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Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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In this family fun challenge we each wrap our piggy banks using three items to protect them and then drop them from a high place to see who will be the last to break their piggy bank and win the $750 dollars from all three piggy banks.
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  • just to say... yall videos are boring not justjordan33 or jake and ty or all around audrey

  • You should do how long can u stay on a fence or not stop talking

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  • Last to fall into the pool

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  • the only reason Audrey’s team won is because Audrey loves pig feet and the pigs honor her

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  • Hi 👋That YouTub3Family

  • you copyed Piper rockelle

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  • The

  • 1:34 he said Joseph

  • Last to break there iPad wins a new dog the losers has to do the winners chorus for a year and they take terns every week

  • Just Jordan xxx xxx love you xxx all around Audrey ty Jake Katie David Logan dog that family xxx xxx xxx xxx

  • Logan’s getting older

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  • You guys should have at least give credit to the person who started this.

    • Renette Antoine yeah it was Faze Rug and they copied off one of his other videos too and didn’t give credit

  • I lovely have many people❤️❤️

  • Audrey and Jake did not Unwrap any of their penny bank

  • i love jordie

  • A last to be paused wins. You can do that challenge in VILLAINS because I love VILLAINS and you haven't defeated the remote control yet

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