Lego In Real Life TRILOGY (Stop motion movie)

Pubblicato il 31 ago 2018
Lego In Real Life Trilogy, in one complete collection! Making a Lego breakfast, failing to make a "normal" breakfast, and "wood"-working.
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  • the ghost of the man who fallen into the river in LEGO city is helping him to a good life

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  • I had the periodic table song going through the back of my head well watching this......

  • Lego in real life , why do you want Lego eggs and toast and milk Lego in real life 2,why you Don't want to Lego eggs Lego in real life 3 you are the best carpenter work for duck cool I love your duck

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  • If you think about it, those LEGO eggs were vegan! Probably tasted better than any vegan food and was actually edible too.

  • He should have made the silverware Lego too!

  • That jam scene was funny!

  • The last one is oddly satisfying

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  • Why did you waste so many eggs

  • He’s like the guy that turned stuff into skittles

  • *couldnt make a normal breakfast*

  • Why the egg is not good he didn’t add butter and salt and black pepper

  • Viewers: What are you building Ole (The Founder of LEGO): My duck

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  • 2:09 I like how he failed to hit pause

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  • My favourite was 5:00 to 8:26

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  • Imagine if you can actually eat and digest plastic as if it was actually food. I’d take that opportunity to eat my LEGO salad I made.

  • Disgusting will people just cook up raw eggs a little bit basically just eating a little bit cooked raw eggs I do not support you if you eat eggs like that

    • Well yeah, but it's still categorised as food and some people like eating it kinda raw so

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  • 3 Things This Guy Has To Make These Videos Work: 1: Lots Of Time 2: Dedication 3: SO. MANY. LEGOS.

  • Me: Eats a lego piece Mom: *_H E Y_*

  • 7 year old me: mom! can we buy a lego set for my birthday? mom: what’re u gonna do with that? just play play play. waste of money! it won’t feed us dinner-

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