We don’t know how to braid hair - Ten Minute Power Hour

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
Hair braiding is basically the art of tying pretty knots in hair. Will our heroes make an Avidan HAWT or a Gordian knot? Come see as Suzy and Allie show them the ways!

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  • When did Dan get his fucking hair cut

  • Dan's wikifeet score is apparently 5.46/5

  • I want Suzy to do my hair 😩like, I have so much trouble making my hair look nice, because HOW EVEN?? It's so much easier doing someone else's hair.

  • Dude that bikini is so fuckin metal

  • He mentioned it before but why doesn't Dan wash his hair? Arin said it was totally greasy, and I wanna know if it was a religious choice or what.

  • 10:06 was that a jojo reference Arin?!?!?!

  • Damn it dan your a beautiful man and I love u but fix your fucking thumbs... I'm sorry

  • I'm mixed and my hair is semi-similar to Dan's. Watching and hearing his hair get brushed brought back some very painful memories

  • More Suzy in a swimsuit please.

  • Apparently Danny's Wikifeet Men rating went up by almost 2 full points after this video, so I hope he feels better. lol x'P

  • Man I love it when Suzy comes on

  • 9:12 I thought our boys were going in for a kiss and I gotta say I'm a little disappointed

  • I had to check. Dan's feet are actually a 5.46/5. Congrats, Dan. Ya made it!

  • Alli looking cute as fuck

  • Arin and Dan browsing through the little girl’s isle in Kmart.

  • Dan should tie his hair back more often.

  • "Like what'cha see boys?" Sonic Adventure flashbacks

  • Dan actually looks really good in a loose ponytail.

  • I'd like to point out, Dan's score on Wikifeet Men is now 5.46/5! Good job internet!

  • w... why did arin ORAORA? is braiding hair his stand power? i'm gonna give that a E rank.

  • Dude Danny’s hair is exactly like mine and I know the struggles

  • Thanks to this video I actually learned how to do a braid and now I'm braiding my Gfs hair when she's tired

  • Sir do it at the end😭

  • That is not how you braid .. lol they all was wrong

  • Suzie!! Where did you get that swim suit?!?!?

  • God, arin putting that brush through dans hair made snakes manifest in my house (i mean he didn't know better but😱 still)

  • You can't spell Function without Fun. You can't spell Fun without F. U.

  • I want to be Arin for the sole fact that I wish I was married to Suzie.

  • Bruh I fckn love the cryptic ass messages at the end. IDK what they mean but i love them.

  • 10:06 is that a Jojo reference

  • For closure, Danny's WikiFeet Men score skyrocketed past Arin's since this video

  • I wounder if Dan has fucked up big toes like his fucking nightmare thumbs

  • Hell yeah, this is the content I NEED

  • I forgot that autumn doesn't exist in LA.

  • idk if anyone cares but dan's score on wikifeet men is now 5.46

  • Suzy is a very sexy pale

  • Dan's reaction to that first braid is legit me when I have my curls braided lmaoo

  • i can't believe arin in fucking up the absolute DREAM of touching danny's hair xD

  • This...this almost seems like a fan fic gone wrong...

  • I love how everyone uses Fjord as some type of viking name but its actually just a body of water

  • I felt such kinship with Dan as his hair was brushed.

  • Dan: "We're not gonna kiss Tucker" Tucker: "Then why am I here then ?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1:11 ._. dear god I almost died J E E Z U S 😂😂😂

  • With that brush, Arin failed to tame the beastly Judaism that lies within Dan

  • Dan: "You can't spell function without fun!" Arin: "You can't spell function without ction!"

  • Everyone is absolutely slaying the hair game in this video!

  • french braid and they dont say oh the french one time??

  • I hope Dan knows that his wikifeet men rating is now 5 stars

  • Dan's gf looks really cute! They're so sweet together!

  • Suzy is very beautiful


  • 3:35 Ally heckin thicc boi

  • Okay but when Danny said "The people call me Jens". He actually pronounced Jens perfectly in Danish!

  • The chain that Aron put in Dan’s hair isn’t coming out any time soon, from what I’ve learned with my own hand

  • I damn near woke the neighborhood with laughing from Dan's wiki feet open!!

  • That opening line got me rolling!... cause I’m the kinda weirdo who knows that’s an actual site.

  • Seeing Dan in pain makes it so that I can't wait to get my hair long. Tangled jewfro here I come.

  • Don’t you love how the ten minute power hours aren’t even ten minutes

  • Ally and Suzy are literal angels

  • Okay, somebody has to tell me - what is 'wikifeed men'? Did I understand that correctly.. or is it wiki-FEET??