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Pubblicato il 24 gen 2020
Caroline Wozniacki shed a tear on court after losing in the third round of the 2020 Australian Open. Stream: 9Soci.al/cOtn50xZnuA | READ: 9Soci.al/3G7850wAa2v Subscribe for Exclusive AO Highlights: 9Soci.al/c66350wAa29
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  • Love love love to you Caroline. Thank you for what you have contributed to tennis. I will miss you on the court.

  • She was a true legend and here's 10 reasons why: 1. She won the Australian Open and WTA Finals in a span of only 3 months 2. 30 career titles and had the highest streaks of at least one tournament won every year, at 11 years from 2008-2018 including 2018 3. She has one of the highest win percentage on hard court ever with over 79% matches won on that surface, with 72% on grass and 60% on clay. 4. 4th highest earned prize money of active players with over 35 million dollars, only Sharapova and the williams sisters beat her in that. 5. 9th longest time spend as world number 1 in the open era with a total 71 weeks and finished of as number twice. 6. She had one of the best Backhands according to numerous of former top players 7. Her win percentage in three sets was outstanding with over 75% won. 8. 2019 was the first time in 11 years she finished the year outside the top 20 and she finished inside the top 10 in 8 of these years and 5 inside the top 5. 9. 2017 she was the match wins leader with 60 out of 81 matches won and she was unbeaten in 8 th total semifinals and reach 8 finals with 2 titles including WTA Finals. 10. 2011 was the kickstart year for her consistency she finished of 2010 as number 1, she won 6 WTA titles including Dubai and Indian Wells, she was leader also that year in match wins with 63 matches won. Its rare to find a player with that level of consistency and before all write about grand slam titles, she was lacking consistency in those but she did reach 2 US Open finals + 4 Semifinals run in US Open, 2 quarterfinals at frenchopen. And at Australian open before winning she reached the semifinal in 2011 and the quarters in 2012. US open and AO was of course the slams she performed best at with 38/13 streak at US open and 36/12 in AO. Caroline Wozniacki is a true legend and she will be reconsiled in the hall of fame, but only one player is near the level of consistency right now and thats Simona Halep, the 2020's version of wozniacki would be her as of right now :)

  • who cares about this poor sport? she is number 2 on the poorest sport in the world index, right behind her bestie, herena.

  • She's 29.... she's retiring?

  • Ons 3lech ya ons

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  • Thanks for all the wanks over the years..!!...Will miss loading my spunk over her.!!..

  • I do not really think she has so many fans as she believes. she looks gorgeous out of court and she is good looking woman but she has no charisma, she has bad voice. a lot of people called her boring. so many cases she debated with CU during matches like "whining" and complaining about everything.

  • Sorry but Caroline is not a legend, she has not been in the game long enough nor has she racked up the kind of wins that would describe someone as a legend! She's a nice girl, good player but faded fast and just recently was trying to make another run with minimal results!

  • one of the hottest women in tennis...EVER!

  • We will miss you Caroline Wozniacki in the courts,God bless you and enjoy your retirement with your loving family I wish you well in life

    • Mohamed HA Nehar A true LADY on & off the court. We were very glad for her when she won her slam against a formidable Halep. She was the Epitome of a great role model for all those in a professional sport. Kudos to her Dad for raising such a fine LADY. NOW she & her loving husband can go to the most beautiful journey where many couples fail to succeed, No Caroline was not a tennis legend but most important a LOVELY LADY WHERE RACKET ABUSE ETC. HAS BEEN BECOME AN ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. CAROLINE MAY YOU GO FORWARD IN LIFE. THE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT JOURNEY THAN TENNIS. WE WISH YOU THE VERY 👍💯 BEST. SWEET CAROLINE🌹. Sincerely Arnold & Linda Bourbon Montoya Amaral 🌍🌏🌎 TAKING CONTROL OF THE REAL LIFE FOREVER. Arnold & Linda Montoya Bourbon Amaral

  • Come on she is 29 and she retires. WTA is a joke compared to ATP.

  • When William brothers are retiring ?

  • Legend?

  • I feel sad and quit to see tennis anymore when Monica seles retired from tennis.....miss u Seles......I'm ur big big biggest fan.

  • Ons jabeur we r proud of u ❤❤❤

  • Love you Caro, all the best to you and your family. I am just happy you have someone to share your new journey.

  • jabeuur our Tunisian legend

  • Her dad is from Poland that's why he is tough guy.

  • Good bye my deer Karoline,y Love you.kiss

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  • she got rheumatoid arthritis that's why she retired

  • What a difference when you have an elite career , cry because its over but filthy rich to enjoy your retirement , being a metalworker retirement was the happiest day of my life , I cried every day during my career the money and working conditions were so poor .

  • Gorgeous woman. Great talent. She’ll have a beautiful life.

  • She's still young to retire.

  • Is that chanda rubin?

  • Well done Caroline you did extremely well and should be proud of yourself

  • She's not a legend okay!?

  • Legend? WTF? That she never was!

  • We love you Caroline! Now do what you have to do. No touring, no exhausting practices and drills. Just do what you love and live your life to it’s extent. Thanks for all the great matches! (P.S. proud fan here)

  • Can I ask what makes Caroline Wozniacki a legend?!!!!

    • @shaunacole1 I don't know how to respond to that as I have not asked her. There is more to being a legend than Grand Slams aka titles. Is Dan Marino not a Legend?

    • Søren Fogh so she is a legend off the court and not on it. She does have the record for the most weeks at no 1 but if you ask her, I am sure she would swap that for more Grand Slams.

    • @shaunacole1 So I gather you didn't find time to actually do research. Outside Serena who has more weeks as #1 the last two decades? Who changed the culture of women's tennis off the court. Who changed the fitness level of women's tennis? Answer... do your research... Informed arguments only.

    • @Søren Fogh she won one grand slam

    • I would suggest you google it and read the articles. Otherwise I would be more than happy to make the arguments.

  • Caroline just great competitor playing with all her heart. She will still in tennis world . More likely she will work as tennis show host commentator .

  • You'll be missed Woz. She was one of the players I rooted for. Sad to see her retire. 😔

  • Well, now she can do what always she wanted to do: a porn movie. At least that's my perception cause she showed her body naked a lot of time in the past

  • Happy retirement, and god bless you.

  • caro

  • I dont ever wanna see the day rafa announces his retirement, will break me into thousand pieces!!

  • Putting her name in the title or thumbnail would be respectful...

  • V

  • I would hardly call Wozniacki a legend, omg!

    • @95KIPPIE exactly. I'm with you, i have been following tennis since late 70's. this is no legend.

    • I don't care! She is not a legend! And I have been playing and following tennis since I was five. This does not warrant a discussion

    • Add these facts: She is an olympian tennis player, and chosen in 2016 to be flagg bearer for her country( huge honor). She also has 4 ITF titles, unfortunately they are not recognized in the WTA achievements for total body of work for players. In total, she actually has 34 single tennis titles. She is the only tennis player from a Scandinavian country to become a # 1 tennis player, and win a grand slam. She also has won best athlete player of the year in Denmark. There are other wta accolades she has won. Caroline Wozniacki has been an outstanding ambassador for the sport of tennis globally. In answer to the question of Caroline Wozniacki's career status, she is forever a lengend!!!

    • Name a player in the last two decades, not named Serena, that you would call a legend. Bare in mind none of those you think of will have been ranked #1 in the world for more weeks than Wozniacki. None of them will have transformed the culture outside the court. None of them will have inspired other tennis athletes to get in better shape as mush as Wozniacki. None of them has a song the crowd sings to them and none of them got (or will get) words from all of the competitors, both genders when they retire(d). How else do you define a legend?

  • Jabeur: i'm about to end this woman's whole career

  • Ons Jabeur 😘🌹🌹🌹😍😍

  • Tunisia 😘😍😍

  • Love Tunisia love Ones Jabeur ,😘😍🤩🤩

  • مبروك أنس.

  • this lost can be turning point of her career like roger will lose and comeback strong

  • I ovaj ženski tenis teška izdrkotina. Uzmeš pare silne i odes u penziju prije 30 godine hahaha. I onda budeš model i jebeš se po dubaiu.

  • a difficult decision especially spending the whole life effort to the sport she loves.

  • Why they stop career so early???it would be nice if i could just stop working

  • She is not a legend.. only star in tennis.. but i respect her

  • Beautifil Caroline 💕

  • why not just keep playing wtf..?

  • I love tunisia


  • For why she is retiring in age of 25 ??... Any health issues

  • She is only 29.. Serena and Venus 38 and 39 are still around yet,does someone knows why she retired?

  • I always liked her. She never argued with the Umpires and was always respectful in victory and defeat. I will miss watching her.

  • Wishing her all the best for the future but lets not use the word "legend" so loosely. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, the Williams sisters. All legendary players. Woz is nowhere near that league. One Slam title does not a legend make. Unless we are diluting the criteria as to what constitutes greatness.

  • Thanks Caroline

  • She is a single Slam champion and not a legend by any measure. 🤔🤔