LeBron is not the clear-cut leader on the Lakers - Ryan Hollins | First Take

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Ryan Hollins is concerned that the Los Angeles Lakers don’t have a definitive leader despite having LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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  • Soft Lmao! Ryan Homes is too stupid to know when he's being dissed!

  • Ryan Hollins is right.

  • Bruh someone get a petition together for ryan hollins departure

  • Make em mad Hollins. They so weak. They fall for it every time. LOL . Keep up the good work.

  • King James has and will be the leader on any team he's on in the NBA. Anthony Davis can't lead the greatest leader of all times. , but Hollins got y'all so upset. LOL It's funny.

  • Wtf is he talking about Ryan needs Stfu

  • This shit is dumb af

  • I figured it out guys. Stephen A. Smith only lets Ryan Hollins on while he's gone, to make himself look better when he gets back. It's like a concert. The opening act is often chosen if they are much worse than the headline, specifically to make the headliners look better.

  • I fucking hate Ryan Hollins 🤬

  • Calm down guys it's all just entertainment lol

  • when i listen to hollins i start to doubt my own intellect because my brain cannot fathom how mind blowingly stupid he is.and the things he says

  • And you said LeBron is greatest basketball player ever.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️💯. How you the greatest ever, but you ain’t a leader.

  • Ryan Hollins is a retard FIRE HIM!!!

  • So Hollins has LeBron on his Mt Rushmore... but he's not the leader of the LA Lakers. Ok Ryan

  • Ryan Hollins is an incredible shower scrub if we’re throwing the word around literally

  • Its obvious he gets paid to say and act the way he does. Espn cut the check for comments, hate and views lol

  • Gherbo tripping

  • ESPN need to make Ryan wear a helmet when he on air.

  • this fucking bum 😂😂 Fuck Ryan Hollins he looks like he got a butt plug stuck up his ass every time he speak

  • Where is Steven A?

  • I'm starting to think SAS asked ESPN to hire Ryan in his absences so that when he does come back, the show gets better ratings. It may be chess not checkers but this fucking guy is awful. He seems to know what he is talking about, but some of his takes are just off the fucking Richter. It is a debate show so I get it, but dont be outright ridiculous w some of this shit bro. C'mon man.

  • The dislikes tho lol

  • huuuhh??? people say lebron easily. ryan hollin...

  • I don’t like Ryan hollins but I get what he’s saying here

  • 6:31 .. We know Ryan paid you to say that Max :/ .. it’s okay bro we’ll ignore it

  • Ryan Hollins is a fucking troll

  • If anyone believes that anyone expect Lebron is the leader then honestly you’re a deluded retard

  • Ryan Hollins Logic: KCP couldn't operate in Lakers Chaos KCP: Gets arrested for something petty. Plays basketball games on work release from Jail with Ankle Bracelet on...

  • this is nonsense

  • I hate how correct Max is about the KCP deal

  • You can't tell me SAS not out filming Space Jam 2 right Now !!! He never miss this many days !!

  • lebron obviously is not the leader. AD the one who's been to 9 finals 4x MVP cmon now

  • Ryan is doing this on purpose. He's good for TV.

  • Loool good effort on the dislikes guys

  • Bro as much as i hate this nigge hollins, i think more ppl are watching this show bcuz of him so i dont know if pressing dislike might get him of air lol but ppl are still going to view these vids

  • Lyndon Baynes Johnson is the obvious leader.


  • I know Ryan Hollins is a dumb fella, but he is not wrong here folks. Listen to what he is saying...

  • This dude Ryan Hollins is a waste of space.

  • what is ryan hollins smoking

  • I wish Ryan Hollins was my real dad Then I wouldn't feel so bad about being adopted

  • I need to pay more attention to these headlines. I'm skipped because of Ryan Hollis. He's just the worst on ESPN.

  • Never thought I'd find a voice more annoying that Molly's Ryan Hollins: *opens mouth

  • Just here to dislike every video Ryan Hollins is in

  • Ryan Hollins is a jack ass. Id rather Max talk to himself. Ryan is sooooo uninformed

  • Stephen A come back asap. This is beyond Cringey now.

  • People are getting at Ryan but he didn’t say anything crazy. What he was alluding to was the lakers dysfunction. And lakers dysfunction is rooted in a lack of leadership from the top down. We all know Lebron is the leader amongst the players goes without saying. The reason why we Lakers couldn’t get another star is because Lebron has to be the best player and the centre of attention. Those two things are not guaranteed if you sign KD or Kawhi because they both think they are better than LBJ and they both have strong cases.

  • I love how Ryan never gets all butt hurt when he gets shots taken at him, makes me kind of respect him more. I remember one show Will Cain said some slick shit and he was just like “that’s real cute. We gon find ya water polo stats” 😂

  • He’s so fucking stupid. Like actually mentally retarded

  • I see Ryan I 👎 Back to Pornhub

  • The League should've made Ryan buy tickets to the games with his bum ass. Yeah Max you right, Ryan had the best seats in the house. His tab is due.

  • We might not watch ESPN anymore coz of that 7ft Ryan...does he knows what he's talking...?

  • Where’s Stephen A?????

  • Clicked the video to dislike and just read the comments

  • At this point Ryan Hollins is worse than Skip 💀💀

  • Can we please bring back Stephen A?

  • If LeBron isn’t the leader then he needs to be. Not sure who else is. Hollins is the biggest idiot

  • Cant wait till season starts watch how lakers fall apart

  • Anyone just sees the name 'Ryan Hollins' and automatically dislikes the video

  • Yall tripping hating ass niggas!!! Ryan Hollins is the real goat he spitting straight up facts!!

  • Why is it that when Ryan has to debate Max, he's a little more understandable than usual and when he debates the Second Take people, he sounds like a complete idiot? 😂

  • Fuck Ryan Hollins. That nigga need to suck dick.

  • Ryan Hollins is the over rated Laver Ball . who proved nothing made an impact of less than nothing. Ban both for life from tv and basketball because they have done less to deserve it . Ignorance and stupidity takes over.

  • How can take Ryan Hollins opinion seriously when he was passed around like a joint by NBA teams as player. get him out of ESPN kmt

  • Ryan is a pure idiot who comes up with his bs opinions from his ass! What a fag 💯

  • Ryan is a retard and making basketball analyst look like autistic retards who spew bullshit 💯

  • Ryan is a overachiever at being absolute shit

  • Looking through the comments to find someone who agrees with Hollins...cant find 1 to argue with

  • How does this idiot have a job? He makes Max look like Einstein.

  • I understand your analysis but i disagree with your conclusion....well said max

  • Why do they keep putting this dude on air? He's a complete idiot and his analysis of Basketball is horrendous. Constantly screaming as if he's trying to channel S.A.S or thinking the louder he talks the more his point will be understood? Hate listening to this idiot talk basketball.

  • I cannot believe that there was an actual discussion on this topic 😔

  • Lebum ain’t no fucking leader , all the Lakers youngsters didn’t respect his diva bitch ass

  • Why are they evn lettin him talk on tv this man cant evn guard the washed up players of the big 3 Nd get plunked out over there bihh need to go 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • ESPN knows exactly what they r doing here...y else would u ask such a stupid question unless u knew u were getting such a stupid response in return?

  • Clearly you guys don't know shit smh

  • Ryan, keep doing your thing bro

  • Damn soooooo many people jealous of Ryan Hollins making millions talking sports on tv 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How did Ryan get this job ? He never has a clue on what he be talking about

  • Ryan Hollins is Booboo @ Commentating 😒🤦🏾‍♂️