Leonardo DiCaprio Best Acting Scenes

Pubblicato il 24 dic 2018
Best Acting Scenes Of All Time

1- What's Eating Gilbert Grape
2- Titanic
3- Catch Me If You Can
4- The Aviator
5- The Departed
6- Blood Diamond
7- Revolutionary Road
8- J. Edgar
9- Django Unchained
10- The Wolf of Wall Street
11- The Revenant


  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-TLQYctsxbXU.html

  • as amazing as all his performances are nothing can top what he did in gilbert grape

  • I’ve loved him since Romeo and Juliet and no one will ever convince me he’s not the greatest actor on the planet. 💜💜💜

  • You forgot the basketball diaries

  • 15:22 young Putin

  • Dude an actual living legend

  • Omg this started waaayy to sad


  • Gilbert grape always makes me wanna die it’s so good.


  • oh my gosh! look at the level of acting. Best actor of all time.

  • The best ever for me no doubt

  • In The Departed he actually got that Boston accent down

  • Definetly my favorite male actor! Imagine being that talented! Can’t understand how he haven’t gotten an oscar for every single movie he has made🤩😍

  • Wolf of wall street is the best movie he’s been in, he’s amazing

  • That scene with the bear is always so hard to watch

  • Ee why can yu sit up wild boastful leopard scene yor face looks like angry face like leopard can we call flirty leopard smoker

  • Why isn’t the great Gatsby in this list? The best movie with Leonardo😱😍

  • As of 17 Sep 2019,He has 6 nominations and 1 acting win. If world was fair,he would have had atleast 11 acting nominations and 3-4 acting wins.

  • He deserved more than one oscar

  • its funny how changing someones eye colour can completely change how they look

  • In his own unique way, DiCaprio is THE BEST Actor of all time!

  • The scene with Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road is probably his best performance.

  • Papa respect

  • ម្ចាស់បេះដូងរបស់អូនបងខ្លាចថ្ងៃណាមួយអូនទៅចោលបងមែនទេទេីបបងចង់មានកូនជាមួយអូនហេីយចង់រៀបការជាមួយអូនទៀតបងគឺជាព្រះអង្គរម្ចាស់របស់អូនគឺមានតែបងទេទេីបអាចយកបេះដូងអូនបានកូនរបស់ពួកយេីងកំពុងរង់ចាំចាប់កំណេីតកេីតធ្វេីជាកូនរបស់ពួកយេីងម្ដងទៀតអូនស្រលាញ់បងខ្លាំងណាស់អូនស្រលាញ់បងខ្លាំងណាស់ដឹងទេថាអូនស្រលាញ់បងអូនសូមសន្យាថាមានតែបងគ្រប់ជាតិស្រលាញ់តែបងម្នាក់គត់ស្លាប់រស់គឺនៅជិតបង😘😘😘

  • The one where he’s talking to his wife in the kitchen was some of the best fucking acting I’ve ever seen

  • The Goat

  • How did this man go a long run without winning an Oscar ? He’s ridiculously talented

    • Vicrostimpfc7 yeah it’s a joke tbh

  • Pas véga et de bonnes vacances 🙆🙅🤦🕵️👩‍🎓 de la ferme waza important Virginie 🤦 t'abuses je vous remercie par avance

  • The Departed oh don’t miss lift scene. Did u know he just missed American psycho which lead bale great acting

  • 10:00

  • Such an amazing and hardworking actor! A big inspiration to me!! I would love some feedback on my work: it-tvs.com/tv/video-v-FIP8yq9Qk.html

  • One of the best actors ever. That Gilbert Grape scene touches me every time.

  • Has he ever been bad actor? Ever?

  • What about The basketball diaries?!?!im confused 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Why did I so love this man

  • Bruhh that’s where American dad got it from with them squirrels

  • I think Dicaprio is the GREATEST actor of all time. Who's better?

    • @trento if you look at the range of roles he has played, it is truly astonishing. Even as a kid he nailed a role of a mentally retarded kid in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".

    • C Rizzy true. DiCaprio really embraces the role of his character

    • @trento yeah he was but he loses points for being a one trick pony. Brando and DeNiro do as well. Great character actors but little diversity.

    • C Rizzy all I know is he was fantastic in The Godfather

    • @trento Pacino acts the same in pretty much every movie

  • Anyone from India..who love Leo?

  • Jack

  • When he was so cute in romeo and Juliet and titanic

  • The revenant is very good

  • Cut his hand and still continued the whole scene

  • Revolutionary Road made me tear up, you can literally see the pain in he’s eyes and that makes me so sad and so impressed at the same time. Mind blown

  • This list could have easily just been all of his scenes in What's Eating Gilbert Grape

  • Leo puts himself into a character and becomes the character. Other actors and actresses act the character, which is why his acting seems so unbelievably realistic

    • Andre david kilian I thought that in inception ahh😤

    • Dude..the best thing about leo is sometimes you don't remember that the movie has Leo. Since he's basically the character, he's no Leo in the movie, he's whoever the character is.

    • exactly!!!

  • Just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and damn that kidnapping scene. Some of his best work.

  • Best actor in the world today along with Tom hardy and Gary oldman!

  • My favorite. I cry.

  • The talent of the talent, guys। What to say. How many times we can watch movies and all you, the details. 🙏

  • gilbert grape makes me bawl my eyes out

  • Wait I’m confused in the first scene his mother died?

    • Kristopher Beckwith yes , it’s the movie what’s eating Gilbert grape it’s a very good movie you should watch it he plays a special needs child

  • amazing !!!

  • 🐐. enough said.

  • G.O.A.T

  • Greatest Actor in the World

  • I think eating Gilbert grape is extremely underrated it’s amazing how he got it spot on on what an autistic kid looks like

  • I am to attracted to him..

  • All these movies one Academy life is just not fair he should have been recognized

  • I liked the video... it now has 666 likes... should I be scared