Last To Leave Circle of SNAKES **DOESN'T DO DARE**

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
Last To Leave Circle of SNAKES **DOESN'T DO DARE**
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The Ireland Boys did a Last to leave circle challenge... but this time the #circlechallenge was made of #snakes ! We wanted to do a #lasttoleave video but put our own twist on it so we all went into a circle of giant snakes and whoever left first who have to do a dare! This was an epic last one to leave circle challenge because we had to lay still and not leave the circle to win the challenge. SMASH the like button if you want us to do another last one to leave circle challenge video and let us know what you want to see US do, also comment down below how far YOU think that YOU would have made it into the challenge and how long YOU could of stayed surrounded by SNAKES!
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Last To Leave Circle of SNAKES **DOESN'T DO DARE**
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  • ☘️ COME SEE US on TOUR ➡️!!

  • Gten

  • Jay is with guava juice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤭😱

  • This is my worst fear. i HATE things that can crawl on me and/or Slither on me

  • This is when you say OH HALL NAH

  • Harry Potter

  • I think nick is going to win

  • That is scary and who whacking in 2020

  • I LOVE snakes I would love that

  • Indiana Jones

  • L

  • Best video ever

  • Ricky

  • I needed close my eyes

  • I was so scared to watch this I think the round 2 scared me most

  • Is the millworms exo Skelton even good for you

  • Yo I'm from Georgia (U.S) But not in August lol

  • I help a hissing cockroach before, it was actually really cool! I wouldn't say I would want a lot of them tho...

  • Me

  • I wouldn't last half a second

  • Harry Potter

  • I would have stayed in the circle. I love snakes soooooo much

  • I felt the cockroaches did anyone else

  • Jack respect bro I would jump out 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Best youtuber

  • Lmao no creatures were hurt in this video...... ummm what! 12:43

  • I would get out whit jack

  • Best video

  • 14:24 Ik what movie that one was Indiana Jones and the temple of doom

  • This question is only for Ireland boy only do u play red dead redemption 2

  • Me

  • Jack is a pussy 🤣🤣🤣

  • I

  • I love all animals I like cacroutches!!!!!And I want a tarantula as a pet!

  • I wouldn't jump rope for the snake I would jump up for the other ones definitely the spider

  • indiana jones and primval and harry potter

  • stay

  • Am saying Godzilla

  • I love snake

  • One hit rick

  • :14:444

  • It’s on the mind relax has a sesure

  • I’d jump out with jack honestly

  • Nick won yes :)

  • Ricky

  • 10:29 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I accualy love snake I would easy win this

  • I would’ve left the whip scorpion

  • I would’ve stayed

  • When I seen the spider I jumped of my coach

  • Ninja NICK

  • I’m not even in there and I’m scared for life

  • I love snakes

  • Not me snakes are my thing

  • I would never leave the circle

  • Rickies rections are the best

  • Can you suck you should’ve done better you should’ve never open your eyes though to just saying that next time do better Jack I don’t think I want to watch you anymore like I used to do I’m going to unsubscribe you so I’m just have fun like that because he didn’t get out I wouldn’t I’m subscribed to you because we were doing is trying to challenge changes so I’m going to unsubscribe you jack so that’s what it gets jack off so next time don’t get out don’t do that because I but I unsubscribe to you so please get a get an L and then you do you nation subscribe to them because they are the best IT-tvs channel and Jack you’re just gonna be the worst because you got out just check next time don’t get out and you wanna if you don’t get out in the next round in the next thing we do I will literally subscribe back to Saying that Jack so like just like I bet you can you know what do you like stuff better but you can definitely better check your schedule about it Siri you should’ve asked and not probably in to test to pay if you already knew it was going to probably go

  • At 5:02 it looks like jack is crying 👀

  • I love hissing cockroaches

  • ireland boy productions rohan TV robs channel (rob from loveliveserve) and loveliveserve are the most underrated channels on youtube like if u agree Btw comment channels that i forgot