Leonardo DiCaprio's Lifestyle ★ 2019

Pubblicato il 8 set 2017
Leonardo DiCaprio's Net Worth ★ Biography ★House ★ Cars ★ Income ★ Pets - 2019
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  • Leonardo is best in the world Forever I love u 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Leo is a cunt

  • All fake but showed some cool homes! 🤘🤣

  • Oh God look human nipple hahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • look at your nipple,that's human nipple or what?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Have the same birthday as him

  • I love you Leonardo DiCaprio so so so much Who Who biggest fan of Leonardo DiCaprio Like 👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • He don’t own a yacht or a island. He’s no billionaire lol 😂

  • My favorit movies el lobo de wall street

  • anybody here wants to kill himself like me after these videos? I mean he´s living the life, we´re just fucking slaves... :-(

  • Just pics of different houses pretending it’s the same one 👀

  • Hello sir .. my friends said I'm little bit looking like katewinslet but Sir my hair colour was brown n my eye lens colour is also dark brown Haha... but Sir katewinslet is most beautiful women an I love her lots ... and your my favourite too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • He is an atheist. He is not believe in God, He is a Fool. He is trying to save the Planet. God is in Control. He is a Fool

  • Leo I've a script for you

  • Big fan! Love everything EXCEPT 2 things I saw in this video the girly hair bun. Looks so HORRIBLE when a man is wearing it and that pathetic Toyota thing the video said he owns. otherwise AWESOME!

  • Ha ha ha some of these 'facts' are total BULLSHIT - those house prices jeeeezzz

  • Leo's Nationality = German and American

  • Να είσαστε καλλα 😎🙂😍😍😍😍

  • Private island, 5 villas and a yacht. The we check out the cars, a fucking toyota prius, Leo for FUCK saké

  • He's 6'!? no wayy!? I always imagined he was a shorty lol!.. another plus for Leo.

    • @Julie Erin... lol! right!? idk why

    • Same here---was expecting him to be like 5'8-'9.

  • 💋❤😍💜💝🌹I LOVE U LEO

  • So ein Schwachsinn alles gelogen ihrgendwelche Preise nichts wahr

  • Hello, I would like to INVITE Leonardo DiCaprio to film Star Wars 10: A Lost Jedi Thanks!

  • Luxury living he.deserved it im a big fan of idol..thanks for sharing this video

  • Kyaaaaahhh bakit tumaba si leo-kun!!!!

  • Titanic😍

  • Who watching this video in2k19

  • Wow!!! 3 houses yacht and private island he's a billionaire! i think his perfect if his married to Kate lol! ❤

  • Can I apply as a house boy?

  • coolest we te amo super hero my 😙😗💗😛❤😘😘😘😘😘😋💕💚💙💜💛💝😜😝😀😁💝💏💖😌👰boo

  • Favourite movie titanic

  • Saludos cordiales bendiciones en familia Jesucristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Shalom,a disfrutar de buenas cosas siempre los amamos!!👁️🇩🇴🌹😇🙏⛳💌👏®️

  • Tesla Roadster is not yet launch.

  • Dicaprio my favorite actor! The music of this movie I do not like, it's everywhere!

  • Started from bottom to millionaire playboy.

  • villge people from new j..................

  • February 2019

  • can't stand decrapio

  • When I found out he liked Sydney I screamed YEEEEEEEEEEEET

  • Illuminatt fuck toy is all this criminal is. On the run now. Looking at death penalty

  • Global warming is huge bullshit

  • Watching this makes myself a creep, but I love his works tho :>

  • Dude, check your facts, before you compile all that junk into a video, for example, a huge giveaway was the MY Topaz, which is owned by the former prince and current king of Dubai. Protip for next videos: Do your homework, before you release something like this to the public.

  • what a bullshit !

  • Lier

  • My favorite movies are Berlin, Shanghai, and Austin.

  • Topaz Yatch its a fake, owner is an arab, Mansour Al-Nahyan....

  • My favorite movie is Titanic😻

  • Dan Bilzerian better life :)

  • Haha and he wants us regular folks to die because of the planet's carbon.

  • Song?

    • checkmate 🥺

  • Que imbecil eres y que asco de persona gym4u dime tu que haces para tener dinero y que aportas a la sociedad estupido

  • Let's all pray that THEY PUT ENOUGH LIFE BOATS on that boat of his

  • How can he own a Yacht after titanic

  • Overly ostentatious considering two thirds of the planet is living in hunger, and children are dying of curable diseases due to lack of funds and medical care.I am for all for abundance but when it becomes narcisstic self obsession, naaah.

  • People who are bashing him Plzzz go and help protect mother Nature. No need to envy his wealth As he is really donating Not like you all.

    • What about the massive carbon footprint of this vain Hollywood asshole Di Caprio who likes to warn for climate change? Your heroes personal life style isn't protecting mother nature, he only makes money from it for his own financial gain dumbo!

  • Super Leo!

  • Da ich Österreicher bin (Austria) würde ich Leo sogar gegen Arnold Schwarzenegger eintauschen.Nichts gegen Arnold,aber Leo wäre noch eine Stufe drüber.War immer schon ein Fan.Aber nach den Jahrhundertfilm Revenant steht dieser Schauspieler drüber.Der einzige Nachfolger von Pacino DeNiro und Jack. Er ist eine Lebende Legende.Liebe grüße aus dem Salzburger Land.Leo du bist der größte.

  • Why are some people being so harsh on Leo?? He is a good man! What did he ever do to you?? He does sooo much for charity!!! He even adopted a child who he calls every day and donates money to! what do you do? Probably nothing at all!!!! He is an ACTOR i bet paparazzi ruin his day all the time. So it is not right to hate on him! If your gonna hate on some one go hate on justin beiber hes a mofo. Leonardo Dicaprio is not someone who you should really critize . (also he is really hot so ya) Edit: I nearly cried reading the comments, every one is just ... hating him.. i mean stoppppp itttttt. :( whatever im sure leo just ignores the hate. also everyone saying he aged bad, no he did not He had a hair cut and grew a beard. thats all!! tell him to shave his beard and grow his hair and taa daa your man of dreams is back. ugh

    • Nobody hates him he is just spending too much on himself, and not thinking of the thousands of lives he could save, by selling one of those houses, at least two of those cars. He might give to charity, but it is not half enough. Even if I had all his money, I could not live such an ostentatious lifestyle! People will say I have poverty consciousness, but is it really necessary to show off to the starving millions living in refugee camps how stinking rich you are.

  • 7.42 All of those bimbos need to exercise their sagging butts