7,500) versus iPhone 11 (15 * $700 = $10,500).

  • I don't know what's your economic skills but if something is cheaper the sales are bigger . apple is not compromising any billions , they just make money like that

  • We are now having a discussion about a phone not being expensive at 700$. Welcome to 2019.

  • You have to understand that the phones are actually sold for wholesale to carriers at stick price. They do not take all $699 of the revenue from sales

  • Apple is slick...I have a Google pixel3xl. I am waiting for the 4 but when I saw the price of the new iPhone 11 my mind just might shift to the cheaper iPhone. The 256gb is still cheaper that my Google 64gb

  • Apple is boring now. So many more better and unique phones. Apple lost me as a fan when they slowed down my phone, now refused to upgrade and contemplating Android phones like One-plus

  • iPhone 11 series is hard evidence of a perpetual 'jobs' vacancy...

  • This is the games console model, IE the "loss leader". Sell a piece of hardware at a loss (even though they're still making a lot of money on each iphone), so you can make it back many times over when that single piece of hardware pays for hundreds of dollars worth of *software* or games. For Sony its playstation plus, playstation Now, Playstation TV, First party titles, etc.. For apple, its air pods, Apple Tv's, apple music, their new streaming service, app store purchases, even an apple CREDIT CARD. That said, for a company selling a streaming service, i'm surprised they didn't make the panel on the iphone 11 an OLED as well. Would be another way to blow people away with the service if it looked amazing on every piece of hardware they might have. Despite that, the iphone 11 is an amazing value and they were smart to not brand it an "R" device like the 10r, because it isn't. There is very little compromise here from the 11 "pro", but a MASSIVELY better value proposition.

  • I don’t buy phones based on what type of charger comes with it.....

    • USB-C is the future. It has faster data transfer and is universal

  • Look into microeconomics courses or gain some more knowledge about simple economics principles for future reference. i enjoy you trying to bring in some finance thought into the channel but some of the comments made in the video are not necessarily correct. Keep the hard work!

  • Take a business class...U know if they sell more they make up the difference, that’s is why they lowered the price to sell more,

  • We used to have $649 iPhone. Now since Apple raised the price to $1000 and dropped it back to $699 we call it cheap?

    • Bloom I am very positive. I remember clearly the base model was $649

    • Wenyuan Wu it’s priced the same as the 6 back then here in Europe are you sure it was less ?

  • My friends, is there anyone buying iphones without tax?? why is everyone referring to the price as being 699 or 749 when in fact the final price for the XR with tax was above 800$? the actual price for the regular customer is definitely not 699.

  • The only explanation I can come up with is that OLED Iphones' cost of manufacturing has decreased significantly and as Apple's sales are going downhill for the last 2 years they wanted up the margin by lowering the profit margin. Or might as well kept that same profit margin and got a cheaper phone just by manufacturing expense discount.

  • Price elasticity dude, lower the price also increases the sales volume.

    • Leonidas debatable, nowadays everyone has a phone.

  • inwanter this 11 so bad, the purple . for very simple use and safety.

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  • iPhone 11 has hardware especs of a 400 dollar phone haha even Moto z4 has higher specs.

    • @Ti268 you are brain wash by apple . Your little brain can't understand apple is ripping you off haha

    • haha you obviously don't understand tech at all

  • iPhone 11 screen resolution is trash

  • Another excellent video.

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  • I like to think that someone from marketing forgot an extra 1 in front of the price tag

  • space villian jacket

  • Really an iPhone 11r

  • This was right if the production costs were the same, believe me, they are much lower, especially with the same frame and the memory at still 64 GB. They are making much more even lowering the prices on the iPhone 11 and XR.

  • the money is boring,talk about why I should own one

    • There really isn't anything to talk about the iPhone 11 but its effect on its entrance to the market. He also already talked about it in the previous video.

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